The Pandemic Virus: A Call for Global Compunction

Nwaogwugwu Franklin Chigozie


The epidemic virus decimating the world is a call for global compunction and a seismic shift of global dealing. God’s love to mankind has been effeminately taken by man with myriads of irreligious and inhuman ills ravaging and pillaging the world. Man’s unmerited blessing has been flippantly unhallowed. God’s sanctity has been debased. Mankind as the chosen people of God has fallen apart for God is holy and nothing unholy can behold His presence.

Sins of the world blind the eye like Sodom and Gomorrah where social injustice,total disregard for the worship of God, homosexuality, lesbianism, corruption instituted by the spurious,vicious and scatty crop of leaders parading themselves as instituted authorities thereby aiding and lifting sacrilegious and profaning the anger of God.

Naturally God created man to be rich and weary, so if his goodness does not make man to worship Him,then his weariness makes him to go back to the Creator; for the blessings of the Lord added no sorrow but maketh rich but I think has definitely maketh sorrow with this lethal virus, For man has adored and worshipped the gifts instead of his God.

This may be definitely a divine incursion and a pre-warning to mankind of danger awaiting. The legs and works of renowned biologists, physicians e. t.c are now cribbed in futility and copybook bisected with red ink for the supremacy of God can never be weened, for God giveth wisdom. This sudden throb of pain and sins of the world are like the prophetic words of prophet Amos calling the women of Samaria as “cows of Bashan” were injustice is given to the highest bidder.

A nation were sin and injustice is the order of the day, God’s anger and suffering may fall upon all, both the culprit and the innocent ones. This epidemic may be one of the plagues by God to champion national penitence and portray the dependent nature of mankind to God for the inner satisfaction has dwindled in sharp velocity.


Nwaogwugwu Franklin Chigozie is A student of University of Nigeria Nsukka