Powerful Lessons to Learn From Jesus to Solve any Difficult Task

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The life of Jesus is filled with lessons that cannot but affect us positively. We will be baffled if we can take time to meditate on the words and actions of our Lord and His earthly Journey which came to an end today with the feast of Ascension. Jesus is the greatest motivator of all times. His life is full of motivation. When we follow His ways, there is no single task we cannot perform both spiritual and physical. Think about these:

He did not rush

Did you remember that song from one of our music legends Late Oliver De Coque “Ejighi Ike eme uwa, ihe nile bu nwayoo nwayoo” The Music Legend was trying to let the world know that things are taken gradually and not hastily. Our beloved Lord came to the world to save us, He knows He has a bigger task in Him, He knows He has a mission, I was so much impressed that Jesus did not rush immediately to Calvary, unlike what is seen today. He took time to be with the people He came to save and taught them first and showed His healing and miraculous powers for their welfare. He took time to convince them of His messianic role and when the appointed time came, He went into agony. What is truly our bane today is trying to achieve anything today and tomorrow. We want to make money today and today, we want everything to go fast. When we have a task to perform, we do not spend time to analyze it and streamline the best approaches for it. Rather we jump into it. Every long and difficult journey can be achieved if we take the course of the journey and the challenges that come with them gradually.  Hastiness to be successful put many in trouble today. It has also made many to fail because they lack the true knowledge of what they want to do. Hastiness to be successful has made many put their hands in wrong things which towards the end have affected their lives. Let us take the world easy. Do not rush, every difficult task can be totally achieved if we follow this simple step.

Jesus approached His Mission step by step

When we take time to read the life of Jesus, we can see that the journey of His life was just in steps, From birth, to the time of His youthfulness which was not actually recorded, then to the time He began His ministry. When He began His ministry, He didn’t rush either, He went for baptism,from there to the desert to prepare for the journey for 40 days and 40  nights. After this, He chose His apostles, then began to preach to the people and worked miracles in their midst. After His preaching and healing ministry, He took time to prepare his apostles for the task ahead. He then went into agony, died, resurrected and today ascended. Everything was step by step. When we take our time and divide our busy schedule, taking them step by step and following them judiciously we must go far in achieving them. Let us not rush towards the last thing, jumping the first.

One thing after the Other

Jesus did not only follow things step by step, but in that step, He took everything one after another. He did not allow anything to distract Him on this mission. After His healing and preaching ministry, Jesus faced His disciples. If you follow the readings from Monday of last week, you will see that all were admonitions from Jesus to His apostles for the task ahead. Jesus at this moment, did not go back to teach the people, He faced His apostles. From here, He journeyed to Jerusalem for the difficult journey. Then to Gethsemane. While on the Calvary journey, He remained focused. He did not go back again to start preaching in the synagogues or looking for someone to heal. He knows the next step is agony, from agony to crucifixion, to resurrection, after the resurrection, he did not rush towards towards ascension, he took His time to instruct His disciples again. After the resurrection, there was no mention of Him again arguing with the Jews nor preaching to the people, feeding the five thousand, no, those steps have been taken. From resurrection, He ascended, and then sent His spirit on the Pentecost day. Jesus taught us to take things one after another, to complete one task and face another. Every great thing you want to achieve, every great task you want to perform, everything you want to learn in this world, if taken in steps must be finally achieved.

When we were born, we didn’t start walking immediately, we first of all learnt how to sit, crawl, stand, walk and run. God is teaching us a lot of things through nature. Giant strides should be taken gradually. Do not just look at the long race, nor the long journey and give up immediately. Do not conclude yet that the task is tough, divide your actions into steps. Do not say what if I die on time, my question is “how do you know you will die on time”? and why do you still do things that will destroy your life on time? Take things gradually. You will still reach there.

May God bless you dearest and give you the grace to surge on despite your struggles and challenges. Amen. You can drop your comments in the reply section

Fr. Sanctus Mario


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