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Intentions For 21 Days Prayer With Mother Mary for Impossible Requests

21 Days Powerful Novena to Mother Mary for Impossible Requests And Angel of Divine Breakthrough


Compiled by Fr. Sanctus Mario Okey  




The Novena to Mother Mary for Impossible Requests is normally said through the nine months of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s conception from March 25th through December 25th for each of three intentions.

It is also a very powerful novena that can be used for personal devotion and prayer or for private novenas. This is the reason we use it for our 21 days program. In this present program, we shall use both the program with Impossible Requests and Angel of Divine Breakthrough.

These are the prayer requirements for the 21 Days program of Home of Victory:




1.Forgive every person that offended you

2.Go for confessions

3.Never entertain doubt

4.Begin with any Song of the Blessed Virgin Mary

5.Act of Contrition


6.Morning Consecration to Mary


8.Prayer for Impossible Request

9.Psalms for the Day

10.Read breakfast with the Word


Evening Program


Invocation of the Angel of Breakthrough

Prayer to Angel of Breakthrough

Gratitude Prayer with the Angel of Breakthrough

Pray for peaceful and Successful Election through the Angel of Breakthrough and Impossible Request.






  1. Ada says

    Please can I get the link to the novena to Mary the undoer of knots. I want to introduce a friend to it

  2. Abuah Judith says

    Thanks fr for all you do for us, more grace, more blessings in Jesus name amen

  3. Nonye Ntukogu says

    Please fr, I want to be spiritually uplifted. I need help.

  4. Vivian Chisom says


  5. Nkechi says

    Thank you for as you are leading to Christ , may the oil on your head never run dry in Jesus name amen .

  6. Akwukwaegbu Mirian Chidinma says

    Dear father I’m spiritually going down please assist and pray for me.

  7. Cecilia smith says

    1) For actualization of my new business, brine, resource, wisdom, knowledge, understanding of the business
    2) Financial Breakthroughs
    3) Marital blessings for Rebecca Magege and Good and stable job for Dominic Mukoro
    4)my house rent, relocation, house of my own
    6)For good health
    7) success, guidance, protection, blessings in the life of my children and grandchildren
    8) I asked for Mercy

  8. Ekwebene ugonwa Francisca says

    Please father
    Assist me and pray for me
    From any delay in marriage and in my blessings

  9. Gloria says

    God bless you Fr for your sacrifice.

  10. Okeke Juliet Nneka says

    Thank you Padre for always saying masses for us. Remain blessed.

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