You Have the Resurrection Power

                                        MONDAY MESSAGE OF HOPE 25



When you gave your life to Jesus Christ, God put a power in you greater than any power you have ever encountered in your life. We are not supposed to go through life feeling disadvantaged and abandoned. There may be so many things against you that make you deeply worried. Beloved, Romans 8:11 says the same power that raised Jesus from the dead lives in us. We believe that Jesus has great power but many of us do not know that the same power lives in us. This power is so strong that death could not keep Jesus in the grave, a power so strong that all the forces of darkness could not stop.

Sometimes we go through life, full of negative thinking about ourselves. When we are faced with a heavy task, we sometimes see it as impossible, when our dreams come knocking, we think we can never accomplish our dreams, and these will always keep you away from your God given destiny. Beloved, do you know you are not weak; you are full of a great power. You are not supposed to back down from life and run away from difficulties. One thing with difficulties is that you can never run away from it. No man is free from it. In fact do not run from things that are hard, rather stand your ground and fight the good fight of faith.

Through the resurrection, the enemy has already been defeated; the key to the gate of hell has already been defeated. There is a power in you that is a no match to any power that tries to stop you. Do not fear, do not back down, do not feel disadvantaged anymore, stop feeling intimidated, stop moving around with a victim mentality, etc because you are also full of resurrection power. What is against you may look moré influential, more powerful, do not allow yourself to be defeated by circumstances, always move and act knowing deeply that you possess a divine power in you. Always act like that you are more than a conqueror. Stop going through life intimidated, when you have the most powerful force in the universe living in you.  When you know who you are and whose you are, when you realize that you belong to God, you will stop feeling intimidated, thinking that problems are bigger than you. If death cannot keep Jesus inside the grave, that difficulty cannot hold you back, that sickness cannot stop you, that circumstance cannot defeat you. There is a power in you greater than any power that comes against you.

Beloved, stop living your life in worry and complaining. People can say what they want. Jesus suffered, the soldiers mocked him. But that was not the end of the story. What you are passing through is not your end yet. The soldiers spit on him and even crucified him and he was nailed on the cross, he had all power, He would have called ten thousand angels, but he did not do it. He just did it for me and you. Hanging on that cross, there was a great earthquake, the sun he created turn its back and refused to shine again, there was darkness in the middle of the day, when the soldiers saw these they said to another, “truly and verily, He is the son of God”. When Jesus breathes his last breath on the earth, the veil on the sanctuary ripped from the top to the bottom, the veil was where the Ark of the Covenant dwells, where God lives. Nobody can go in there except the priests. When that veiled ripped, it was not to let God out, it was to let us in. Now we can confidently approach the throne of grace. You now have free access to God. God needs your relationship, it does not matter who you are, it does not matter the mistakes you made, or what you have done in the past. He has paid the price for every mistake, every wrong you have made. The veil is open; He is waiting to hear from you. His mercy is available for all.

When Jesus was put in the tomb, many thought it was over, it was a battle between life and darkness, Jesus and satan, but Jesus crushed the serpent and defeated him. He paralyzed him and rendered him powerless. On Friday, it looked dark, it looked as if it is over, but Sunday morning was a different story. Life conquered darkness, Jesus defeated satan. The grave could not hold him any longer. He came out holding the keys to life and death, full of power. The same power He gave to us. Jesus brought devil to his knees.

When the thoughts of worry, fear etc come to us, instead of dwelling on them and worried, beloved, remind him that He has no power over you. Do not give the devil a single opportunity in your life. What you are and who you are is beyond human comprehension. Always remind the enemy of his defeat. We do not have to fear the devil anymore; we do not have to fear the future. Hold your head on high, stop feeling depressed, the same power that broke the tomb lives in you, always tap into this power.

May God give you more strength to conquer your challenges and save you from every affliction.  Amen

Fr. Sanctus Mario