Remember To Say Goodbye

*Monday Message of Hope 38* 


 *New Year Message* 



I was motivated to use this topic for this year’s message when I saw a burial poster with an inscription “Goodbye Daddy”. All it entails was a burial and final farewell to the deceased for he has gone and gone forever. This is just like 2019. It has come and will go forever. This is the time to say goodbye to the year.


Goodbye is a word that expresses a farewell,  a movement from place to another and change of location. This can be in form of songs, texts, messages, writings and letters. This word is always used when someone is moving out to another place or when someone has finished his or her work and tend to move to another place of work.


Goodbye is also used especially at that point when one is sure the person is not coming back to them. At this point the send forth parties are organised to bid him or her farewell. When the person who was celebrated is moving away,  he moves with everything, remaining nothing. Farewell messages and texts are mainly predominant at the death of someone. People say good bye to the deceased.


There is this joy that always comes at the eve of the new year, many jubilate and thank God for keeping them alive. Many fast and pray that the new year will be good for them, many organise crusades, cross over nights etc. These are ways of preparing for the New Year. But the truth  remains, you cannot cross over to the new year without saying final good bye to the last year, for the year will go forever. Everything that belongs to 2019 must die with 2019.


Are you still affected by the negative effects of the year 2019? Are you still in enmity, are you bearing grudges for someone, who treated you bad? Beloved I know how hard it is for you to bear these things but these cannot do anything good for you if not to keep you worried and distressed. This is the time to Forgive and forget. We set ourselves free when we stop bearing the pains of our past. Do not carry the pains of 2019 into 2020. Beloved kiss it goodbye and let it go.


As we pray and fast and attend masses to enter the new year, remember to say goodbye to 2019. Say goodbye to those painful memories, those mistakes that keep you worried, those betrayals that always make you shed tears. Do not leave anything behind.


When someone is buried, he has gone and will not exist again. In 2020, let us keep our mind clean from worry and painful memories of the past. Remember to say goodbye.


Is there something you feel like leaving behind? A hurt, a bad attitude, an area that you are compromising in? Don’t bring that into 2020. You cannot go through life holding on to hurts, wrong attitudes, and people who are not good for you. It is time to say goodbye to failure; this is a new day. Are you always guilty of your past, because of something you did in the past? Remember to say goodbye to them.  You are already forgiven. Go to confession if you are a Catholic or ask God for forgiveness if you are not. The main point is try and enter the year with clean  and pure  heart. Do not allow the dirts in your heart take the places and positions of  the graces you will receive this night.


This is also the time to say goodbye to what did not  work out in your life  because God has something better. If you do this, you are going to come into new levels. New relationships and new doors are going to open, with healing, freedom, and breakthroughs. It is going to be a bountiful, abundant, flourishing year. For something new to happen, the Old has to give way. Do not allow the events of Old to contaminate the New.


We say Happy New Year at this time. Happy entails that one is not supposed to enter the year with sadness,  New means there is nothing like like old in it, so do not bring into it, anything old. And year indicates it is another long journey of 12 months. Every journey requires preparation. We have to prepare by equipping ourselves with a set out plans for the year. Don’t just start this year without defining how you are going to run the race and do not start the year without God who knows what will happen in it. Say goodbye to those negative things in your life. Say goodbye to failure, say goodbye to faithlessness, Say goodbye to laziness, say goodbye to mediocrity, say good bye to bad attitudes, say good bye to procrastination, say good bye to those bad cliques, say good bye to pains and hurts you underwent,  say good bye to spiritual laxity, say goodbye to jealousy and wickedness etc Enter the Year *Renewed and New* .


May God bless you dearest and give you the grace to overcome all your challenges in this new year Amen. God bless you


*Fr Sanctus Mario*


Happy New Year