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An anchor is a device usually of metal attached to a ship or boat by a cable and cast overboard to hold it in a particular place by means of a fluke that digs into the bottom. It is used by a captain to put the ship on hold. An anchor is simply a reliable or principal support. It is something that serves to hold an object firmly. When the captain reaches His destination, He puts the anchor down, so that he doesn’t slip into places he does not want to be. When a boat  is anchored, it may move a little bit because of the waves and wind but the captain is not worried. He is simply relaxed because he knows that the anchor is down. The scripture tells us that hope is the anchor of the soul, what can keep your soul in the rightful place, what can make you to overcome obstacles and reach your destination in life is when you anchor your Hope in God and not in the circumstances.

When you anchor your Hope in God, nothing moves you. Problems and waves may come your way but you have your Hope strong in God.



Whenever you go through pains, loss, disappointments, never lose your Hope in God. Your emotions may be pulling you to bitterness but something is holding you back. An inner voice is telling you it shall be well, everything is going to be alright. This can only happen when you put all your Hope in God. There are also times when your dreams look impossible to achieve, and those negative voices keep telling you to stop, “it is not going to work out,  you are wasting your time” etc most people at this time might give up but your attitude should be “ yes, I may not see a way but God is working in my favour, I know he is opening ways that no man can close. Sometimes when you anchor your Hope on God, He will make things happen where you think something will not happen. Sometimes when your prayers seem not answered: what you will simply do is to anchor your Hope in God. If you pull it up, you may drift into bitterness, discouragement and self pity. When you put all your Hope in God and meet Him every time both in good and in bad times, you make Him in charge of the situation. You will never drift again.


When problems knock on  your door, whenever negative thoughts try to pull you away, your Hope in God kicks in. My question then is “where do you anchor your Hope? In circumstances? In those problems? On your boss? On your uncle? Have you drifted in the dark? Beloved, Hope in God never disappoints. Hebrews 11 said that faith is the substance of things hoped for, you can never have faith without first of all having hope.


When David was worried and depressed, he said to himself  “why are you cast down my soul, why disturbed within me, put your Hope in God, I will praise him still” ( psalms 43:5). David here recognised that His circumstances convinced him to pull away his anchor but he convinced himself to put all his hope in God.

You may have every reason in the natural plane to be bitter and disappointed, it looks as if nothing is going, you are not going to get well, get that job, get your partner, start your business, never put your Hope in that negative voices,  whether good or bad,  do like David and keep your Hope strong in God. Never in your life allow circumstances to control you, rather allow God to do the needful.



Never put your Hope on people, they may let you down, never put your Hope in Circumstances, they may not turn out the way you thought. Never put your Hope in your career or business, things may change,  never put your Hope in that sickness, miracle still occur,  never depend on your beauty,  beauty fades, put all your Hope in God who spoke things into existence. When you have your Hope in God, the bible says you Will never be disappointed (Romans 5:5, Romans 10:11).


Joseph had ample opportunities  to lose hope in God. He was betrayed by His brothers,  thrown into a pit, sold into slavery and was falsely accused. He could become negative, angry, and disappointed with God but He kept His faith in God. The obstacles may look bigger, more powerful but like David and Joseph you have to keep your Hope still alive. You believe strongly that nothing can snatch you out of God’s hands. The one who breathed in life in you. The only one who can make blind eyes see, in that God who took Joseph from the pit to the palace, in that God who made David a young boy to defeat a huge giant.

When you find yourself negative, worried, that it’s not going to work out, it is because you put your Hope in the circumstance. Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts, turn them around and say “ Father I thank you that your answer is already on the way, thank you that your healing is coming” keep your Hope in God still intact.



God promised Abraham that His wife Sarah is going to have a baby. At this time, they were already aged. It was practically impossible,  such kind of thing has never happened,  Abraham could have dismissed it , He might have talked himself out  but Romans 4:18-20 says for Abraham, human reason for hope being gone, hoped in faith that he should become the father of many nations. He was not weak in faith, no unbelief or distrust made him to waver but He grew strong and was empowered by faith”.

You may have plenty of reasons why your situation is not going to work out but you have to do like Abraham, who against all odds,  against all hopes, kept his hope strong in God. Never drift away. God is not limited to the natural . He is super natural. Though the promise to Abraham didn’t happen in a minute yet it came to pass.

That the promise has not yet happened does not mean it is not going to happen.  Beloved , Never ever lose your Hope in God .


May God bless you this week in a way you never expected amen.


Fr. Sanctus Mario