MONDAY MESSAGE OF HOPE 19


I have discovered that one of the root causes of why people are not happy, always worried is because they are not happy with who they are, how they look and the environment they find themselves. In fact many people don’t like themselves. They don’t like how they look; they always feel inferior when they are in the midst of people. Many are heavily uncomfortable with their family background, they wish they were born in a rich family, they wish they are working in a big company, they wish they are like this person or that and when they see their friends or family members living in their projected mindsets, they feel worried and bitter about themselves and then plunge themselves into peer pressure. Don’t be surprised that today many don’t like their personality, they are not just happy with how they look, how they act, talk etc. Many who are into this self malady always feel jealous of others and bitter about themselves. Sometimes they compare themselves with other people, wishing they were something different “if I am just like him, how I wish I was born in that family” etc.

The truth about life is that, no one created himself. No one knows why he is how he is. God knows the reason for everything and those things should not make you live your life extremely worried. If God wanted you to have a different personality, He would have given it to you. Stop comparing yourself with others and don’t give it that permission to steal your joy. Learn to be happy with whom God made you to be and where God sent you to work. Make good out of anything God has given to you. Be proud of yourself, be proud of your family, and be proud of your parents. If you don’t like where you are and who you are, work on them. I  once  stammered , I noticed it will hinder me to preach the gospel very well and how I wanted it, I didn’t stay down beating myself up, but I took time to work on it. And today it is never a hindrance to me. What God only created are the natural things we can see like the mountains, man, water, etc, other artificial things were the products of the co-creator; man. Instead of staying down worried and beating yourself up, work on yourself. You are also a co-creator. If you don’t have good human relationship, try to go back to yourself and reexamine the reason and work on them. Always be happy with who you are.

I have discovered that many try to do certain things to gain approval of everybody around them so they can feel better about themselves and the worst of it is that they end up pleasing nobody but used by the same people to get what they want. Never live your life to impress anyone. Many also live a life of pretense; they act one way for their boss, another way for their spouse and another way for their friends, parents, etc.  Many fake their intonations when they meet people they think are higher than them, wearing various masks to please everybody. Not being true to who they are and in essence not true to anyone. The truth is; you were created to be you. Who you are is for a reason. Many people today use their limitations for their own good. Good examples are Osita Iheme and Chinedu Ikedieze, Nigerian prominent actors, who today used what many would have considered a self liability; which is their height, to their greatest asset. Nick Vucijic was born without legs and hands but today used his disability to inspire many people to greatness and today ranked among the sixth richest person in Australia. Never think you must be like somebody else to prosper; I see it as one of the greatest lies of the century. And don’t think where others are, you can never be, the truth is that nobody knows tomorrow.

It is also very silly to compare your poor background with anyone else. Wherever you are born or where you are today may be for a reason. Those challenges are there to challenge you to greatness. If you don’t like your condition, stand up and work on them than feeling worried every moment. Many couples today compare their spouse to somebody else’s spouse. Many compare their talents, abilities, education to somebody else’s. Such comparisons are always counterproductive causing you to lose your joy and then make you feel jealous of the other. Beloved you are unique. There is also something in you that others don’t have. Make out time to study your strengths.

Just because something works for somebody else does not necessary mean it is going to work for you. God gives each one a special grace to fulfill his life destiny. Always ask Him for this grace. Be original in your actions. Sometimes when we try to copy others, we make mistakes, and you know down within you that this is not you. Sometimes this makes you waste your talents, time and energy and then miss the good things in store for us. The secret of life is this ‘’ yes, you may not be the greatest one; you may not be the best one but determine to be the best you can be. Let what you are, let what you have, let where you are bring out even the hidden talents in you. Be the best you can be. Quit feeling bad about yourself. If somebody can do what I do, better, there is no problem about that. I am not into any contest and I will not start killing myself about it. But I will aspire to be the best in the little I can do. Quit looking at everyone else and run your own race. And be happy doing what you can do.

May God give you the grace to achieve your destiny and run your own race and may He bless you in ways you never expected. Amen.

Fr. Sanctus Mario Okey            email: