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This topic may sound too extreme but sometimes some painful situations are the hard doors you have to break before you reach your final destination in life. Never give up even in the midst of pains. Most of those situations are temporary setbacks. Never mind them even, simply keep your eyes on the price.  I chose this topic after watching the Women’s Royal Rumble match won by Becky Lynch in WWE. No one ever imagined Becky Lynch will eventually be the winner, for many odds were against her. Becky Lynch was not even included in the match, but made up her mind to be part of it when Lana could not make the ring due to injury. During the match, Becky Lynch broke her legs and was deeply in pains. Many advised her to quit the match but she was relentless, she showed a never say die attitude, and could not give up the fight. Her opponent Charlotte Flair used her weakness against her and tried severally to worsen the situation. I was not even happy why Becky chose to compete in pains, I thought within myself that quitting the match should have been the best option for her. She made the fight go one sided, because her opponent was seriously dealing with her. Becky wailed in pains all through the match, and couldn’t muster a real fight, but enduring all the heavy maltreatment from her opponent. No one could believe that Lynch could ever come out of that ring a winner. It took a single mistake from Flair to give Becky the winning bout, notwithstanding the pains and agony she underwent. Becky only wanted to go to Wrestlemania and forgot whatever agony she was undergoing. She kept her eyes on the price and didn’t give up the vision even in pains. Pains would have stopped her but she possessed within herself that steel mentality.

If you are serious in fulfilling your destiny, you have to have a made up mind. No matter how long it takes you, no matter how many times you get knocked down, never ever give up. Keep pressing forward looking for your victory; keep your eye on the price. I have discovered that many who succeed in life are not necessarily the most talented, they are the most determined. They know how to persevere. When they eventually fail, they don’t see that as final, they learn from it and change their tactics looking for their opportunities. When they face obstacles they don’t get discouraged but fight the good fight of faith. In life, there is always something coming against us ;difficulties,  problems, setbacks, painful situations etc which cannot but make you to give up, but the bible says since the days of John the Baptist, the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and only the violent men will take it by force (Mathew 11:12). If you really want to experience God’s best, you have to possess, a steel mentality. Victory and success are not meant for the weak, you have to possess a warrior mentality. Your attitude should always be “I am not going to give up on what God has put in my heart”. Never allow any problems, disappointments; bad breaks cause you to give up. You have in you, God’s breath; thereby you have victory in your DNA.  When God breathed life in you, He breathed strength, courage, determination and endurance. You have to stay in power. The bible says that “the Spirit of God is the Spirit of courage and power” (1 Timothy 1:7). If you possess this attitude, it means, no matter what comes against you; no matter how long it takes, no matter how difficult it seems, you have to press forward. Yes the enemy did his best but his best wasn’t enough, because you are a victor not a victim. There is still a song in your heart.

David said in Psalm 51:10 “God renew a right Spirit within me (a spirit of steadfastness and perseverance, “I Know things are hard for me but I still see the hand of God leading me”,“I know he is working for my good, I am not going to sit down and feel depressed and defeated, thinking about what did not work out, who hurt me,” “No”.  “I have a destiny to fulfill; I will get up and go again” “I know that the forces that are for me are greater than the forces that are against me; I know God is steering the wheel”.  Most painful situations are blessings in disguise.

Many of us have allowed their circumstances to push them down and thereby tempted to give up on what God has placed in their hearts but remember beloved, God is still God, and He has NEVER  changed. Never give up because someone betrayed you, never give up because someone did you wrong, never give up because the medical report does not look good.  There is this need to be relentless on the inside. Keep pressing forward, believing that God’s favour is still on the way.  You may have an unfair past but you don’t have to have an unfair future. Some pains also have divine purposes. Jesus’ crucifixion and death were for divine purposes.

Life may throw you stones, there may be some bruises along the way, but remember that every setback can be a set up for a comeback. So many difficulties are not meant to destroy you but to strengthen you. When you stay in faith, God will turn every battlefield into a blessing field. You may be passing through hell now, but don’t let that make you weak, bitter, emotionally down and blame God, but look that obstacle in the eyes and say to it “you have fixed a match with me, I will never give up on you, I will never get down because of you”, “I will never abandon my God because of you”.

When a season ends, a new season begins. Psalm 30:5 says “weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning, it may be a dry season in your life now, there is no growth yet, the good news is that raining season is on the way. During harmattan, the grasses look dead, stunted etc. This is because of the season we are in. During raining season, that same stunted grasses become alive again. It still has a bright future. Don’t give up on your dream because you don’t see anything happening to it right now, the new season is still on the way.

Anybody can quit, anybody can get discouraged when it gets hot or maybe it has taken a long time but it takes a man or woman of great faith to say “it looks like nothing is going in my way but I will not be moved by what I see but by what I know and deep down in my spirit, I know a new season is coming to my way” instead of focusing all your energy on your setbacks, focus all your energy on your God.

Everyone is going through one thing or the other but remember this “losers focus on what they are going through but winners focus on where they are going to. Beloved focus your mind on where God is taking you to. Sometimes what you are going through is transportation to your destination. The greater your challenges, the greater the successes. Never Ever Give up.

Fr. Sanctus MArio

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