Everything Changes with Time.

                                 Monday Message of Hope 40


Whenever I look at the back and the past years of our existence, I cannot but accept the above statement as a fact and experience that is inevitably true. Everything continues to change with time. You may not see it but it is happening.  One thing that is certain is that today can never be like yesterday and yesterday can never be like today. Everything is in a constant state of flux. I write this for those that are thinking on how to eliminate their lives, those who are maltreated and treated as trash, I write this also to those that think their lives have ended already, this write up is also for those that are suffering presently, those who are in one difficult situation or the other which sometimes makes one think that all hope is lost. One thing that is certain and can never be debated by anyone is that life is synonymous with change. You may have the good share of it today and tomorrow have the negative share of it. You may also be having the bad side of it today but tomorrow have the wonderful share of it. Such is life. God can bless anyone at a time he or she least expects.

As life goes forward, things change, people are transformed, age, class, positions, your height, your level etc., continue to change. Some will appreciate while some will depreciate. This is life for you. Where you are today was not where you were yesterday and can never be where you will be tomorrow, life is a process. You may think your life has ended but one thing is sure, life is full of surprises too. That person some people have already defined as the worst, and as a never do well, can be uplifted tomorrow. That person everyone degrades and see as the most stupid person in your class, can be the most successful tomorrow. When people deride you and make you think bad of yourself, do not forget that time heals. Everything changes with time. Your life has not yet ended, God can still surprise you. Instead of dying in worry, think of how to change your life.

One thing with life is that it is synonymous with the unknown, and full of uncertainties. Some people do ask “Yes it shall be well but when will it be?” the only person that still has the answer is God. Life can change in any minute of the day. I have seen a woman, people have already written off as barren, but after many years of marriage, God blessed her with triplets. I have a friend who was once a truck pusher and sometimes turned as a comedy stock by his family and friends but today things have turned in his favour. God can turn anything around in a speck of a moment. As time goes, nothing stays the same. Everyone acts like nothing will change yet everything changes. The only thing that is promised in life is change. If there is one thing in life you can bank on, it is change.

The worst mistake anyone could think is to think you will be where you are till eternity. Anything can happen. Life knows how to bless anyone even the unthinkable. Life also knows how to surprise the proud, even those who think they have arrived. Let us always be humble. If you think you are blessed already, remember the past, remember how you started. Just as you were not able to predict where you are today, you cannot as well predict how and where you are going to end. You cannot also predict for anyone. Do not look down on anyone. Change happens constantly. Life creates constant change. Every day and every hour are new. Conditions change. Change gave Obama the highest position in the world, and today change kept him where he is. Things change and sometimes they change fast. If you think you are passing a lot, do not conclude yet that it has become part of you. The unthinkable can happen.

Sometimes life is not necessarily the one treating us bad but we have refused to flow with the tides of the moment. Our inability to change our attitudes, our action, our plans to flow with the changing nature of time affects us greatly. Sometimes while you have fixated on an old and now stale picture in your mind, life has moved full steam ahead and completely changed but you are still holding that same picture in your mind even though everything is now different. When we refuse to make efforts, and make new plans and plot new strategies, we tend to be where we are.  Treat each day as a new condition of time and circumstances. If you really want to learn anything, commit it as a daily task, you will be surprised where you will find yourself. Sometimes we are our problems.

Just because you did not make it today does not totally conclude you will not make it forever. The problem is that we have refused to try again. Just because you could not make a deal yesterday does not mean you should not try today because life changes constantly. The person that was there may no longer be there, the problem that was a barrier may no longer be relevant. Thoughts or consideration that were in the way may have changed entirely. This is the wisdom for all. Nothing stays forever.

Can you have a reflection back, those you met while growing up, where are they now? Can you remember when you were growing? Where are you now? Is there any person you can remember his or her past, but today is being celebrated?  Can you also remember those that were celebrated in those days, but now they are no more?  Can you remember those that were occupying prestigious positions in those days but now another person has taken the position? Every day, things keep changing. It is for some yesterday, it is for others today, tomorrow it could be yours. God can still bless you. The only gift you can give to life is to flow with it. Avoid being static, unproductive, keeping yourself worried and depressed instead find something doing, and continue to add new things to your efforts. You will be marveled how life will bless you later. Do not live your life depressed. Anything can change at any moment. Continue to make effort and never lose Hope. THERE IS ALWAYS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL

May God give us the grace to overcome challenges. Amen

Fr. Sanctus MArio