Monday Message of Hope 16


Today many who have problems or the other have stopped worshipping God. In fact difficulties have drained the little faith they had. Many today blame God for one problem or the other. Many have stopped going to church even. So many people have lost faith in God because they feel worshipping God is a waste of time. For many God does not answer prayers. There is lack of faith everywhere. The beautiful chapels and churches are always empty, no one visits Jesus again.


In Mark 5:25, there was a certain woman that had a bleeding disorder for 12 years, she has gone to many doctors and spent all her money and everything she could to get well but nothing happened. One day, there was this commotion in her town; she found out that Jesus was passing through the town. She may have heard stories of how Jesus had healed the crippled, and opened the eyes of the blind and many things Jesus has done. Something came along on the inside, she thought within herself “Jesus did it for others; He can also do it for me. Instead of staying somewhere angry, depressed and downcast, she said to herself, ‘if I can get to Jesus and touch the fringe of His garments, I know I will be healed”. There was a great crowd surrounding Jesus which was a major problem for her to get to Jesus. This crowd seemed impossible to meet Jesus. Most people would have given up at this but she started making her way through the crowd. People may have been distracted by this but she has a mission, I am sure she must have been weak because she has lost blood for years, but despite this, she fought her way through the crowd. Something great is pushing her. She is simply motivated. She must be saying within herself “I must touch his garment, no matter the obstacle on the way” “when I get to Jesus, I know I will be well” “I know healing is coming, I am tired and weak but I know am close to my breakthrough” what might kept her going was simply the right thoughts she was playing in her mind. “If I could touch his garment, I will be healed”. The secret is simple; she believed Jesus can heal her, and this kept her going notwithstanding the oppositions.

When she touched the garments of Jesus, Jesus stopped and said to His disciples, ‘who just touched me” the disciples were even surprised because Jesus was in the midst of the crowd who were constantly pressing on him. They asked him “don’t you see the crowd?” Jesus said yes “everyone is pressing on me but someone just touched me”. This was a touch of faith. “Somebody drew the miracle working power out of me”. When the lady came to Jesus, she was deeply afraid, but Jesus said to her “daughter, your faith has saved you, go in peace, you are healed”. There is nothing more powerful than the faith you possess when everything works against you. Jesus did not say “oh daughter touching my garments has healed you” but pointed to something significant; the magnitude of her faith. When you believe, when you expect things to change, when you keep the right thoughts, “I believe my breakthrough is still on the way’ I will never give up, notwithstanding what am passing through”, you attract God’s miracle working power. Your faith activates the power of the Creator of the universe.

There were other people in the crowd, many of them have their needs too but nothing happened to them. God is Almighty, He can do all things, do not just move like the crowd without purpose. Do not be too passive that nothing good can come to you. Never stay discouraged, feeling bitter, rather reach out to Jesus and touch him. Believe God is still with you in good times and in bad times. This lady was closest to her miracle when she faced her greatest challenge. She had to fight through the crowd, the crowd here represents difficulties, oppositions, broken dreams, those things that did not work out, the disappointments, those negative voices telling you it shall never be well, you are not going to get well, you are a never do well.  The crowd can also be those words people have spoken to us; “you are lazy”, you are not talented, you cannot accomplish your dreams. If you want to truly reach your potential you must fight through something. You have to be more determined than ever, you have to be more determined than what is trying to stop you. Do not let the mistakes you have made, the guilt, and those regrets make you to get discouraged and knocked down. Never allow the people that did you wrong, the rejections, the betrayal, etc cause you to get bitter, feeling depressed. Develop a strong faith even in the midst of difficulties; let the right thoughts keep you going.

In many of the miracles Jesus performed, He laid his hands on the recipients but in this case, Jesus did not lay his hands on the woman, the woman did. Are you waiting for Jesus to lay hands on you or can you stand up and touch him? instead of complaining, rise and say: God I thank you that things are working in my favour, I thank you for I know that everything works for good for those who love you, I thank you because I know that victory is in store for me”, “I do not see a way but God I want to thank you I believe that you still have a way” this is faith in practice. Your faith in God can initiate the healing process.

We all have difficulties; we all have reasons to be bitter, do not let that talk you out of your God given destiny. Somebody reading this may ask ‘what if after doing all these nothing happened? My answer is “what if you do it and something happens? When your faith is seen in your expressions, in your attitude, and how you talk, something different will begin to happen in your life. God is always with us, but faith is what gets his attention. Hebrew 11:4 says ‘without faith, it is impossible to please God. Maybe you have been praying for a long time, staying in faith, do not stay discouraged. You may be closer to your victory than you think, it may happen than it looks. Remember God is still full of surprises. He does not do things in a natural way or the way you want it, He does things in his own way and in his own time.

Week after week, day after day, keep releasing your faith, keep touching him, keep expecting him. Keep praying, your faith will surely activate His power.  The only weapon that will get you through oppositions, challenges, help you fight through the crowd is the magnitude of the faith you possess. There must be something you believe in. The centurion believed that if Jesus speaks, something great will happen, and it happened. The lady with hemorrhage believed that if she touches his garments she will be healed, and it happened. Believe in Him, believe in His love, believe in His Merciful Heart, believe in His mighty works, believe in the power of the Holy mass, believe in the refreshing power of the Blessed Sacrament, believe In the power  of God working in your favour, confess it, live it, express it. This is faith in action. Whatever you want to do, whatever you want to become in life, oppositions will surely surface, do not fight with the oppositions, rather fight through the challenges and make a way. What every difficult moment needs is the magnitude of faith you possess.

Have you been in a position where many see you as cursed, a never do well, a sinner etc; this surely makes you feel discouraged and depressed. When they see you, they point negative fingers at you, you then see yourself as the worst creature God has created, maybe because of a single mistake you have made or what someone said about you at your back. The worst thing you will do is to accept what they think of you. You are not their products. You are God’s creature, not that of anyone. See yourself as how God sees you, a beautiful creature. Never give negative voices opportunities in your life.

May God give you the grace to pass through the crowd, may he give you the faith to pass through challenges, that at the end his name will be given glory. Amen.

Fr. Sanctus Mario