Many Good Things Do Not Come Easy


                              Monday Message of Hope 41


There are times in life when we feel like life is very cruel to us, that things of life do not favour us, all because we encounter challenges upon challenges. Some at this point become very angry with life and even to God that created life. But when you look at most of those challenges, you begin to understand that they are  there because they are part and parcel of the success story. I decided to twist the above topic to “Many Good Things do not come easy” from the popular statement that “nothing good comes easy”. From my analysis, the statement “nothing good comes easy” may not necessarily be true. I see it as a generalization that does not really define the implication of that statement. Many good things in life do come very easy. If you doubt me, how about a good laugh, a good conversation with a neighbour, not too much effort needed for those ones. How about good food, your hobby, how hard is that for most people? Someone may even inherit a large amount of money or property, someone can be born in a rich family with everything already prepared for him or her, making things easy for them. There are many other examples. However, many good things do not come easy . The road to success is not an easy road.

If one is thinking of changing his or her life, passing your exams, becoming successful in one way or the day, maintaining a good relationship, always know that there are many hurdles to pass, there are challenges waiting for you on the way, there must be a price to pay. These may involve a lot of hard work, thinking, time, efforts, struggle, patience, etc so that when you meet them along the way you do not need to feel worried, you do not need to blame God nor anyone. Always know it is part of the success story. What really make things great? what really make things successful, if not the challenges that you have surmounted. Without challenges, nothing is great. All you need is to make up your mind. Infact what is holding many today is the fear to face the challenges they think they will meet or they have met, or they have already concluded that their life is cursed, that life is hard, that the government is very bad, and then nothing is to be done. They fall back and relax waiting for the day God can do miracle out of nothing. One thing with miracle is that it must come out of something. For Jesus to feed the multitude even, there is the presence of few fish and few loaves of bread. When we do nothing, nothing happens but when we do something, something happens, for every cause must have an effect.

To prove that great things require hard work, determination, wisdom, planning and dedication, Gordon Hinckley took his team to a farm work that was properly cultivated, the team was very happy and congratulated the farmer for the work done and wished to be like the farmer. Some were praying that God make their lives like that of the farmer. After several months, he took the same team to the same farm, by this time, the farm has grown weeds because no one has done work on it, the same people that congratulated the farmer initially began to criticize the farmer of the inability to work. After the experiment, Gordon told them Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds.  If you want to be like the farmer, go and work on your own farm, what made the farm what it is was the input from the farmer, if the farmer ceases to work hard, weed occupies the space. If you think that great men woke up one day and God sent them manna from heaven, go home and flog yourself, it is like believing that one day animals will turn to human beings”.  No human establishment was a product of wishful thinking. Some people say “I wish am this, I wish am that, I wish I will do this, I wish I will do that, etc. all human establishments are not products of wishful thinking but willful thinking. Wish ends with wishing, but will ends with tensile actions. When there is a will there is always a way.  Nothing great comes easy, and nothing easy can ever equate to greatness.

Beloved you may be suffering now, yes you are passing a lot, do not be surprised, you are just few kilometers away from achieving your dream. You may have lost your job, and you have been looking for another one since then, and nothing seems to be coming, beloved, I still believe that giving up is not an option, maybe you have not yet gotten the one God has prepared for you. The problem is when we are suffering for suffering sake, suffering because we are doing nothing, suffering because we are depending on some people to do it for us. Please if you are in this group, wake up, and find something doing. Sometimes the challenges we meet along the way, show that you are climbing a step further. The higher you go, the cooler it becomes, and the more temperature twists. In fact, wherever you are, and whatever you do, do not expect things always easy, so that when challenges come, they will not be like a movie to you. Expect them because they must surely be there one day. As you prepare to change your life, prepare for the challenges.

Sometimes opportunities are usually disguised as hard work, so most people do not recognize them.  Rather they run away from it and later blame God for not answering their prayers. Nothing in life that is worth having is free. Nothing in life worth having is not without a fight. In the bible even, though God was with many great men like David, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Moses etc, they did not fold their hands but made themselves available to work with God despite the challenges. David rose up against the Goliath, Moses rose up to the demands of his time. It is time to rise up against our own Goliaths and conquer our life Pharaohs.

Finally, let us not forget that we always need the grace of God. Beloved do not underestimate this. There are times in life you need an Unlimited strength, an Unknown and spiritual hand to make ways for you. Human effort does not define all but efforts that work smartly according to divine inspirations and grace.  All Moses had was a stick. All David had was a slingshot and a few rocks. All Gideon had was a few men who drink like dogs with lanterns etc., God can take whatever He has already given you to do what He has created you to do before you were ever born. It is time to wake up again. THERE IS ALWAYS LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL