After my Monday message of hope 4, I received many reactions; many were in appreciation while some were more of depressing experiences, asking me to advise them. One who wishes to remain anonymous told me how he spent his money to raise his brothers. In the bid to make sure his brothers have quality education, he sold some of his properties, because he was the bread winner of the family then. Now all his brothers whom he suffered for, which even made him to marry late have all turned their backs on him.

Some people become your friends when things are working out for you, but at a slight sign of any setback, they will turn their backs on you. Many are frustrated when they experience this kind of betrayal.  Beloved, only God can be there for you in good and in bad times. Do not get me wrong, there are still good friends out there, but they are still one out of many.

Many will come and tell you how much they cherish you, how much they love to be with you, but when you hit the rock they all turn their backs on you. Many people spend their energy working , thinking and sapping their strengths to make sure things work out well in their family, business and places of work, but all they could get is back biting, jealousy and misunderstanding of their genuine intentions.

Sometimes what makes people not to give you what you want is that they don’t have it. “You can only give what you have” an unhappy person can never give you happiness. Do not allow the jealousy and misunderstandings of those around you; stop you from doing what is right. If you do or not do, they will still find something to say.

If you are always looking at people to be there for you, you may end up finding none. Relate well with anyone around you but place all your trust and hope in God. Only He can be there for you in season and out of season. He sees everything that happens in your life; the injustice, the bad breaks etc and only He can pay you back for the bad things that have happened in your life. Only God can make your life better and more rewarding again. When you let people off the hook and quit looking up to them for everything, your life with God will get better.

The higher God takes you, there will be more disproval, challenges, jealousy, backbiting, more oppositions, and when you allow them to pull you down, you may never become what God wanted you to become. One negative comment can ruin your whole Sunday; don’t allow negative comments bother you. What you need in life is Gods approval.

People may treat you with respect but remember they are still humans, they still have flaws. The key to a strong relationship is to recognize the other person’s strengths and weaknesses and then give them room to be who they are. If you rely on the other person to meet all your needs and become everything in your life, you may be disappointed one day.


When you come at the end of your life, you will not come in the presence anybody to give account; you are going to stand before God. God is not going to ask you how many people you try to please but he will ask you whether you fulfilled the mission why you are sent to this world; did you run your race well?

Total dependence on God is the key. Only He is sure and certain to be there for you. The more you lean on God and not depend on people for anything, the more higher, you are going to go spiritually. Don’t waste your energy trying to get from people what you can confidently get from God. God is always there for you. Never doubt his presence.



Fr. Sanctus Mario