Do not allow the rejection of other people cause you to reject yourself


Maybe you live or work with somebody who is emotionally abusive, always putting you down and criticizing you, telling you how terrible you are, May be you are always misinterpreted because of your good actions, may be people have decimated your name, may be you are living in guilt because of your past mistakes, people have condemned you etc. Do not allow the rejection of others, cause you to reject yourself. Only God that knows your value.

Remind yourself always that you are God’s masterpiece. Do not let other people play games with your mind, deceiving you into thinking that your value has diminished. The worst mistake you will do in life is to listen to other people’s negative evaluation of you and then allow it to eat deep into your bone marrow.

The worst mistake you will ever do is to allow yourself esteem and your sense of value to be determined by how other people treat you. Dearest, remember God accepts you even when everybody rejects you. The psalmist affirmed this in psalm 27:10 “although my mother and my father have rejected me, the Lord will take me in and adopt me as his very own child. The future is still bright.

Nobody believed that something good will come from Nazareth.  You may have gone through some traumatic and painful experiences in which somebody mistreated you and decimated your name, used you or rejected you. Maybe your husband or wife walked out on you and you went through a bitter divorce. Maybe good friends you have suffered for turned on you for no reason and you now feel alone and worthless, and then live with guilt and shame. Perhaps you have even convinced yourself that the negative things that happened in the past are all your faults, that you deserve nothing but pains, condemnation, guilt and heartaches, yes you may be right.

Let me remind you one thing, a hundred naira is always a hundred naira and doesn’t lose its value simply because it has aged, it has taken bumps and bruises in life, yes but it’s still hundred naira. Sometimes we feel like that hundred naira is crumpled and soiled but you forget it is still hundred naira. The loss in appearance is not a loss in value. Our value has been placed by the Creator and nobody can take it away from you. Nobody knows tomorrow. YOU MAY NOT UNDERSTAND EVERYTHING YOU ARE GOING THROUGH NOW BUT HOLD YOUR HEAD HIGH STILL. God is still in control. When everybody else rejects you, remember God stands before you with His arms wide open, and your tomorrow is still in His hands.

Fr. Sanctus Mario