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Sometimes we rely on people for some expectations in life, if they don’t meet our expectations, we get discouraged, angry and bitter. Sometimes you work hard to win peoples approval, to win their love and favour, and when you don’t get them, you feel inferior and devastated. The problem here is that you are trying to get from people what only God can give you freely. Those you suffer for, may not value your efforts. “Your value, your worth and approval does not come from the ordinary. They come from your Creator. No matter how good a person is to you, he cannot give you  everything, Only God can.

If you rely on people for everything, they will leave you disappointed and frustrated. They will use you and dump you. In everything you do, do it that God will take glory in your work. Sometimes when you do something for people, they will end up letting you down. Sometimes those you trust can even turn on you. Many you tell your secrets and confide in will end up using those things against you to pull you down. Sometimes man is full of betrayal. Only God will love and cherish you as you are. Live your life and depend on God and not on man.

In the scriptures, Peter was one of the beloved apostles and close friends of Jesus Christ. He is always with the Lord, vowing to defend him at the time of anguish but when the time of crucifixion came, Peter denied Jesus, not just once but three times. Don’t live your life depending on people; what they do or don’t do does not determine your worth. What they give you or do not give you cannot stop Gods purpose for you.

If you always depend on somebody else, you may become a burden for him. Your friends, parents, family have their own problem to solve and many issues concerning them to deal with. Don’t waste your precious times waiting on them to come and start working on you. Don’t allow yourself to be a burden, putting extra pressure on people. This is the time to rise up. Nobody is responsible for your happiness, only you have that sole responsibility. Man can never determine your future, though God can still use anyone to work on you, but only God has your future in his palms. Depend on him for everything; He still knows how to connect you.

The only power people have over you is that power that you give them. If you depend on what people will give you and they later fail in their expectations, you may feel dejected and devalued. Nobody can stop your destiny, what they do or don’t do cannot override Gods plan for you. Shake off that negativity.

Our Lord Jesus Christ had all kinds of people come against him; Pharisees, politicians, religious leaders, scribes trying to discredit him and making him to feel inferior, causing him to give up; he would have said “look at how they are treating me, may be am not special, imagine they don’t even accept me, but Jesus knows that his mission and value didn’t come from them, they came from His Heavenly Father. Jesus knows he does not need their approval or disapproval to keep himself moving forward.

It is good when people encourage and cheer you up, but do not depend on them totally. If somebody is not treating you well and treats you like a nobody, do not kill yourself about it. You don’t even need their praises, you do not need their applauses too to move on, and all you need mostly is the approval of the One who sent you in this world. Only He knows your purpose. Everything comes from Him.

 My beloved, God can make things happen for you without you trying to convince somebody to like you. It is all about God who knows why your existence and not those who think without them you will never succeed.  Never rely totally on anyone; they are not your Creator. God is your strength.

Fr. Sanctus Mario