MONDAY MESSAGE OF HOPE 5


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Many who decided not to open their bible again, go to church, or deepen their relationship with the Almighty Creator have so many questions for God yet to be answered. May be you have done series of novena, you don’t miss your masses, prayers etc and have prayed that God turn your situation around, still all you see is hardship upon hardship; it seems God is no longer alive. Are you sure He is real? Many ask.

I took up this apostolate few years back; bringing back souls who have lost hope and faith in God, after meeting a young man who confidently told me that God is not real because of how he lost his only son to the cold hands of death; after doing series of novena that God save her son from such painful demise. It was as if God was deaf to his situation. Any mention of God makes him go crazy.

Many people in this kind of crisis no longer pray, go to church etc. Many, who try, do so because they want to fulfill their Sunday religious obligation. Not that they do not hear preaching every Sunday but some feel that the God we mention is so deaf, there is no need wasting their times praying. When many enter the church, they concentrate on their phones, newspapers etc because they are only present just to fulfill a religious obligation; faith in God has gone into extinction. What makes me happy is when I see souls that these weekly messages touch; many write back to me blessing God that they have found solace again. To God be all the glory.

Many have spent their hard earned money trying to find healing, feeling seriously sick and in precarious situations, some have been abandoned, rejected, depressed, abused and intimidated. They have wailed before God, they have prayed, they have worked, they have cried to heaven but it looks as if heaven is so deaf.

Beloved, yes it has not been easy for you but do not allow any problem/setback to affect your faith in God. The worst problem may not be what is happening to you right now, the worst problem is when your faith is dashed to the ground. When a man no longer believes in somebody he trusted so much, there is always a crisis.

You may even need to forgive God. Perhaps you have been blaming him for taking away your loved one, for allowing your beloved mother, father, or sibling die in the cold hands of death. May be you are angry with God because he did not answer your prayers or some situations did not work out the way you have hoped; may be your family has been experiencing problems upon problem. Regardless of whatever, you will never be truly happy as long as you habour bitterness in your heart. You will always wallow in self pity, feeling bitter about your existence; always feeling sorry for yourself, thinking that life has dealt you a great blow.

Dearest come back to God again, only Him can still wipe away your tears. Change your mentality and start focusing on His goodness. 1 Samuel 1:6, says God closed the womb of Hannah, why? Many will ask. What has she done to experience this kind of treatment from God? Notwithstanding, Hannah went back to the Originator of All things. Her problem did not cause her to abandon her creator and God responded in due time and made her son the greatest among all.

May be God still has something in store for you; losing faith now may lead you into total crisis. God was there and His beloved Son was crucified, God was there when Daniel was put into the Lion’s den. He would have stopped the persecutors, but God came to rescue only When Daniel was already in the Den. Never lose faith even in the Den. Do not allow that pit of destruction to affect your faith in God.