Nobody Knows Tomorrow




I write this to many who have already lost hope in life. I write this to many who have already think their life is in shambles, there is no more future for them. I also write this to those people suffering, those betrayed, and those passing through many hard conditions. I write this to many who are under someone but being mistreated every day, many who presently are dying in worries.



Life can be hard and strenuous at times but life can also be surprising and mysterious at times. If you are going through hard times, know that life is not static but dynamic. Everything in life is not permanent , everything continues to change , your age, your positions, your classes, your statuses, so also your condition. Always know that Tomorrow is not yet determined. Your tomorrow can also change.


What happened in your past, is not what is happening in the present and can never be what will happen tomorrow. You may be in a good position now, do not Lord it over yourself yet, tomorrow is still pregnant, even Adam never knew He would be thrown out of Eden one day. When King Saul was made the first King of Israel, imagine how he might feel. Saul never knew He would end that way, and kingly lineage taken away from him to David.




When Joseph’s brothers sold him to the Ishmaelite, they never knew they would meet Him one day as the Governor of Egypt. Tomorrow is always unpredictable, tomorrow is not in anyone’s hands. You may think you may not make it , you may think your own has ended, you may think there is nothing you can do again, you may think you are now stucked in a particular hard circumstance. Beloved the truth is that , that Tomorrow you are thinking is not in even in your hands. The future always belongs to God. How He can change it, you may not know. Put all your Hope in God and stick to Him.

Walk by Faith and Not by Sight


David, Joseph, Job, etc never lost hope in God. They depended on God for everything. They believed that one day their lives will be better. When Ruth decided to follow Naomi to wherever she would be, Ruth never knew it was God working in her path, and God favoured them beyond their imaginations.


Why are you still dying in worries, why are you still crying as if your world has ended, why are you still dying in pains, beloved wipe away your tears and ask God to bless your future. The future is not predetermined and can never be predetermined by your present condition. Have you already concluded on your future? Are you the owner of the future? No!! Allow God to do needful.  Do not conclude yet until God concludes for you.



The bible says when life is good, enjoy it. But when life is hard, remember: God gives good times and hard times, and no one knows what tomorrow will bring ( Ecclesiastes 7:14-24),


No one knows what his life will be like tomorrow (James 4:14). This is a lot reserved for everyone. I have seen rich men and great men who today are crying in pains at their sick beds, I have seen rich men and great men who today are crying in penury. How they lost everything is still a mystery. I have also seen poor, abandoned and rejected ones who today rose to great heights even at the surprise of many. The worst mistake you will ever do is to think you can determine anyone’s future or someone can. if you think that , then you make Him or Her your God.


The world is constantly changing, so also positions and conditions change. Beloved, tomorrow is pregnant. What it will give birth to, is yet unknown.




Put all your Hope in God. Depend on Him to bless your future. Ask for His grace.  Work very hard. Make use of any opportunity God has given to you. Tell God to breathe on your path. His breath gives life to any deadly condition. It is true presently you don’t have any hope, it is also true that no one knows what will happen tomorrow except God. May He be your Hope and confidence in all you do. You may shout in victory at last. Only God can do it. No one can. No one is your God, they may think they can do anything to you, it is a very big lie. They are thinking what they should be thinking.  Do not waste your time dying in worries. They are not your God. Let God be your refuge and strength.  Beloved, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.



May God give you the grace to overcome all your challenges and difficulties  Amen.


Fr. Sanctus Mario

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