Sometimes when problems come, we think the world has ended, we think God hated us; we think God has abandoned us. I have really discovered that without difficulties and hard situations, many will not be where they are and who they are today. Sometimes God sends trials to change your attitudes, to change the way you live and the way you worship God. If you go through trials and problems, you will never come out remaining the same. Not all problems are bad in themselves; some are there to bring out the best in you. Some are there to make you humble and some are there to challenge your talents. Many gifts and talents are born through challenges.

It is now a normal attitude for many to complain when they hit a stumbling block along the way of success. Many feel depressed and bitter about themselves. Sometimes, problems will make you to hate yourself and begin to quarrel with God as if he does not answer prayers again. After series of novena and prayers, the situation remains the same. Can you pause a little and ask yourself what is happening to me? Every effect must have a cause. There may be a reason behind what you are passing through which is there for your own good. Never despise every difficult situation, most of them are salvific. Sometimes when God wants to draw you close to him, He uses a trial. Many today deepened their prayer life because of a certain family problem or life issues they know they can never solve. They now begin to seek for the presence of God. Many today who come to the presence of God are because of one problem or the other, which if not it, they may not know where their bible is. Problems today have made many to be prayerful and connected them back to the divine.

Sometimes while reflecting through my life, I discovered that most of the things that helped in life were difficult situations I passed through, because each one has its own lessons. This is what led me to the motivational world. The more I seek for inspiration, the more wisdom I tap. This led me to write my first motivational book “Rising Above Failure”. Sometimes I spend my life thanking God for all the problems and challenges He sent to me.

God often allows you to go through a situation to perfect your attitude and draw out impurities in your character and implant a certain gift in you. You can rebuke, you can pray against it, you can resist it, you can bind and loose, you can sing and shout etc still the situations remains the unchanged. Don’t you also think that this is the hand of God? God may be interested in changing you. The situation may be for a good purpose and the quicker you recognize this, and start dealing with those bad attitudes, the quicker you may go to the next level. Many situations today have made many to remain humble before the Lord.

Sometimes you are praying for God to deliver you, and get you out of those negative situations. That is a good and wonderful prayer.  But maybe, you are missing the reason; you are passing through that situation. When the problems come, God may put a spirit in you that will make you to rise against that challenge, and by so doing, you open doors of success in your life.  Many great men today are born in the midst of problems and they used that problem as a tool to rise above where they are today. Always recognize that God loves you and will always wants to do a work in you, but you are busy worrying, crying and beating yourself up. You are busy trying to evade the difficulty. You are focused on all the circumstances and the people that treated you bad but you have not taken time to look deep inside and deal with the issues God is bringing to light. God used the prison and Potiphar’s wife to make Joseph known. Some of those problems you are undergoing now have some purposes, pay attention to them.

God loves you so much that He will not allow you to live your life in mediocrity, sometimes, he will permit that pressure to be applied to your life, to test you and only as you pass those tests, will you advance. He will put circumstances and people in your path that grate on you like sand paper, but He will use them to rub off your rough edges. You may not always like it, you may want to run from it, you may even resist it, but God keeps bringing the issue again and again, until you pass the test. God is the potter and we are the clay. Simply work in agreement with Him. You will be happy again. When you find yourself claiming some obstacles keep you from achieving your hopes, goals, and dreams, check, there are also many people who overcame problems greater than yours to achieve greatness like you would. Be part of them.

Fr. Sanctus Mario