Nobody wants to pass through difficulties and tough experiences, sometimes because of its devastating effects. Many want life the easy way. Difficulties make man feel depressed but the real truth is that sometimes some of these tough experiences are blessings in disguise. No matter how successful we are in life, we all face challenges, struggle and times when things do not go the way we want. When calamities occur, some people immediately think they have done something wrong, that God must surely be punishing them. They become angry with God, angry with themselves, and angry on whoever they come in contact with. It is an unfortunate reality that we all will face obstacles sometime during our lives. Some of us may face financial troubles while others may suffer with physical troubles. Regardless of the problem, it can make us feel scared, alone, sad and angry.

Sometimes trials do not come for nothing sake, God also has a divine purpose for every trial and challenges that come our away. Sometimes God allows us to pass through problems for a reason. The bible says that temptation, trials and difficulties must surely come. If we are to strengthen our spiritual muscles and grow stronger, we must have adversities to overcome, and attacks to resist, we must have hurdles to conquer. Sometimes it is in the midst of tough times that you discover your mission on earth, it is in difficult moments that you make the strongest decisions that will automatically shape your life, it is in the midst of depressing situations that you discover who is your friend, who really loves you and those who play at the gallery, sometimes it is in the midst of adversity that your dormant gifts will shine, exposing what you are really made of. The pressure exposes things that we need to deal with and change in your life which you have been compromising. As odd as this may seem, the trials can be beneficial.

sometimes pray that God sends you a trial. it will show you who your real friends are.

Sometimes many trials come into your life to test your character, to test your faith. Do not think it is a big deal when you go through tough times. Life itself is not a bed of roses, you will face various tests and surely they will make you sad, but God can use those trials to refine you, to cleanse you and purify you. He sometimes uses them to shape you into the person he wants you to be. If you will learn to be calm in the midst of difficulties, and find out why things are the way they are and then cooperate with God, change and correct the areas that needed to be changed, you will surely see the light at the end of the tunnel. No problem in life is a dead end. There are still ways out of them. In fact most of them are blessings, and ways to promote you to the newest level. Sometimes how you respond to them does the miracle.

Beloved never stay down when problems hit you at the face, do not even think God hates you and punishes you without reasons, do not even think your own situation is the worst, even when people talk about you and use the negatives circumstances happening to you against you, laugh it off, they are not your God, and they do not even know why those circumstances are that way. Only God who is omniscient (all knowing), knows why those things are happening at the moment. Some people believe that once you become a Christian, all your problems go away. However believing in Jesus does not mean your woes disappear, instead it means that you never have to go through anything alone. The Emmanuel assures his everlasting presence.

Guess what? God can use hardship to uplift you. James 1:12 says blessed is the man that endures temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him. God allowed the Israelites passed through slavery to the promise land. From the pit and prison, Joseph was promoted to the palace. From the lion’s den and fire, Daniel and his brothers were promoted. Never stay down; sometimes blessings are packaged in difficulties.

Fr. Sanctus Mario Ugwoegbu