Monday Message of Hope 17


In Mark chapter 10 from verse 46, we will encounter the meeting between Jesus and Bartimaeus the son of Timaeus., Bartimaeus was a blind beggar sitting along the side of the road; Jesus was leaving Jericho and was about to pass in front of him, when he found out that it was Jesus, he started shouting ‘Jesus son of David have mercy on me.  Technically Jesus was not the son of David; He was the son of Joseph. When Bartimaeus called him the son of David; he recognized Jesus as the Messiah. Many prophecies talked of the Messiah coming from the lineage of David. This man has not seen Jesus before but he may have known Jesus based on what he had heard.  Remember that the Pharisees did not recognize Jesus as the Messiah, they saw him as one of their kinsmen; the son of Joseph. They always ask “is this not the son of Joseph? The Pharisees were jealous and intimidated instead but this blind man who did not have physical sight was one of the first people to recognize Jesus as the Messiah. When He cried out “Jesus son of David” he was technically also saying “the Messiah, the savoiur, the healer, the deliverer, Most High God” have mercy on me. Jesus stopped in his tracks. I can imagine Jesus thinking; “he is someone that know who I am, he knows am the messiah, he knows I can heal him” etc.  When Bartimaeus was shouting, the people around him were also shouting Bartimaeus down. Telling him to be quiet, stop shouting.

People will always try to talk you out of your destiny, miracle etc. They tell you negative things to get you sad and discouraged, but it is because they don’t know what God put in you and what you are made of. They cannot hear what you hear. Negative voices will always try to discourage you, making you feel depressed. Making you feel depressed with no passion is not whom you are. The enemy will do his best to put you down and make people believe negative things about you. Do not give the enemy the opportunity to talk you out of what God has put in you.

People see Bartimaeus as insignificant, blind beggar and unimportant. They shouted on him to be quiet but he shouted even louder. When Jesus heard him, he said “let him come to me” and Bartimaeus threw away his cloak. In the Jewish tradition, when somebody has a disability, they give him an official cloak from the government thereby giving him the right to beg. Begging becomes the way they make their own living. Just as we recognize people by their uniforms, place of work etc example; the doctors, nurses, priests etc. When you wear the beggar’s coat everywhere you go, people will recognize you as an official beggar, in a sense, the coat gIves you the right to beg, the right to feel sorry for yourself, the right to be depressed, the right to be discouraged, the right to feel rejected, the right to stay around in self pity; and when Bartimaeus heard Jesus say ‘come’ the first thing he did was to throw away the cloak. His  attitude becomes ‘this is a new  day, I am done feeling sorry  for myself, I am done feeling discouraged and disadvantaged, I am done begging, I don’t need the cloak anymore; he changed his mindset; I am not a victim, I am a victor; he immediately got rid of those excuses. Whenever you are staying in one place feeling sorry, pitying yourself, feeling rejected and making excuses why you should be where you, you will never rise higher. I know many today are still wearing their beggar’s coat. The beggars coat are those experiences, those friends, those workers, those things, those people that have kept you in a sorry state, those things, those  people and experiences in your life that have kept you worried and then you are feeling rejected. You have to take away the Beggars coat. The only good thing those beggars’ coats will do for you is to keep you where you are, blaming yourself and making excuses.

We all have reasons to feel sorry for ourselves. Beloved throw away those beggar’s cloak.  Get rid of the excuses. Keeping the beggars coat will keep you bitter, discouraged and rejected. Do yourself a part and take off the self pity, take off the hurts, take off the disappointments, you can never reach your destiny still wearing these cloaks. As along you keep this cloak, it will keep you from the new levels God has in store for you. You must be willing to leave some things if you are ready to become all you are created to be. Get rid of that bitterness, leave that bad attitude, and never stay depressed again. How can one do this?

When Jesus told Bartimaeus to come; the blind man was yet to see but was working towards Jesus based solely on the direction of the voice he heard. My beloved, you may not have seen healing yet, you may not have seen your prayers answered yet, but you still have to go on by what you heard. You have to walk by faith and not by sight and faith comes from hearing ‘by his wounds I am healed, he is my shepherd I shall not want” etc. did you remember when Jesus asked Bartimaeus ‘what do you want me to do for you”? He said “Lord I want to see” Jesus said “your faith has made you whole, go in peace”.

How many times have we heard healing words and words of blessings and still worry about your condition? Many just say amen to prayers without really bringing their worries to also amen. Faith is a gift given to every creature. Faith activates the power of God; sometimes the magnitude of your faith determines the magnitude of your blessings. Take away that beggar’s coat that has kept you from eating, worrying, and greeting, your body depreciates every days. Take them away and believe in the words of Jesus that it shall still be well with you. Amen

Fr.  Sanctus Mario