Resurrection literally means the act of bringing something that had disappeared or ended back into use or existence. Bringing something back to life again. In life we go through adversities, we have many unfair things happen to us, maybe we lost a loved one, we did not get what we asked in prayer, a friend betrayed you and may be a marriage did not last; these make it easy to be bitter, then feel disappointed and depressed and lose your enthusiasm for life. So many people are living in the past, always focused on how unfair life was to them; they now go round with a victim mentality and always blaming a circumstance or somebody else for their situations. I have so much discovered that sometimes our past prepare us for the future.

You are not actually defined by your past, you are prepared by it. Every challenge and adversity you faced may have something positive God deposited in it. Your character may be developed, your strength will be on the increase, vision enlarged etc. Sometimes in some difficulties you experience a new level of God’s goodness. Maybe somebody wronged you, or you made some poor choices, this makes you feel dejected, always think in the right path and know that most of these prepare you for the future.

Beloved never allow things in life to happen to you, but for you. In other words God would not allow me go through it if He did not have a purpose for it. He did not allow that adversity to come just like that if He does not want something good to come out of it, even though it may be difficult and unfair. If you would just keep thinking in the right way and have a positive attitude, it will not only get you of that situation, it will prepare you for the future. It did not happen by accident. All things work together for good for those who love God. St. Augustine says “love God and do whatever you like” but here I will add, “love God and accept whatever that happens to you as good”. Remember this bible verse didn’t say all things are good. Because you may not like it. May be you encountered a setback in your marriage, in your life or in your business etc do not let the setback be a central focus of your life. Continue to keep your goals in front of you. Keep your dreams alive. Jesus endured the pains of the cross. He knows the joy of resurrection set before Him. He trusted His Father to lead Him through. Just like Jesus, Continue to have faith and focus on what is in front of you. Even though what you are passing through may look like a stumbling block, God may use them as stepping stones to get you to a higher level. Trust the way, God is taking you to.

There is always something positive behind the cross. There is always something positive behind every adversity. Keep your dreams in the right perspective, you are not defined by your past, you are not defined by your family background or by how somebody treated you, even by the mistakes you made. You are prepared by your past. Life is too short to start killing yourself now. You may have been through the cross, through the crucifixion, through the burial, beloved. Now is the time of resurrection. If you have to live this resurrected life, you have to have a resurrected mentality. That means this is the time to shake everything off and posses a victory mentality. This is not the time to move about defeated again but to move and act in faith. Shake of that condemning voice today, shake off that guilt and live a resurrected life. This is the time to change your mentality. God’s mercy is bigger than any mistake you have made. And God can use everything to your advantage. Your dreams may have been buried because of your past and your reaction to it. Now is the time to resurrect them again. Be unstoppable.

Sometimes you have to really appreciate anyone who did you wrong, who taught you great lessons in a hard way. Appreciate those people that hurt you, write them a check even,buy them gift, if you can. Sincerely they stretched your talents, they taught you great lessons. Most of the things you have today were born out of difficulties. They made you grow. Now you have possessed a lot of strength and confidence. Sometimes when it looks like one of our dreams have died, we just give up. Many go through disappointments, instead of getting a fresh vision for their life, they run around in self pity. They stop at the cross and the burial. They still have to move to the resurrection point.

You cannot continue to mourn over something, you cannot change in your life, and the time of resurrection is the time to change your mentality and refocus, get ready for the things God has prepared for you.

Beloved, there is a great lesson to be learned in the resurrection event of our Lord Jesus Christ. He went through tough times but it was a way prepared by God for our salvation. When you go through tough times, you may not know what God is preparing ahead for you. If not for some adversity you may not be where you are today. Sometimes take time and thank God for all the difficulties in your paths, thank Him for all those that worked against you at your back, thank God for the bad situations around you. Sometimes what people see as shameful and degrading, God sees as good. He might be preparing you for a great level. Stop being sour and continue your Calvary journey, your resurrection moment may be near.

Your life may be filled with guilt, that you always condemn yourself. This is the time to shake it off. And move on. Difficulties are sometimes beneficial. We grow in difficulties. And characters are developed at these moments. Forgive all that wrong you. This is the time of resurrection. David said though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil. He did not say though I live in the valley, tucked or even die in the valley. He says this valley must be passed, that means this valley is temporary, it must come to pass. We all have something in the natural that steal our joy, that makes you worried, you have to keep the right perspective like David and say no, am going through this, it is not coming to stay but to pass. That valley is not your permanent address nwannem. Oga adicha mma.

May God give you the grace to conquer your depressing situations and live a resurrected life. Amen.

Fr. Sanctus Mario