Message for the Depressed 13


The aim of my weekly Monday messages is to uplift the faith and strengthen the devastated, giving hope to the hopeless and creating light at the end of the tunnel. It is an apostolate I accepted through inspiration. Since the inception of this platform, many people have called and emailed me from some parts of Africa and Nigeria. A Ghanaian who explained to me all his ordeals and then thanked me for bringing him back to God still questioned me “can one really trust God even when life does not make sense? I have been trying to worship Him why won t He answer my prayers the way I want it?” This then forms the backdrop of my message today.

Beloved, it is easy to trust God when things are going the way we want, for us then, God is on our side, we then measure God based on the good things He does for us. Sometimes we follow it up with some phrases like Akachukwu di ya,(Gods hand is with me) Oluwa bu Eze (God is still the King), Chi m amaka (My God is good) etc. We even go to churches and adorations giving testimonies and telling people the good things God has done. For us then, this is when God is actually working.


What of when things are not going the way we want, our prayers are not yet answered, no turn around yet, this then makes us discouraged and we question why God has not done something yet. Many say “I have prayed and worked hard but I wasn’t yet healed, I did not get that job offer, I did not get the promotion” I have discovered that sometimes our trust in God is becoming conditional. “God I will thank you if you answer my prayers, I will be happy if you make me go higher”. The problem with conditional trust is that in life, there will always be things we do not understand and only God understands them. Sometimes we fast and pray that someone lives, but God answers otherwise. After praying that someone will not die, God comes immediately and takes him to be with him in heaven.  This then leaves you devastated. The truth is that God answers our prayers the way He wants not the way we want.  Are you matured enough to accept God’s answer to your prayers even though they were not answered the way we expected?

Faith is simply trusting God even when life does not make sense. In life, there will always be challenges, unanswered questions, sometimes God allows these to happen to bring good out of them still, and otherwise he wouldn’t allow it to happen. You may not understand what is happening in your life now but God who is All-knowing knows what He is doing. So do not worry or complain but depend on him totally. God sees things in you that you cannot see in yourself. His plan for your life is bigger than your plan but it may not happen the way you think. All the problems, bad breaks and challenges may also be part of His plan.

Trust God even when you don’t understand him. Trust Him even when everything is going against you. Your relationship with God should not be conditional. Trust Him even in your darkest hour. Don’t allow your happiness to depend on whether we get what we want or not. Sometimes the enemy uses that against you. It is good to tell God what you want, but do not be concerned with only what you want and then use it as the measure to your relationship with God, do not make it an idol. Whether you get or do not get what you prayed for, trust God still. Pray, believe and live everything in God’s hands. Follow God and trust Him unconditionally.

Sometimes when bad things happen to us, we stop praying, we stop going to church, that means you love God only because of the things he will do for you. In 2 Cor 12:7-10, Paul prayed that God takes away a thorn in his flesh, but God said ‘my grace is sufficient for you” which means; I may not remove it but I will give you the grace to handle it”. If God does not change or remove what you want him to remove or change, do not use them as an excuse to live bitter. God has given you the grace to be where you are with a good attitude. You can still enjoy your life in spite of whatever that is happening to you.

Sometimes the reasons our prayers are not answered the way we want is that it is not yet the right time or God has something better that we cannot see or He is using that challenge to open a new door for you and to help you get stronger. Unconditional trust recognizes God in every situation. Sometimes God’s plans include the fiery furnaces, the red seas, the Egyptians, the Pharaohs, the Joseph in prison, the pits, the Herods, the people that do not like you, those that decimate you at the back, the deceptive boss, that cunny man, obstacles that seem insurmountable. You don’t know why. Simply believe that God is still directing your steps. Only He knows why you are where you are. When you have unconditional trust in God, you will never be defeated. Trust God even when you go through that fire. Trust his timing. He may bless you in way you never expected. May the Almighty God be with you and give you the grace to conquer at last. Amen. God bless you.

Fr. Sanctus Mario Ugwoegbu


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