When All Hope is Lost



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It is not a new thing that many have already lost hope in life. So many people today are already tired of themselves, tired of what they are doing, tired of their conditions and even tired of God. Many today contemplate how to take away their lives or How to do something queer. They no longer have hope in what life can offer. Many sick people today are already praying and waiting on God to come and take away their lives. All Hope is Lost. Many have suffered several marriage crisis, some have lost big amount of money in business transactions, now the inability to pay up the money they borrowed for the business leave them depressed, without any hope. Many Christians in the midst of these crisis have wailed before God, cried and fasted, but still their situations remain unchanged. They now lost hope totally in God and in what life can offer.
Many children who live in a poor background seem to have lost hope totally in their future.

Are you supposed to lose hope in your self why you are still alive? Beloved, is it more better to lose hope in God in the midst of difficulties or cling to Him still despite what life can offer? Beloved for the fact you are still alive, there is a future for you. Giving up now means accepting death even. No one knows what tomorrow can bring. There is always light at the end of every tunnel. In the midst of storm, the only thing that can keep you going is your Hope in God, your Hope that every thing is going to be fine. Never worry much on what you are passing through now. The only mistake you can do is to accept it as something permanent in your life. Though difficulties keep knocking at your door, create an inner peace, that things are turning up for you.

I know it can be highly challenging to stop looking back at what you have gone through, at people who have decimated your name at your back, at what you lost etc. Beloved I advise you to leave the past in the past. Correct your mistakes and forward on. The future is still unknown, you can still make something out of it. No one moves forward, looking back. Bring your focus back to where you are now, begin to do something again. It still sounds somehow, that many have lost hope in themselves. They have already accepted that things are working against them.

There are times when we feel utterly hopeless. When our hopes and dreams are shattered, never to be fulfilled. When we can not see beyond our pain to grasp the hope Jesus offers. But, how about the faithful wife who has prayed fervently for her marriage to survive, and yet her husband chooses to walk away?
Or the husband who sees his wife being pulled into an emotional affair, begging her to return to her family, and yet she succumbs to the other man?
The child whose father abandoned the family and yet clings to the hope one day he will have a relationship with his dad only to see his dad die prematurely?
The woman who longs for a child only to suffer health consequences making it impossible for her ever to conceive?
The couple who prays over their sick child, begging God to save her, to heal her, only to see her life slip away?
Or maybe it is something else. Maybe it is addiction that robs you of your youth, or depression that steals the life of your spouse, pornography that destroys your marriage.
Whatever it may be, hope is lost. Divorce, Death, Infertility, Cancer, Drugs, Suicide, So much pain. So much anguish.
Hope is Lost.
Where does one turn when hope is lost? It is a question with which I struggle every single day. Many have walked through hopelessness in many unpleasant conditions. The question then is “How do we keep moving forward?”

Sometimes when challenges and adversities hit us , we bow before them. Some heed to crime, immorality and drinking. For them, there is nothing life can offer them again. Beloved, lies in you are great gifts from God; the mind and the will. With the mind you can think out anything, with the will , you can do anything. Tap into these great gifts. Today many depend totally on some people for their future, if those people do not come up with their expectations, they begin to hate them and then stay at home doing nothing. How can you depend on someone who is not your Maker, who does not know your mission on earth. Put all your Hope in He who sent you into this world and He who knows why you are Here. He knows who to breathe in your favour to help you. Get out of your comfort zone and start doing something, no matter how small. Believing in His divine intervention.

We all have moments when we feel disappointed, betrayed and abandoned. Moments when we feel life no longer care about us. Moments when we feel God has deserted us and does not answer our prayers again. This sometimes makes you to hate your life, hate God and every thing about God. In Acts 27:20-25, Paul narrated his experiences on his journey to Rome to face Caesar. The journey was by sea, and it was terribly rough. At a time during the journey, Paul Him self wrote “all hope that we should be saved was then taken away , for many days, we could not see the sun or the stars and the wind kept on blowing hard, we finally gave up all hope of being saved”.

Paul was in a major crisis, firstly he was taken a prisoner for doing good. As if that was not enough, he was in a dangerous and hopeless voyage, which was not of his own making. What did he do? He took courage (he was of good cheer) and encouraged his fellow travelers.
This is the first step in coming out of the storm, regardless of what is happening do not lose your courage, and do not give-in to depression. Avoid cursing and imagining how hopeless your future will become. Please note courage is not a gift that is given it’s a weapon that has to be taken. Arm yourself with this weapon. Problems are meant to be solved not feared, hardships are to be broken not stared at. Everyone faces problems so don’t make your own special. Cheer up and take the bull by the horns and get on top of things with your faith that puts you above.

Jesus is our hope in every circumstance.
Beloved always know that there is nothing like beyond repair in the presence of God. Instead of losing hope entirely, cling to Him still. When all hope is lost, keep that single hope you have on your Creator and work out your salvation. Do not stay in one place waiting for God to do everything, tell him to direct your steps, then come out and fight for your future. Never die thinking there is no more hope. You are not God, you do not even know why you are passing through hard times. Your Maker only knows, so go back to Him and then follow the inspirations of your Heart.

God bless you dearest and give you the grace to fight all your challenges Amen

Fr. Sanctus Mario