Tough here indicates something that is difficult, hard, rugged and harsh. Tough conditions are sometimes those conditions that keep us restless and worried. They are those conditions that are excruciating and then seem unable to find a way out. These are conditions that sometimes keep one mentally and physically exhausted to find a thorough solution to them. One of the things that always fight us whenever we try to better our lives is hardship. There is no one who is not battling either one thing or the other. Some people at this point will give up, cry, worry, complain and even curse the day they were born. Difficult moments sometimes are very painful and unpleasant.

There are many today who are passing through one difficult situation or the other, many today are rejected, abandoned and some languishing in pains. There are some who are also fighting tooth and nail to better their lives, but all they experience is passage from one painful condition to another. Many have no one to help them. There are many children who are house helps suffering greatly in their homes.  Many in their matrimonial homes are passing through hell; some find it hard even to feed. Some pray that God should come and take away their lives. Life has not been fair to them. There are times in life when everything seems not to be working according to the way we wish to, many at this time try to find a way to survive, some may begin to indulge in things they never wanted to do. In the midst of these, let us not sit and fold our hands and spend the entire day in crying. It is good to find something to do than nothing.

When everything becomes tough, sometimes the next available option is to commit suicide. When you look around you and you think there is nothing to be done again, the next available option can be to drink away your sorrow. Life is so difficult sometimes that no one prays to test a little bit of life’s challenges. No one prays to undergo hardship. Some even are working and passing through difficulties to better their situations, yet life remains stubborn to them. Some maybe at the point of getting what they want, everything crashes at the last hour. They then begin to suffer near success syndrome. Do not give up still. Nothing good comes easy.

Beloved, when you look at life thoroughly, I have also witnessed that Life is the greatest teacher one can ever have. Nature is always at the service of humanity. Nature knows the best seasons for different kind of fruits. Nature knows the best soil for different kinds of trees and vegetables. To make firewood from the trees, nature knows what to do. Nature knows the best weather for each continents and what grows in their lands. Nature also knows who is who and how to prepare man for the future ahead. Nature knows what is good for you. I have also discovered that before something passes from one substance to the other, the change in the substance sometimes require energy. To turn into solid, water must pass through the refrigerator, to process cassava to garri, a machine must be involved. Any change in substance requires an energetic experience. When you pass through tough times, do not complain yet, you may be undergoing a transition. There is an ongoing substantial change. There is always something to be learnt in every harsh condition.

Most of those who have humble beginnings are those we celebrate today. Always see what you are passing through as challenges that are there because of what you are doing at that present moment or because of what you are planning to do or because of what may happen in your life in future. The advice I give here is, do not invite this upon yourselves. Allow nature to do her project. Do not indulge in vices that will put you into untold hardships. If you are already in them, work your way out gradually. If you hate your condition, fight your condition. The worst mistake you can do is to sit at one place thinking that Manna will fall from heaven, always think ahead of time and work out your salvation. Life favours those who are ready to face the worst to make their situations better, who can never be defeated by their problems and those who always think ways out of their problematic situations.

In life, you need the grace of God, then cultivate the virtue of patience and perseverance.  That you are struggling today does not mean you will struggle forever. Assign expiration dates to those bitter conditions and work towards it. Make sure before that date, things have taken shape. Do not assign everlasting to your precarious situations.   Sometimes what you go through today is preparing you for tomorrow. I have discovered that things are difficult before they become easy, ask those who made it in life, they will tell you what they have to suffer to reach where they are. Do not waste your precious time waiting for someone to do this or that for you. They may disappoint you at last. Your future is in your hands.

Beloved, you may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. Keep going, whether, you crawl, walk, jump, move etc., just keep going gradually. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so that you can know who you are, what you can rise from and how you can still come out of it. Those stumbling blocks are there to stop the weak and the lazy, do not count yourself among them. What really makes one happy if not seeing himself successful after passing some hurdles. You are going to go through tough times, it is part of life. Every journey you take has its own challenges but please do not be swallowed by them. Some of those situations may be blessings in disguise. Beloved do you know that sometimes nothing happens to you, it happens for you. Embrace your condition and work out your salvation.

Finally before you do anything, tell God first and work according to His inspirations and not according to how you want. Be prayerful,You can never do it alone. Be generous and merciful, this is how Abraham welcomed the angels in Genesis 18 without knowing. We always need a spiritual Hand. Beloved, may God give you the grace to conquer your challenges. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. God bless you.

Fr. Sanctus Mario                           www.sanctusmario.com