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Many who today have decided never to pray again and detest hearing about God are many who think God has disappointed and abandoned them. So many who who have prayed and think God did not answer their prayers now quarrel with God. Many have lost the hunger to pray, many have lost that deep desire to approach the presence of God. For them, approaching the presence of God is simply a waste of time. They refuse to go to church again because of the experience they said, they had with God.

I sincerely thank God for giving me this apostolate. Week in and week out, God must surely give me something to talk about based on the experiences of that week. I chose this topic after meeting someone who narrated all his ordeals with God. With bitterness, he enumerated to me the litany of His grievances against God. He even told me to ask God what is it He has done to warrant these disappointments. Many of us today feel God has disappointed them after seeking His intervention, in which they fasted, prayed, gave alms still no result. Personally I have experienced God’s presumed silence in the midst of some prayer requests but later I discovered that the same God answered my prayers in the way He wanted. God is not a machine to detect how He would work. Our function is to pray, only God knows the way to answer such requests. Sometimes we make the mistake of thinking that God will answer our prayers the way we want. He is omniscient. The All knowing God knows what He is doing. Beloved do not give up even in the way God chooses to answer your prayer. His will is still the best. Do not give up even in the presumed silence of God. The voice of prayer can never be silent.

Can God disappoint? This question has disturbed me a lot. Though many life experiences try to put this question on the affirmative. But what still makes me to hold on to whatever that comes to me is ” Can God who sacrificed His beloved Son for me, disappoint me? Does God really disappoint? I don’t think God disappoints. What of those who have prayed that their beloved one lives, yet He or she died. What of those who have prayed to get a good job, yet they lost it? What of those who have prayed that God help them in their marital issues yet the problem continued? Can we say God has disappointed them? What really went wrong? What of those who have prayed that they pass their exams, yet they failed. These issues and more, have made many to lose faith totally in God. Many have ridiculed Christianity as a waste of time, an irrelevant religion and many more. Even many who go to church don’t really believe in Him. They just go to church to fulfill all righteousness. When problems come,they begin to jump from one prophet to another. The question still is “can God really keep quiet on those He loves?

Beloved if you put anything in God’s hands, leave it in God’s hands. Follow Him wherever He leads you. A nurse, reacting to my previous message wrote to me how she has applied severally for job but got rejected for five good years and later decided to go to Ghana and start a business not knowing it was still the mighty Hand of God leading her to one of the best hospitals in Ghana. You are not happy that some one broke your heart to the extent you even considered commiting suicide, not knowing it may still be the same hand of God choosing who will surely take care of you.

The question is, are you really in good communication and relationship with God? Is He the first in your life, or do you remember Him only in times of problems? He may use most of your requests to test your faith in Him, to know if you truly trust in Him. But God gets disappointed that just one test has pulled your faith to the mud. When you will know those that love you is when difficulties come. If you claim to have faith in God, prepare for trials. That faith must be tested. Always expect this, it is part of your Christian calling. Peter said this to Christians suffering for their faith in the Roman Empire: “Dear friends, do not be surprised at the painful trial you are suffering, as though something strange were happening to you” (1 Pet 4:12). He said don’t be surprised and do not think it’s strange. Essentially, he says, “Expect it.”

What is it that you think God has done to you, still offer it to God. Never abandon God to look for miracles elsewhere. Never complain, Never worry, Never ever lose your Hope in God. In Acts 16, When Paul and Silas were put in to prison. I was expecting them to speak bad against God. These apostles have toiled for God more than you do, they have converted souls more than you do. I know also they prayed more than you do. Yet God allowed them to be put in prison. If you were in their position after doing series of novena, fasted and prayed, yet nothing happened, you must have lost faith by now. But instead they were praising God. In fact God shows up when you pass through tests and still stay strong. This is when your faith is approved. God shows up when you keep your faith in God very strong despite the challenges and difficulties. Instead of dwelling on their negative situations, Paul and Silas were releasing their faith. God came to their rescue

Beloved can God who is all loving disappoint you? Yes He took your loved one, remember he belongs rightfully to Him. If He eventually becomes a saint, then you are sure of His constant prayers for you. Yes you didn’t get the job, but only He knows why. Do not think God can disappoint you. What you call disappointment can be a blessing in disguise. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says that God ‘s will for you is to give thanks to Him in all circumstances. Do not think your prayers or praises can move God to work the way you want. He works according to His will. Pray and leave everything in God’s hands. He knows what to do. Your relationship with God should not be conditional, if He does it, then you accept Him, if He does not do it, you will abandon Him. Can you abandon your earthly father in the same manner. If we who are evil know how to do good to those we love, do you think God can? ( Luke 11:13). Your loving heavenly father loves you more than you think. He does not disappoint, He only leads you to where He wants you to be.

May God in His great love be with you and give you the strength to stand firm even in the midst of challenges. Amen. I wish you unlimited graces in this new month. Amen

Fr. Sanctus Mario