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Some times when you pass through a challenging situation, people begin to feel sorry for you, many begin to look at you in disdain, thinking your own world has ended. Whenever they see you , they begin to have this negative notion about you either because of what you passed through or because of what you did. Many today are unable to come out of depression because they value themselves based on people’s evaluation of who they are.

Many today who are living in guilt are doing so, not merely because of What He or She did but because of what others say about them. In fact majority of the problems some have today is how to erase from their minds negative notions people have about them.

Many today decide to stay indoors, inactive, not associating with anybody because they know that people now see them as the worst persons on earth , may be because of the sin they committed or because of a single mistake they made. Beloved if you continue to stay like this you may end up in your early grave. You are not anyone’s property. God is your rightful owner. Yes you have made mistake, confess your sins, ask for forgiveness, seek the mercy of God and make amends not to do it again. Brighten up ,the grace of God is always there for you.

Stop moving around in shame and feeling dejected. Yes people may think bad about you, but don’t let people’s evaluation of you keep you depressed. Always live by God’s evaluation of who you are. Your Father in Heaven is ready to forgive you. Stop killing Your self all the more. No one is a saint either.

Sometimes when you pass through a challenging situation, people begin to look down on you, many begin to see you as a nobody. You will become the talk of the town. Whenever they see you, you will see expressions of sympathy unveiled in their faces. They know you are suffering. They begin to see you as a rejected one, one already forgotten, because of what happened to you or because they think you are being punished by God or by some certain circumstances. You now begin to live in self pity. Many today who have found themselves in this situation, find it unable to associate freely, unable to eat well again, always dying in worry. Many accept people’s evaluation of themselves and then bury themselves in regrets and bitterness. The truth is that you don’t even know why you are where you are. You don’t even know why you are passing through hard times. You don’t even know why all these are happening to you and also those who feel somehow about you don’t know either. Yes they may know the story that led to it but all the know is what they saw. God may even use them to do what He wants. Only God knows the reason you are going through these precarious situations. It may even be for your own good. Stop living by people’s evaluation of who you are. If you begin to worry every time about what people think about you, what they will say about that mistake you made, you will end up depressed and bitter. Still hold your head on high. It may still be God handling the steering.

When people look down on you because of what happened to you or what you are going through, always look up, Someone is there who loves you more than you think. Always look up to Him, and constantly remind yourself that You are created in His own image and likeness. Remind your self, you are His product and not that of any one. When you put yourself in the hands of God , He will never allow you to be put to shame. He knows how to turn your situation around. In Psalms 91, the bible has promises for all who take the Lord as their refuge and strenght. Take time and meditate deeply on it.

Take God as your secret and be happy. Don’t allow anything to deprive you of this happiness. One person asked me one day why are you always cheerful, I told him it’s a hobby to be happy, Because I know He follows me everywhere (Chisom aga).

Many people look down on others because of who they are. Maybe you are poor, or you cannot live to their financial standards. Some look down on others because they are now occupying a particular position or because they are close to authorities. They know they come from rich families, ride good cars occupy certain positions. Sometimes when you meet them, they treat you like a nobody and you go home beating yourselves up and feeling bitter about your existence. My beloved, always know this ” no one knows tomorrow, no one occupies a worldly position forever. Today it is theirs, tomorrow it may be yours. The worst thing that will ever happen to you is when you begin to feel jealous of any one. When people look down on you because of who you are, when people reject you because you are not yet in their standard, when people treat you as a nobody because of the problem you are undergoing, always know that tomorrow is still pregnant. You are not yet a finished product. Continue to work hard. God always rewards effort. Let what you pass through be a challenge to you.

Beloved, stop living on people’s negative evaluation of who you are. See yourself as God sees you; one created in His image. Stop feeling sorry for yourself, stop living in guilt. The God you worship loves you more than you think. When your friends look at you with sympathy, because of what happened to you or what you passed through, look into yourself and remind yourself who you are. Convince yourself you must surely get well one day. No condition is permanent. Don’t go around with a victim mentality, so that people will feel sorry for you. You are nobody because you have accepted other people’s assessment of who you are. Nobody is a nobody until he accepts he is a nobody. Life is a journey. We all are still in this journey until we reach our final destination. Why giving up on the way?

May God bless you dearest and give you the grace to overcome your challenges Amen

Fr. Sanctus Mario