Monday Message Of Hope for the Depressed      11




When problems come, the easiest thing one can do is to feel devastated and abandoned. Also many give up so easily when things do not go their way or when they face some kind of adversity; they feel down and discouraged, that is understandable; problems cannot but knock you down. We all face challenges in life, we all have things that come against us, and we may get knocked down. This is a reality of life. Adversity will always force you to give up and stay down but we must not stay down.

Perhaps you received a bad report, you saw yourself in the midst of problems , confused and devastated, you may be facing some serious setback and you feel that life has dealt with you, knocking you off your feet and pushing you down or you had accident etc. You may be affected on the outside but try and stand on the inside. The key is; no matter what you face in life, if you know how to always get up on the inside, adversities can never keep you down. Keep your hope strong.

Ephesians 6:13 says “when you have done everything you know how to do, just keep on standing firm’. You may be in a situation today where you have done your best. You have prayed, you have believed, you have placed your faith firmly on God but it just does not look like anything is happening, you may be tempted to question the reality of God’s love, the why of praying etc. don’t cast away your confidence still. You may be in the hospital or lying flat on your back at home, though you cannot stand up physically, nothing can keep you from standing on the inside.  That sickness may keep you down physically but you do not have to be down spiritually and emotionally. Keep your faith alive still.

Many people work around those who are always putting them down, maltreating them. Do you find yourself in the midst of those who make you feel bad about yourself, let that trash go in one ear and out the other. People may try to knock you down on the outside and you go about with a victim mentality. Don’t give them another opportunity to knock you down on the inside. Never allow anyone steal your joy. Always move with a victory mentality. Never allow any circumstance or adversity force you to live in despair. Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, said “no one can make you feel inferior without your consent”. This takes courage and determination; you must act on your will and not on your emotions.

Are you going through a dark time in your life? perhaps somebody deceived you, took advantage of you, or mistreated you and now you are tempted to sit around mourning over what you have lost, thinking about how unfair it was, and how your life will never be the same. Beloved, change this attitude. Get up on the inside. Develop that victor’s mentality and allow God to move into action.

There is always light at the end of the tunnel.

Fr. Sanctus Mario