Monday Message of Hope 33


Life can be cruel at times. Sometimes it looks as if the world has ended because of a certain devastating experience one is facing right now. Devastating is something that is shocking, terrible, and traumatic. It can be the loss of a loved one, a divorce, a betrayal, a sad experience, failure,  loss of goods  etc .

Sometimes when these happen, it looks as if life is useless, God is wicked and does not show concern, it looks as if the world has ended. I nearly shed tears one day, when three siblings a boy and two girls met me after mass and requested I should pray for them. I took them to the chapel but I decided to ask what really was their intention. They looked at me with tears and answered “Fr. we lost our father yesterday, He is all we have”. I saw how they felt,  I saw hopelessness all over their situation,  I saw how devastated and abandoned they felt. It looked as if they have really lost their only source of hope and then surrendered to fate. It looked as if God has taken their bread winner,  at this point life seemed to be meaningless,  cruel, hostile and  futile. This and many more are what people are passing through.



I write this to those people that lost their loved ones especially after praying , fasting and spending a hell of money to see that he or she lives, yet they couldn’t make it. I write this to ask that you wipe away tears. Your God has not yet abandoned you. What has happened, has happened and only God knows why.

I write this to many who are suffering out there and hence tend to lose hope in life. BE STRONG brother, your life has not ended yet, do not give in to challenges yet.Many today are passing through some bitter experiences, highly traumatic and terrible. Most people who are in these precarious situations die out of frustration and sicknesses.

Monday Message for the Depressed 7

I write this to console all who are passing through some bitter experiences, and begin to die slowly. Life is still a journey, you cannot continue to worry over and over again  while on this journey. Do not determine the events of tomorrow with the events of today. God still determines your tomorrow.


Beloved why you are passing through this trauma is because you have refused to accept whatever happened to you and move on. What has happened, has happened and you cannot reverse it. All you need to do is to accept whatever challenge life has thrown at you and move on.

Nobody Knows Tomorrow


Take your present situation as a cross that has been given to you. Carry the cross with smile and continue your life journey. You cannot spend the whole of your life still crying, still worrying, still regretting, and then dying slowly everyday. No!! Your God is still alive. When something bad happens, it looks as if the world has ended and this may even affect our faith. Take it easy dearest. It’s one of those things one always meet in life. Learn from any bad experience you may have heard and move on, bear the pains of your departed loved ones and move on. It may be hard for you and may keep reoccurring to your mind. Yes it always happens, but beloved, all you need is acceptance of this situation, accept that it has happened and simply move on.



When something devastating happens to you, remember it’s never the end of the world. You are still alive, do not allow that terrible situation to affect your health.  Be calm. Do not give circumstances the chance to determine your destiny rather use circumstances to work on your destiny. There is always light at the end of the tunnel.


May God give you the grace to overcome all your challenges dearest and strength to bear whatever challenge life has thrown at you Amen.


Fr Sanctus Mario



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    • Do not give up yet. Sometimes When things happen to us, we think the world has ended. God may be preparing another better job for you. Don’t relax and give up, continue searching for newer jobs, God will see you through Amen.

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