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To Hear the Word and Keep it: Breakfast with the Word. Reflection



Luke 11:27-28




To hear the word and keep it often seems very challenging. Hearing the word has since become a daily routine and activity for all of us. Today there are thousands of churches that litter all over the country.


There is never a day, we do not hear or listen to the word of God but where the challenge lies is to hear and keep the word. The word of God teaches forgiveness, peace, love, faith even in difficulties, hope in God, power of prayers, the need to work hard, eternity etc. In the word, we have the food for life here and hereafter. But many times we neglect the word thinking it is irrelevant. Today, Jesus says that he who keeps the word is already blessed.



In the Gospel


In the gospel of today, as Jesus was speaking to the crowd, a woman raised her voice and proclaimed blessings to the womb that gave birth to Him and breastfed Him, but Jesus replies that those who hear the word and live on it are more blessed.


The woman who raised her voice must be inspired and touched by the wisdom that comes from the Lord. This she must have said out of the love of what Jesus was saying. When we spend time listening to Jesus through the word, we begin to develop this love and eagerness to proclaim Him to the world.


In this gospel., it is not that Jesus is detesting His mother but Jesus emphasizes how important it is when we keep His word. To hear the word and keep it is more significant to Jesus than any other thing. It is more important than mere belonging to organizations and more important than being a mere churchgoer.



In this statement today, Jesus invariably extols his mother. Virgin Mary said yes to the angel. She received the message from the angel and kept to it. Virgin Mary also bears the word incarnate in her womb and gave the Word incarnate to the world. And Elizabeth proclaims a blessing on her that blessed is she who believed that God’s promise will come to fulfillment. (Luke 1:45).


She is more blessed by totally living her life in total obedience to the word. So despite how close we are to the Lord, what is more, important is to hear the word and keep it.

the word is the secret of spiritual strenght



To hear the word and Keep it

When we hear the word and keep it, we invite blessings into our lives. It is the surest way to eternal life. When we hear the word and keep it, we live under the guidance and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. We are filled with power and spiritual gifts. In keeping the word, we become the harbingers of the good news, touching souls and saving lives for the kingdom.


It is the easiest way to ensure peace of mind. In essence, to hear the word and keep it is the easiest avenue to promote love, peace, forgiveness and mutual understanding among people living together.


This is the best way to win the heart of the father. It also guides us on how to win life challenges. It will be your light bearer even in your darkest moments. Knowing the word will lead us to know that the world is more spiritual than physical and in everything we do, we so much need God. To hear the word and keep it will totally change you.


May God bless you dearest and give us the grace to keep His word. May He give you the strength to win your life challenges Amen.





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