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Do this Before You Do Anything in Life. Tuesday 23rd Week Ordinary Time

Breakfast With the Word Tuesday 23rd Week Ordinary Time of the Year




Luke 6:12-19


Man is full of plans. We all have our daily tasks and activities. Before the day breaks, we have already made plans on what to achieve for the day.



As many are reading this even, they have some duties, responsibilities and plans they want to achieve today.



Before you do anything in life, there is something you need to do. This thing that you need to do is very important. Before you do anything in life, there is something you have to think about also. This is the major point of today’s reflection.



So, before you do anything in life, remember that you have someone who knows what you want to do and knows more beyond what you know.



Therefore, before you do anything in life, God must know about it. Spend a quiet time with God. Jesus teaches us this today through what He did in the gospel.




Before He selects His apostles, Jesus spends the whole night prayer. It is the most powerful time ever.




This particular time is the time we have to discuss with God, It is a time of grace, a time of divine inspiration. The moment of prayer must not be scrapped away whenever we want to do something significant, In fact, put God first in everything that you do.


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Involve God. 



Many times we do not see it as something important that God should be part of our lives. He should know every plan that we are going to make and do. We do not wake up and begin to do whatever we think. Plan it and tell God about the plans.




Tell God about that event coming up. Tell God about that business plan you are doing. Before you do anything in life, you have to tell it to God in prayer. When you involve God, it means that you have made God be solely in charge.



In today’s gospel, Jesus knows He has to select some men who are going to help Him in spreading the gospel message. He has already many people he had called to himself but today, Jesus wishes to select the twelve apostles proper.





These twelve apostles represent the new 12 tribes of Israel. To do this Jesus went to the hills and spend the whole night in prayer.




He uses the night to communicate with the Father. Then when the day dawns, Jesus summons all his disciples and selects the twelve apostles among them.





The night here can signify a time of being alone with God. it is a time of quietness. The hour of the night is the time many things happen in the spiritual. It is the hour of solemn tranquillity.




Jesus knows already that by the following morning, He is going to select the twelve who will continue His message. Jesus knows how tedious this task would be for them. He rather spends time talking with the father about it.




In this gospel, we can see that Jesus is telling us to put God first in our decisions. Put everything in prayer.





Then the question is “who is the first person to know your plans? Your wife, mother, father, brother or sister? Can we involve God first?






In Philippians 4:6-7, Paul tells us to pray about everything. When was the last time we involved God in our decisions? Do we even involve God at all? Before you choose your life partner, did you take him or her to the presence of God?






God should be the foundation of everything that we do. Many people will tell you to follow who knows road but we can tell you to follow who fears God. A Godly Home does not fear any problem.







Among the Twelve.






Among the twelve apostles that Jesus selects are men with different mentalities, ideologies, backgrounds and cultures.




These are men with different ways of life, different talents and gifts, different occupations etc. These men have their different weaknesses and strengths.






Jesus does not select them because they are the best or because they were highly placed in society. He chooses as the Spirit of God directs. Therefore, God can make use of anyone.





He can use you despite your weaknesses. You do not need to be the best. The grace of God around you does the work.




So, before you do anything in life, do not count yourself out as one that is not important, someone who contributes nothing or someone undeserving of God’s grace. So, always approach Him in prayer and involve Him wholeheartedly in everything you do.





Also, in life do not expect to meet only the best. You will encounter people with different mindsets, different ways of life and different ways of belief.




Among the apostles of Jesus Christ, one denied him, another person betrayed him and all of them ran away during the time of suffering.




So, before you do anything in life, always know you will encounter people who believe in you and some who will not.


You will encounter people who hate and betray you and those who will love you. You will encounter people with different backgrounds. Try and understand them and pray always about this.





Prayer Is Very Important




When you observe critically, you will understand that before Jesus does something significant, he will first pray about it.




Before He begins His ministry, He went into the desert and fasted forty days and forty nights in prayer (Matthew 4:1-11).




Before He feeds the crowd, Jesus also prays about it (Matthew 14:19), even before he goes into agony, Jesus spends time with God at Gethsemane alone in prayer (Matthew 26:36-46).





Here, Jesus is revealing to us the need to pray when we need to make certain decisions or embark on any project. That Luke cited about this today shows how prayer could be highly essential for our lives.






When Jesus came down from the mountain, many people who came to meet Him encountered healing, deliverance and power which came out from him.



So, When we always have time with God, His glory follows us everywhere. If you meet a fire, your body becomes hot, when you stay in a cold environment, your body also becomes cold.



When you stay in a place that has a certain smell, you may come out of that place the same smell. Therefore when you meet God, when you derive the joy of encounter, everything about you will begin to change.





You also move with power, glory and the grace of God. Prayer is very powerful but extremely underrated. Therefore, before you do anything in life, do not forget that God must be the one in charge.




Sometimes we relegate this and think it is not important. We underrate the efficacy and what it can bring into our lives.



As the year is coming to an end, many of us are seriously making plans on how to celebrate the festive season.



Some are making plans on how they are going to build houses, buy new clothes, do weddings, jubilee celebrations and anniversaries etc.  Have you tell God about it?




Also, many of us are planning how we can start new businesses, travel abroad, enter university, participate in one program or the other.  Have you tell God about it?





Before you do anything in life, you need to plan it and when you plan about it or them, God must be involved.




You must tell it to God at prayer first. Go to God in your private moments and talk with Him.






May God abide with you dearest and give you the grace to be successful Amen.




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    I know I am guilty of not hearing from God though I do pray before going into new things. I pray that God gives me the patience and ability to hear from Him before embarking on anything.
    I am happy for this reflection, pray for me to be led by the Holy Spirit at all times.

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    Amen, remain blessed to the glory of God’s name, Amen.

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    Lord I bring today and every day of my I’ve before you bless and lead me.
    Guide and direct my online and offline tasks and efforts.
    My dad’s eye surgery I leave in your hands.

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    St. Michael the Archangel – Pray for us🙏🏻!

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    Amen. God please give me the grace to put You first in everything I do. Amen

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    Amen. Thank you Padre and have a blessed day.

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    Amen 🙏🏼 Remain richly blessed, fr

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    Amen. God give us grace to plan everything we are doing with you as you are a master planer in our lives. Make us to involve you in all we are doing through prayers in Jesus name. Amen.

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