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Jesus is the Master. Thursday Fourth Week of Easter

Breakfast With the Word Thursday Fourth Week of Easter


John 13:16-20.



To understand today’s readings, let us go into details. A master is one who is in-charge of a place of work, a field or an office. He can be a person who oversees what happens in a workplace. A master has someone or some people who work for Him. Therefore, He is the person in control.


In today’s gospel, after the washing of the feet, Jesus tells His disciples “no servant is greater than his master, no messenger is greater than the man who sent him”. Here, Jesus is talking directly to His disciples. In essence, He refers Himself as the master of the work, while the disciples are His followers.



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The Work belongs to Jesus.


In the statement above, Jesus is invariably reminding His disciples that He is the lord of the work. Jesus is the master of the work. Therefore, the work that they are going to do is not their personal work but the work of God.


This then demands humility, trust, total dependence, and closeness to Jesus. We have to humble ourselves and trust in Him for the graces to help us work for Him. Even when you feel like getting tired, always go to the Lord of the work for more inspiration and strength.


Therefore, despite how wise, strong, knowledgeable and powerful we are, no one is greater than the master of the work. Jesus is the master.

Therefore, if you are working for God, remember always that  there is a master we have to look up to. If you have a family that God handed to your care, if you are working in any way for the betterment of mankind, if God is using you to help or save someone’s life, remember always that we are only instruments God is using. Never treat people as if you are their God.

Handle everything with care, humility and fear of the Lord. He says in the gospel that to know this is to find happiness.





Jesus is One with us


In today’s gospel, after washing the feet of His apostles, Jesus addresses them to do the same and reaffirms His oneness with them. He says “In all truth I tell you, whoever welcomes the one I send, welcomes me, and whoever welcomes me, welcomes the one who sent me”.


This statement was addressed to the disciples of Jesus which in application refers to us. Here, Jesus makes Himself one with His disciples.

Hence, when we decide to make Him our Shepherd and master, He becomes one with us in everything. Jesus is the master, and we are His sheep.


In essence, when we make ourselves witnesses, followers and listeners of His word, we create such a closeness and oneness with the Lord. Whatever happens to us, happens to Him.


Taking Care of the Church and His Ministers.



1.In Matthew 10:41-42 Jesus says “Whoever receives a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward, and whoever receives a righteous man because he is a righteous man will receive a righteous man’s reward. And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones because he is My disciple, truly  I tell you, he will never lose his reward.”   

He tells the disciples plainly today,, that whoever welcomes them welcome Him and whoever welcomes Jesus, welcomes the Father also. In essence, whoever welcomes His disciples welcomes blessings, graces and eternal life.


So, when we show any act of kindness to those who God sends to you to strengthen and guide your faith, always know that you do them for God and not for anyone.


  1. This also applies to your fellow Christians. In the body of Christ we are one. When we willingly decide to help and uplift someone, rejoice because you do it for Jesus. Jesus is the master. We are the Sheep. To help the sheep is also a help rendered for the master.


  1. This also applies to those who are willingly and sincerely working for the Lord, and priests who serve at His altar.

Sometimes we fight, criticize, insult, them, many crook up lies to bring their image down. Many go to Church choosing the messages to accept and the ones not to accept.



When we do these things let us remember that the person we are really fighting is Jesus Christ whom he represents. Let us not enter a battle you know you will always lose.


Those who reject the gospel itself are rejecting God, and those who accept it are accepting Him (John 17:8).


When someone hears the gospel, their response to it is not primarily a response to the person from whom they hear it. It is the hearer either embracing or ignoring the voice of the Holy Spirit (Acts 7:51; Matthew 10:14).


  1. When we see that a write up is on finance, politics, news, sexuality, love etc wow we rush to read them, but when we see that a write up is on spiritual matters, sometimes we flip them up. Some said, it does not add anything to their lives, but forgetting that the Word is full of divine principles and the word belongs to God.


We become more close to politics, to celebrities, to sports etc. than we are to God. When we reject the word, we reject Jesus who is the Word incarnate, we reject Our creator. Remember that God might talk to us through it. Let us live to appreciate the Word of God.


  1. Whatever we do to the body of Christ, let us not think that we are doing the person or the persons. We are fighting Jesus Christ who is the head. Jesus is the master.  So, whatever you do to some people around you who are very close to Jesus, you are fighting a great spiritual battle, you will eventually lose. This is why it is good to be close to God always. You can never fight anyone who is under grace and win, unless God allows it.


Whenever we are close to Jesus, we become the apple of His eye, we become one with Him, our matter becomes His. So, let us draw near to the lord. Being close to Jesus is the best thing that will ever happen to any soul.


May God have mercy us and give us the grace to appreciate His love for us and live in peace and unity, and may He bless us beyond our expectations amen.






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