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Memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary: The Heart that teaches us how to love God

Breakfast With the Word Immaculate Heart of Mary


Luke 2:41-51


Today again we celebrate the memorial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Immaculate indicates something that is clean, spotless and pure.


Literally, when we talk of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we talk of the Heart that is free from sin, free from grudges, and a heart that is stainless.


The Immaculate Heart of Mary is a Heart that so much loves her Son and teaches us how to do the same. Therefore, this is the heart that truly teaches what it means to have faith and worship God.


She teaches us what Christianity is all about. It is the heart that so much loves God and cares for us as a mother. It is the heart that does not glory in sin.


Historical Analysis of the Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


The devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary began to surface as early as the twelfth century. It was on record that saints like  Anselm of Canterbury, Bernard of Clairvaux, and Saint Bernardine of Siena, who is sometimes called “Doctor of the Heart of Mary are all devotees to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


The popularity of the devotion began during the seventeenth century in France, by St John Eudes. He popularized this devotion together with that of the Sacred Heart of Jesus Christ.


He made it public, and had a feast celebrated in honour of the Heart of Mary. So, as of 1643, St. John Eudes observed 8 February as the feast of the Heart of Mary. Others later followed suit.


In 1944, Pope Pius XII instituted the Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1944 to be celebrated on 22 August.

Then In 1969, Pope Paul VI changed the date of the celebration of the Immaculate Heart of Mary to the Saturday, following  the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.


This is to let us know that every honour we give to our lady today is because of Her intimate union with Jesus.


They are always referred to as the two hearts of love. Mary was prepared to carry Jesus in her womb. Therefore, it is quite illogical for any one to think that a womb that carried God will be bound in sin.


It is even erroneous to think that the womb that gave Jesus body and blood will be an admixture of stain. If the blood is born out of a sinful womb, how can it be able to deliver man from sin again? It is a simple logic. The Heart of Mary is pure and clean. This is the theology behind the immaculate nature of our Blessed Mother.



The Gospel of today.


In today’s gospel, The Holy Family went to Jerusalem to partake of the feast of the Passover. On their way back, Jesus stayed back. Assuming that He may be with their relatives and acquaintances, they did not bother to to look for Him.


When they came home and could not see Jesus, they became worried and journeyed back to Jerusalem searching for Jesus everywhere.


They could not see Jesus for three days until they entered the temple and saw Him in the midst of teachers and doctors, teaching and replying their questions.


When the Blessed Virgin Mary asked Him the reason He stayed back and kept them worried and searching for Him. Jesus replies them “why are you looking for me? Did you not know that I must be in my fathers house?”.


They could not understand Him, but the bible said that the Blessed Mother Mary kept all these things in her heart.


Keeping The Word of God in Her Heart.


By keeping the word of God in her heart, she also bears the word incarnate in her own heart. Jesus is the word of God, so everything about Jesus occupied her heart. She is the heart that teaches how to love Jesus and ponder His word all the time.



By keeping all these things in her heart, She ponders on the word of God. She ponders on the meaning of God’s word.Thereby, teaching us the need and importance of meditating on God’s word. Whoever lives and meditates on God’s word is already a saint.


By keeping all these things in her heart, she shows how humble she is , and the willingness to accept whatever God says.


She did not argue with Jesus, she was not worried anymore. In her heart, she willingly accepted the will of God.


The Immaculate Heart teaches us how to listen to God as He speaks to us in the depths of our hearts. The Heart teaches us to accept God’s word without doubt, without going to the left or to the right, and willingness to accept the will of God.


This is the heart that lives for God only. Therefore, any heart that lives His/her life only for God, does not dwell in sin.


Another moment is in Luke 2:35 where Simeon prophesies that her heart would be pierced with a sword. This is why the image of the pierced heart is the most popular representation of the Immaculate Heart. Hence, she is also the heart that underwent some sorrowful moments for the sake of humanity.


The Nature of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.


  1. The Heart of Jesus emphasizes God’s extreme love for mankind and the Immaculate Heart of Mary teaches us how we should respond to this love.


She is intimately close to Jesus. She was there at Cana with Jesus, in the temple looking for Him, at the foot of the cross, at the Pentecost event showing us how intimate we are to be bonded with God. Therefore, the Heart of Mary is a heart that teaches how to be very close to God



2.The Immaculate Heart of Mary is Full of grace. The Angel Gabriel addresses her as one not just as a greeting but a title (Luke 1:26-28).


  1. The Immaculate Heart of Mary is a spotless Heart, a heart that is kind, and does not want anyone around her to be in need.


She traveled to be with Elizabeth for 3 months. 3 means completion. Also, in John 2, through her intercession she saved the wedding guests from lack and embarrassment. Hence, this is why the Church always asks us to run to her for help. She knows how to do this perfectly.


  1. The Immaculate Heart of Mary heart lived for God and all for God. After the annunciation she did not begin to show the pride of being the mother of God but sang a Magnificat, giving God all glory (Luke 1: 46-55) unlike what we see today. 



  1. What truly emanates from the Virgin Mary’s heart are faith, obedience, tenderness, availability, spirit of service, fortitude, humility, simplicity, gratitude, and a countless virtues etc.


Her life was also filled with some sorrowful moments yet she did not give up on God. In her Heart you will see deep and total faith in God. Thereby, teaching us that to have faith in God involves total submission to whatever God says.


6.The Immaculate Heart of Mary teaches us the true love of God and neighbour.  She teaches us to give our lives intimately to Jesus and to love Him beyond all measures.


The Immaculate Heart teaches to walk with Jesus both in good and darkest moments and to be kind to people around us, saving them from lack and embarrassment when we can.


May God through the intercession of our Mother Mary help us to live in love and peace. May God shower you with His great love today Amen.


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  1. Chika Ezugwu says

    I pray to conceive and be pregnant with a baby this month .

  2. Mbama Christiana says

    Praying to encounter Mother Mary in a special and unique way and leaning on her intercessory prayer for me and my family. Amen

  3. Chika Ezugwu says

    I pray to conceive and be pregnant with a baby this month of June, 2023. Amen.

  4. Rita Nkechi says

    Praying that through the intercession of Immaculate heart of Mary that my husband will get his Visa, That we will clear our numerous debts before the end of this year. Fruit of the womb for my friend Immaculata. Liberation on my brother Francis Iwuchukwu. Healing on my sister, brother and nephew. Money to settle my son Ifechukwu. Amen

  5. MaryRuth Idim says

    1. Praying for employment opportunity for myself, my siblings, Emmanuel Odey Ofana and for divine connection.
    2.Praying for financial breakthrough in my family
    3. Praying for Marital settlement and a good life partner

  6. Justine Nkpa says

    Fr please pray for me for breakthrough, financial freedom and success in all my endeavors. I also pray for fevour of God to surround me like a shield in winning of contracts from all the organizations I dropped a business proposal for supply of AGO diesel through the intercession immaculate heart of Mary

  7. Liz says

    God intervine in my relationship
    Help met a good job
    Bring clients to my business
    Help my financial issues
    Remove all witchcraft powers in my life
    Bind my family with blood of Jesu

  8. Ugwu Josephine Nnenna. says

    Amen. May God give me the grace to love Him more.

  9. Chisom says

    I pray that the immaculate heart of Mary will triumph in my life ,I pray for the grace of purity,all round blessings of God Amen

  10. ifeoma onyekweli says

    Mother Mary, Mother of Mercy through Your Immaculate Heart intercede for my siblings and I including our families for God to forgive us our sins in anyway we must have sinned against Him and grant us total divine settlement, healing for those who are sick through Sacred Heart of Jesus AMEN AMEN AMEN

  11. Ifeyinwa Nnani says

    Praying for the help of mother Mary in fulfilling my purpose in life, in doing God’s will for my life and I living a fulfilled life in God, amen.

  12. Okonkwo Chikaodi Jacinta says

    1. For God to give me the grace to wax strong and yield much fruits in evangelical ministry.
    2. For God to provide for me a means “car” that I will use to go round in preaching the word of God.
    3. For God to settle me with a business of my own. So that I can serve God better.
    4. Grant me healing of mind and body, and always happy in doing your work Amen 🙏.

  13. Nonye Maduka says

    lmmaculate heart of Mary deliver me and my family from occultic people. Do not let them succeed in my life, my family and my children in Jesus name Amen

  14. Boitumelo Malebatsane says

    Thank you for the love our mother Mary has given and shown to us in jesus name amen🙏

  15. Yolanda Malebatsane says



    1.praying For deliverance and liberation from spiritual attack
    2. Praying for business success And prosperity And For restoration of loses
    3. Praying for the financial requirements to travel to Nigeria to see My family And to renew my passport

  17. Mailoushi James says

    Amen, remain blessed Bro to the glory of God’s name, Amen

  18. Chioma Doris Udensi Obijeaka says

    Mass intentions: Through the love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary may God grant Anthonia Obiageli Onyeji successful operation this morning, miraculous divine healing and speedy recovery, miraculous divine healing in my life and the life of my children and husband,may He uproot from the crown of our heads to the souls of our feet whatever sickness, lumps, He has not planted, heal my home, marriage, and relationship with my husband and children, bless my children in their various careers and academics make them outstanding,distinct and great, arrest my husband as He did Saul and heal his relationship with God and Mother Mary, heal and bless my husband’s business and elevate him, heal my womb and reproductive organs of my husband and I and bless my home with male children (twins),bless us with the good things of life. For the sake of His Name may God come through for my family and I and may He shake the earth for our sake and grant my children,husband,family, loved ones and I a 24-hours miracle in our lives,health and all that concerns us. Not my will but God’s will be done.I ask all these and more through the flame of love that burns from the heart of Mama Maria and the irrevocable power in the Name of Jesus Christ Amen.Thank You Jesus

  19. Chiamaka Jennifer says

    Oh immaculate heart of Mary, I come before you with my pregnancy. I entrust this pregnancy and it’s outcome to you ma, affliction shall not rise a second time in my family, may I never cry over any of my children again. As you are in my house doing omugwo for me, I shall bear this child and do proper omugwo, amen
    I pray for my husband’s business, may it start flourishing, give us financial breakthrough.
    Help my sister to secure a job with sponsorship so as to settle down properly.
    Bless my families and grant us all our good intentions.
    I pray for safe delivery of all pregnant mothers.
    Grant all our hearts desire in Jesus name, amen.

  20. Regina Ajua Mobu says


  21. Nwokolo Chinonso says

    Through the intercession of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I believe that my prayer has been answered that Mr. Oshodi Olufemi pays me my full 5% agency fee and a compensation fee totaled at #2,750,000.00(Two million, seven hundred and fifty thousand naira only).

  22. Ndukwe Amanda says

    Amen Fr 🙏

  23. IBENEME Chisom says

    For the memorial of Immaculate Heart of Mary, I’m praying for the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary for a concrete permanent job with good salary. May all my applications receive approval. Amen.

  24. Okonkwo onyinye says


  25. Juliana Nwanneka Uzoka says

    My special request is that Mother Mary will help me to finish my project with confidence and obtain good grades. I also pray for a good sponsorship that will enable us convert our Visa to tier 2.

  26. Uzoamaka says

    I pray for safe delivery of my baby

  27. Chioma Evangeline says

    Amen. Asking for the forgiveness of sins and that God intervenes in my marriage.

  28. Amuka chioma says

    through the intercession
    of our mother mary,i pray for healing of ulcer
    and diabetes upon my life,God’s protection on
    my family and for financial breakthrough.

  29. Chioma Chizon says

    intentions: For Visa Approval, For fruitfulness in marriage, for the grace of holiness peace love charity, for the end and release of our container, for God’s intervention in our court case, for long life upon my husband and me.

  30. Nwoye Ngozi says

    Through your Immaculate Heart O Queen of Heaven and Earth,
    please, grant us justice, victory and recovery of money we spent on the land

    Customers/Clients in our businesses and career

  31. Chigozie says

    Lord Jesus Have Mercy on me my husband and my children
    Mother Mary pray for peace prosperity longevity in good health for us .Amen

  32. Franca Asogwa says

    Praying for miracle job through the intercession of the Immaculate heart of Mary

  33. Olori Flora says

    1. Praying for Financial freedom for me and my siblings (and House rent)
    2. Praying for the right spouses for me and my siblings
    3. Praying for good health of mind and body for my entire family (healing)
    4. Praying for life direction,job offers and businesses for me and my siblings
    5. Praying for Believe Emmanuel for God’s intervention in his case against every spirit of madness
    6. Praying for the intentions of all who have asked me to pray for them
    7. Praying for my husband’s intentions

  34. Nwoye Ngozi says

    Through your Immaculate Heart O Queen of Heaven and Earth,
    please, grant us justice, victory and recovery of money we spent on the land

    Customers/Clients in our businesses

  35. Joyce Muthoni Njuki says

    1. Ask Mother Mary to obtain for me financial help to build my house for my dwelling.
    2. Ask Mother Mary to obtain for me help and open doors of communication with William Kiberenge Maina.
    3. Ask Mother Mary to grant my sister Philo a job to earn a living and get resources to cater for her family.

  36. NI says

    I am praying for success in my ACCA AFM exam, for the scholarship interview I have on Wednesday, for financial favor, a new job and marital settlement with a man who understands what marriage is.

  37. Uchenna Obeta says

    Thanking God for everything. Praying to God through the Immaculate Heart of Mary for marital settlement with a good, suitable, God fearing catholic marriage partner from a safe marriage home. Marital manifestation , marital blessings and favours. I pray in Jesus name. Amen.

  38. Mariajacinta Ivoke says

    Through Mary our mother!
    We succeed.
    Thank you Jesus for the gift of your mother to interceed for us.

  39. Rosemary Offiong says

    prayer request
    pray for marriage settlement for Asari Offiong my daughter
    pray for promotion for ANTHONY OFFIONG

  40. Stellamaris Anyata says

    Prayer intention to the immaculate heart.
    Mother Mary, I ask you to intercede for my family. See me through my pregnancy journey, bless my husband and open doors of financial blessings for him.. Grant my family your maternal protection from every evil. Amen

  41. Jane chuks says

    praying for God’s blessings upon my family.
    Amen 🙌

  42. Chioma Egwuogu says


  43. Oyoh Martha says

    Prayer Requests for the Immaculate Heart of Mary
    -Peace, love and unity in family
    -Guidance and protection
    -Journey mercies for my family
    – Breakthrough and open doors in my family , and the Egwali’s
    – Good health
    – For my children to grow up in the wisdom,fear of the Lord

  44. MaryJane Okanume says

    Intention: I pray that through her great intercession that I be blessed with a miraculous job.

  45. Chizoba Ekwueme says

    Amen and Amen!
    Immaculate Heart Of Mary, Pray for us!

  46. Linda Nkechi Ejike says

    I ask today through the Immaculate Heart of Mary, that I regain my senior manager title in my business and close my director title with ease. Amen

  47. Ebele Iloegbunam says

    Good morning father, my intentions.
    I pray for a miracle job.
    Breakthrough in my family.

    Healing upon my father Innocent Iloegbunam.
    Business breakthrough for my brothers, Nnaemeka, Jideofor and Chidozie

    For the success of Engagement ceremony for my sister Chima.

    Healing upon my eyes.

    I pray for sponsor to travel abroad. Financial breakthrough in my life.
    Thank you father. May God bless you more Amen 🙏

  48. Bridget Ochiwu says

    Am praying that I get this new work that someone is helping me to process.
    Am also praying for financial breakthrough in my family
    Am also praying peace in my family

  49. Maureen Chigbo says

    My intentions
    1) To be happily married to a first class husband, conceive and bear children Amen
    2) To be happily married to a first class husband, conceive and bear children Amen

  50. Ifeoma Emodi says

    Healing of my husband post brain bleed
    Healing of Mr right renal cyst, back pain and eye problems
    Progress in the lives of my children Emeka and Ifeyinwa-work, marriage and spirituality
    Peace in my home
    Peace and security in Nigeria

  51. Anthony Osoro says


    (1). Restoration of my marriage and marital life back.
    (2). Restoration of my relationships with Angela, the mother of my daughters (Emmanuella and Catherine) back. Also my wife Elizabeth back.
    (3). Restoration of communications between and my daughter’s back(not seen them or communicating with them for over 10 years or more. Asking our Mother Mary to bring them closer to me, so that I can start enjoying their love and presence.
    (4). Increasing and empowering financially.
    (5). On making my business strive with patronage from customers and clients, both old and new in abundance. So that i can pay for the loans and my debts.
    (6). Restoration of my glory and honor back. And free me from anger, impatience, annoyance and keeping malice. For Mother Mary, to give me patience, endurance, understanding and forgiveness.
    (7). To be healed and be cured of any sickness, infection and disease in my body, and make my body whole and complete as I was created. AMEN.

  52. Anastasia Christiana Amaka says

    The prayer request for Immaculate Heart of Mary
    1. Thanking God for the gift of my life and family
    2. Through her intercession, praying for a good life partner to locate me soon.
    3. Through her intercession, that all those are owing me will pay speedily.
    4. Through her intercession, that I shall be healed from PILE, Abnormal Menstrual cycle and steady ovulation and also healing Mrs Chikaodili.
    5. Through her intercession, that I shall be favoured in a land I bought.
    6. Through her intercession, that Okechukwu Ibemere shall be released from the prison since they declared him innocent.
    7. Through her intercession, that my destiny helpers shall locate me especially in my business.

    All these I asked through Christ our Lord, AMEN.

  53. Eze Juliana Nkechi says

    Marital settlement

    Total breakthrough and deliverance from delay, disappointment, set back and shame and people paying me back evil for good.

    Fruit of the womb for my brother Amos and his wife, and Uju.

    peace, love and unity in my family

    To know God and serve him better.

  54. Chioma says

    Mass Intentions for Memorial of Immaculate Heart of Mary:
    1) I pray for full healing of every sick member of my nuclear and extended families.
    2) I pray for massive financial breakthrough and favour throughout my entire family.
    3) I pray for massive business breakthrough for every member of my entire family.
    4) I pray for favourable job employment for every job seeking member of my entire family.
    5) I pray for exposure of and victory over all the plans of the enemies against my entire family.
    6) I pray for God’s Divine Restoration of my entire family’s glory.
    7) I pray for divine marital settlement for every spouse seeking member of my entire family.
    8) I pray for the increase of faith, wisdom and knowledge of God for myself and my entire family.
    9) I pray for Ugochinyere to experience God’s Divine Mercy, favor and breakthrough in her new country of abode.

  55. Nwabueze Oluebube says

    1) For a life partner. 2)For healing of fibriod and pain on my right breast. 3)For divine helpers. 4)God’s protection upon my family. 5)God’s protection upon Mrs Sandra Nwabueze family. 6)Divine relocation

  56. Adaora Maureen Ugwuagbo says

    Adaora Maureen Ugwuagbo is praying for healing and deliverance upon her mother, for the right life pattern upon her and her sisters, for protection healing, she also prays against spirit of delay and disappointment in her marriage, life, blessings and testimony

  57. Andre Odijie Otoide says

    1. Through the Immaculate Heart I’m praying for financial capacity to complete my Marriage Rites.

    2. Through the Immaculate Heart I’m praying for consistent sales in my Real Estate buisness.

    3. Through the Immaculate Heart I’m praying for financial aid to clear all debts.

    4. Through the Immaculate Heart I’m praying for all difficult sales to be converted to easy sales in my Real Estate buisness.

    5. Through the Immaculate Heart I’m praying for Divine Remembrance.

    6. Through the Immaculate Heart I’m praying for financial capacity to relocate my current Apartment to a 2bedroom Apartment

    7. Through the Immaculate Heart I’m praying for Safe delivery for my wife.

  58. Chinyere Miriam Ezenduka says

    1)Mother Mary,you passed through sorrow and understand my pains as regard my marital life.pls mother draw Afam Ndu closer to God,make pay my bride price&wedd me in the Catholic,make him a responsible Father that will provide & be available for our children.2)Grant me financial breakthrough,to have enough to take of myself, Family &for work of charity.Thank you Mother .Your daughter

  59. Angela Ekere says


  60. Ekwenta Ikemefuna Boniface says

    Financial freedom, family liberation, bring i and my family more closer to God and his total break through in my family & protection

  61. Ugwu Obianuju G says


  62. Oby Okpalaeke says

    Amen 🙏


    Through the immaculate heart of Mary am praying for healings for my mum, praying for godwin otafu omia for job opportunity and project proposals approved. restoration and financial blessings for oluwaseun AKINNUSI, marital breath through as a birthday gift and blessings and more sales for my business.

  64. Margaret Egbejimba says

    My prayer request:
    1) For a life partner
    2) Financial help
    3) Breaking of courses in my life and family that is not making us to move forward in life

  65. Ozy says

    thank you Jesus for the gift of your mother.. through the intercession of Our mother Mary, I pray for
    1. deliverance from evil family altars and deities seeking for worship
    2. fruitfulness of my womb and safe delivery
    3.promotion in job for 10 years now and payment of promotion arrears by the mercy of God.
    4. God’s protection, good health and long life upon every member of my family
    5. business breakthrough and financial blessings upon me and my husband
    thank you Jesus

  66. Elibe Sharon says

    My Intention
    I pray that the blessed virgin Mary intercedes in my family’s finances and guides and protect my family, friends and well wishers

  67. Margaretmary Azegbeobor says

    Praying for:

    1. Marital settlement
    2. Connection to destiny helpers
    3. The grace to forgive and forget all that has hurt or wrong me
    4. Deliverance from satanic bondage and affliction
    5. Breaking and destruction of evil foundation, evil patterns and cycles
    6. Total restoration of all that I have lost
    7. Open doors
    8. Deliverance from evil covenant that was done on my behalf by my ancestors/grand parents and parents
    9. Family Liberation and deliverance
    10. Financial breakthrough
    11. A new job

  68. Anidiobi Sylvia Ngozi says


  69. Ogochukwu Chikani says

    Through your powerful intercession, O Mary, I believe that fruit of the womb shall be granted to my family through you. Thank Mother Mary.🙏

  70. Ekwueme Amarachi Judith says

    Thank you Father.
    Through the immaculate heart of Mary
    May I be granted a good source of income and happiness Amen.

  71. Beatrice Kelechi says

    Beatrice kelechi Ogwa:
    That God through the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady, Mother Mary save me from embarrassment of delay in my marriage and undo the knot of delay.

  72. Dominic ejiofor says

    Dominic ejiofor
    To immaculate heart of blessed mother mary,
    My prayer request
    1 connection to my handwork
    2 finacial breakthrough
    3 divine open door in my family
    4 wizdom to journey in my life

  73. Maryann Obiano says

    Maryann obiano-praying for God’s divine healing upon my life from infirmities and infections and blessed virgin Mary intercession

  74. Oluchi says

    prayer for a good,love and understanding life partner

  75. Rita says

    My intentions.
    For conception of a male children
    For wealth to my husband

  76. Umeozulu Ada says

    Prayer request
    1. Praying for my Sobechukwu Vincent Hillary Umeozulu, that he may be delivered from Indian hemp & hard drugs addiction, that mother Mary should frustrate his yahoo business put confusion in his friends group so that he will be saved from hands of bad friends and bad influence. Seek the face of God for the forgiveness of his sins and go for his I.T training.

    2. Still praying for my Ph. D approval letter and my appointment to Assistant General Manager or Regional Operations Manager

    3. Praying for my nomination for oversea training and WAPP meeting

    4. Praying for Chisimdi’s name to be among the NDLEA shortlisted supplementary list for job employment.

    Mrs. Ada Umeozulu

  77. Ozoekwem Ifunanya Maryjane says

    I pray rightfully marital partner and a good job

  78. Omaghali Chinenye says

    Divine Open doors and blessings upon my friends and families Amen
    marital Settlement upon us d single ladies Amen

  79. Onyinyechi Emeka-Ude says

    Through the intercession of our Mother Mary may Florence Ugwueze be healed. May I be able to forgive all the wrong my siblings did to me and may i get the urgently needed money to pay all the bills that are piled up for me at the moment.

  80. Njoku Eucharia Ugochi says

    My mass intentions
    1. Thanking God for a lot of favours received
    2.God’s protection, peace and progress in my office.
    3. Exam success for my children
    4.may God save me, my children, family members from lack and embarrassment.
    5. successful passing out of all my corps members.
    6.a good CLO for my office.
    good health
    7. financial breakthrough
    8. promotion
    9. journey mercies
    10. healing
    11. restoration
    12. Visa for my children and good jobs
    13. peaceful retirement

  81. Vincent gwaro says


  82. Onyekonwu Ngozi says

    Amennnoooo! Thank you Jesus and thank you our Mother Mary for your uncountles love for us.

  83. Etoh Josephine Odinaka says

    I pray for a successful fibroid surgery come next month July.

  84. Stella Ekwemalor says


  85. Orinya Linda says

    Immaculate heart of Mary pray for us and intercede on my behalf for a bouncing baby boy. Amen

  86. Stella Ekwemalor says

    O sweat loving immaculate heart of Mary pray for me and intercede on my behalf for me to belong pregnant, Carry the pregnant successful and deliver safely like the Hebrew women.
    Through your intercessory power, may you grant us the family of Ekwemalor successful journey and burial of late Patrick Ekwemalor.
    Through your intercessory power, may you us good health, long life and prosperity in life
    All these I asked through the intercession of our blessed virgin mother

  87. Unachukwu Nwanneka says

    Intentions To the Immaculate heart of Mary
    1 That God will grant my immediate sister who is in labor safe delivery
    2 That God will restore my mom’s lost memory and Grant her perfect healing
    3 Open doors upon my husband
    4 That he may grant me Divine Job Employment with a good salary
    5 Liberation and Restoration upon my two brothers
    6 Exam success and journey Mercy upon me
    7 Financial breakthrough upon my sister Onykachi and her family

  88. Amalu Gloria says

    Amen, may almighty God give us grace
    through the intercession of Immaculate heart of Mary to understand the teaches of giving our lives intimately to Jesus and love Him. beyond measures.

  89. Amalu Gloria says

    Intentions for the Immaculate heart of Mary: we thank you mummy Mary having us as ur children. and all the intercession you are doing in my family. Through your powerful intercession I pray to save Ikechukwu Amalu from police case of Robbery. May the Almighty God save and release him from this case. Merciful God have mercy upon him and make him to repent and do something useful all these we pray through Jesus Christ name. Amen.

  90. Alozieuwa Sandra says

    Mother of immaculate heart please have mercy on me (Alozieuwa Sandra) and my family members, intercede on our intentions….. Please guard us through life labyrinths and troubles………. Amen

  91. Alozieuwa Sandra says

    Mother of immaculate heart please have mercy on me (Alozieuwa Sandra) and my family members, intercede on our intentions….. please guard us through life labyrinths and troubles ……. Amen…… Mother of immaculate heart please pray for us…….

  92. Nneka Okafor says

    Thank you God for giving Raluchukwu Dumebi Okafor her own husband. Thank you God Almighty for giving Ekenemchukwu Ifunanya Okafor her own husband. Thank you God for bringing Chinelo Kanayochukwu Okafor back to her family. Thank you God for giving Chinelo Kanayochukwu Philomena Okafor her own husband. Thank you for increasing sales in my shop Thank you God for bringing in more lodgers at the FARNEC guest house

  93. Obianuju Molokwu says

    1. Thanking God.
    2. Praying for spiritual growth for me and
    family and extended family members.
    3. Praying for financial upliftment.
    4. praying for healing of all the sicknesses
    in our bodies .
    5. Praying for academic success for my
    6. Praying for divine protection.

  94. Ruth Iember says

    (1)Thanking God for his mercy upon my life and family.
    2) Praying for success as I process my admission in Canada and visa 2023
    3) praying for marital settlement this yr 2023
    4) Praying for financial breakthrough

  95. Eririogu Fidelia says

    Marital Settlement

  96. Oforkansi Ezinne says

    I pray for our Mother to intercede for me for Divine Favour on job opportunity that I am aspiring for. And for Marital settlement before 2023 ends. Amen

  97. Oforkansi Chinaza says

    For God to heal me Parma gently from ulcer. For God to make Ugochukwu Nweke to realize what he did to me and bring him Ugochukwu Nweke back the father of my two children to us. For God to grant me a successful NYSC and for God to send me a destiny helper. For peace of mind and good health and long life upon me and my children Ugomsinachi and Chukwunonso. For them to grow in God’s direction and fear of God. All these I ask through christ our Lord, Amen.

  98. Goodluck Ekeocha. says


  99. Cornelia Anyiam says


  100. Uchenna Obeta says


  101. Dr. Julie says


  102. Bibiana Uche Unachukwu and family says

    Amen Amen Amen

  103. Ejembi Jennifer Odinakachukwu says

    I’m praying for God’s divine protection upon my husband and may God grant his voluntary retirement.
    Praying for open doors and blessings upon the family.

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