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People will have Something to Say, No Matter What You Do. Friday 27th Week

Breakfast with the Word Friday 27th Week Ordinary Time of the Year



 Luke 11:15-26 



People will always have something to say despite what you do and however good you may seem to be. It is not enough to make everyone love and appreciate you. 



The point is that in life, you will always have people who are going to appreciate you and support you.

Also, Some people will always encourage even that little effort you make. In the same way, we have those who will always support what we do, and those who will always be against us. Such kinds of people will never find anything good in you.




The pointer is that People will always have something to say about you. Such is life. People will always have something they think about you. Many times we focus on what they think or say to the extent we become afraid and ashamed of ourselves. 





Many of us focus on what people will say about them which in turn makes them afraid and depressed. 



We have to know that In everything we do in life whether good or bad, people must have their different opinions either constructively or destructively. 




Therefore, the only way to avoid criticism is to do nothing and say nothing. Sometimes even when you do nothing, people will still have something to say.





 The Gospel of Today.





To understand the gospel of today, we have to read from the preceding verse. 

So, what happened is that Jesus healed a man who is dumb by driving out a demon away from Him to the amazement of the crowd.




So, instead of praising God for this glorious work, some of the witnesses of the miracles accuse Him of driving out demons through the power of Beelzebul while Others begin to test Him by requesting signs from heaven.




The points here are :

  1. This is a miraculous work that would have led them to repentance but instead of responding positively to this, they were busy looking for something to say. 




The Pharisees seem to be challenged by the miracles that Jesus do. So, they are trying everything within their power to bring Jesus down and make Him look foolish before the people.

So, this is what always happens when some people do not always like what you do. 

They will go a long way to bring your image down. Therefore, always focus. 






  1. Do not make the mistake of thinking that every person is going to love you. Whether you do good or not, people will have something they will surely say about you. 


In essence, despite how good you seem to be and no matter how much effort you make, do not make the mistake of thinking that everyone will love you.


Some people will never find anything good in whatever you do. They are always there to criticise. The truth also is that we always need those people. The presence of those people makes you stronger.




  1. The gospel says “knowing what they are thinking, Jesus, tells them that a kingdom that is divided against itself shall never stand. 

This shows that they were either thinking this in their minds or that they were talking among themselves. 

They hid their thoughts from Jesus. But Jesus searches the deepest mind of man. It is one of the reasons we have to remain close to Him all the time.

In the same vein, the hearts of men are like a sack full of good and bad. Sometimes they laugh with you but their hearts are very far from their outward appearance. Only God knows the innermost intention of all men (1 Samuel 16:7, Jeremiah 17:10).




 A Kingdom Divided Against Itself.




At that point, Jesus replies them: 

“Every kingdom divided against itself is heading for ruin, and a household divided against itself collapses. So too with Satan: if he is divided against himself, how can his kingdom stand?”



Jesus uses this statement to affirm that His power to heal can never come from the devil, but the finger of God who Matthew 12:28 refers to as the Holy Spirit of God. 




The Holy Spirit makes everything possible. In the same vein, every gift we have and everything we possess is made possible through the power of God. It does not call for envy or competition.




Our work here is to discover the gifts God blesses us with and then use them for the glory of God. If God places someone in a position, do not fight or envy them. What they are is possible only through the power of God.




By fighting them we are invariably fighting the One who put them there. Saul did everything to kill David but was unable because David possessed a great anointing from God. 

Everything in life should not be seen only with a mechanical eye. There is also the spiritual.





  1. Jesus’ statement hence infers that we need to live in unity and brotherly love.

We have to use what God has given us to work together for Him. This will ensure growth and progress than fighting ourselves. 




Hence, Jesus warns that no kingdom, organisation, family, etc that is divided with envy, hatred and jealousy will ever stand. Therefore, Unity is the key.






May God help us to live and appreciate each other. Through His grace, may you continue to grow in faith, love and hope. Amen




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    Amen, remain blessed to the glory of God’s name, Amen

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    Amen! Thank you Jesus for your delicious breakfast this morning.

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    Amen Fr 🙏. Thank you so much Fr

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    AMEN 🙏. A beautiful weekend ahead Fr

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    Amen, love is the key and strength for endurance.
    Amen brother Kingsley may we abound in love.

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    praise Jesus Christ always and always 🙏

    That’s one of the most powerful scripture I love. May Almighty God help us to follow it in our lives.

    God bless 🙏

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