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Surrender Your Life to the Holy Spirit. Tuesday Second Week of Easter

Breakfast with The Word: Tuesday of the Second Week of Easter


John 3:7-15.


The interaction between Jesus and Nicodemus continues in today’s gospel of John 3:7-15. Jesus’ interaction with Nicodemus is a sign that we always need Jesus, despite what we know and who we are.


In today’s gospel of John 3:7-15, Nicodemus keeps asking Jesus to know and understand very well what Jesus means by saying that one is to be born from above.


He is eager to know more about life in the spirit and what Jesus is trying to say. In Nicodemus, we see a man who is eager to know.


The more Jesus explains, the more he becomes confused and the more he continues to ask to come to the true knowledge of the truth. Hence, every moment with the Lord is worthwhile.


If you want to increase in wisdom, learn to spend time with Jesus. Every time with the Lord is a time of knowledge, a lesson time.


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We Always Need Jesus.


In today’s encounter of John 3:7-15, Jesus asked Him a question that got me thinking. Jesus asks Nicodemus “You are a teacher in Israel, and you do not know about these things?”


Nicodemus was a recognized personality and a top leading Jewish scholar. He is a well-known Pharisee, teacher of the law, member of the Sanhedrin and must be versed in knowledge. But something is missing in him.



Nicodemus knows that despite his position, despite the things He may know, there is more to know. So, in this encounter, he seeks to know and understand. He knows that He still needs Jesus to teach Him, this is unlike what we see today.


When we think that because we are versatile and have studied extensively, we falsely think we know it all.
Sometimes, many of us belittle the power and existence of God because we think we have more knowledge than Jesus.


Sometimes, instead of humbly learning from those who teach us, we try to show that we have more knowledge than them. Nicodemus teaches us the need to be humble and learn from our teachers of the faith.


Like Nicodemus, it is good to seek to know and understand than to argue trying to prove that we have known it all. Our heart should be constantly open to knowledge.


1 Corinthians 3:19 says “the wisdom of this world is foolishness before God. So we need Jesus to teach us more. In today’s encounter of John 3:7-15, only Jesus can answer questions that Nicodemus could not.


Jesus gets Nicodemus thinking and questioning because He realizes that although He thinks he knows everything, He knows nothing.

We are nothing without Jesus and we know nothing if we do not come to Him. Despite your position and much, you feel that you know, you still need the wisdom that comes from God.



The Missing Link.


In today’s encounter of John 3:7-15, Nicodemus shows he just needs more religious knowledge. Before, he thinks everything can be answered with the logical and philosophic mind. He tries to understand what Jesus is saying with the ordinary knowledge of what he sees and answers but during the encounter, He now comes to understand that there are more beyond what he knows.


Despite the position and knowledge of Nicodemus, we have to know that something is missing in his life which only Jesus can give. So let us in humility seek Jesus.

Jesus knows that Nicodemus needs to be born of the Spirit. This is a life beyond the flesh; to live a life of total surrender to the Holy Spirit of God.

Jesus tells us who are scholars, experts and all who wishes to know more, to live a life of total surrender to the Holy Spirit. This helps us to know and rightfully understand more about the mysteries of the Kingdom.


We need the Holy Spirit.


In today’ encounter, Jesus is trying to let Nicodemus understand that He needs to believe and remain close to Him. In today’s gospel, He tells him that “anyone who believes in Him will surely have eternal Life”.


To achieve eternal life, we need to be born again of the spirit. In essence, what we know or what we think we know cannot save us. We need the Holy Spirit.


Going to church alone or occupying certain positions in the Church or community cannot save you. You have to be reborn from above, through the Holy Spirit; a new relationship with God.


Therefore, we have to open ourselves more and let God work through us. Therefore, our knowledge should not be barriers. We are nothing, and we know nothing if we do not live a life of total surrender.


Jesus reminds Nicodemus that the working of the Spirit is like the working of the wind. You cannot see it, and you cannot control it but we surrender ourselves to His control.Our works, our efforts, and our knowledge do not make it happen.


We cannot save ourselves. But by opening ourselves to our shortcomings, we can let the Holy Spirit work in us. So, despite what you think you know, surrender your life to God. Leave your life under the control of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is all we need.



May God bless you dearest and give you the grace to continually come close to Him and encounter Him again Amen


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    More grace!

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