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The Unexpected can happen. Tuesday 29th Week

Breakfast With the Word 29th Week Ordinary Time of the Year


Luke 12:35-38



The unexpected is always unpredictable and sometimes unforeseen. It occurs even when we least expect. In life, anything can happen at any moment and at any time. Nobody knows what happens in the next minute or second.


The unexpected always takes us unaware. Jesus knows this and He asks that the best remedy to this unpredictability of life is to be ready at all times. Life does not belong to us. We are only like visitors in the world.


Like we come to the world without knowing how and when it happened is also how we shall depart. Therefore, Jesus asks his disciples to be ready because life will always take us by surprise.


life can take us unawares


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In the Gospel



In the gospel, Jesus asks His disciples to clothe themselves like people who are ready for service and keep their lamps burning.


Let their attitude be like that of the servants who await their master’s return from a wedding banquet. This will make them ready and open the door for Him as He comes back and knocks.



It will be a blessing to those servants if the master finds them watching and waiting for His return, even if He comes home at any hour in the middle of the night or daybreak.



The Interpretation



Some biblical exegetes allude that Jesus is pointing at the hour of his second coming which will take everyone by surprise. While some agree that Jesus uses this moment to prepare His disciples for what is going to befall them.



It will be a future filled with suffering, persecution and challenges but despite that, they have to remain strong and not lose hope. There is still an assurance of hope, blessings and rewards for those who remain strong and keep their light burning.



This is a call to all disciples of the Lord to put all their focus in the end which will never disappoint them.


Every follower of the Lord is not to be so relaxed as to think the world will never come to an end. Anything can happen at any moment. We have to be ready for the unexpected event.



It is also a warning to every disciple to remember that no one is going to live in the world forever. Just as everything has a beginning, the end is also certain.



Let our focus be on Jesus. As we try to pay attention to our body, making it look nice and attractive, let us not forget that the soul needs ultimate attention. One day, the body will be a forgotten issue.



Even in our daily lives, let us be vigilant, ready and prepared. Go into self-development, an opportunity may knock at any moment. Never get relaxed, always go for more.



It is also like an encouragement to all who are passing through serious challenges because of their faith. We have to remain strong despite whatever we encounter in our life. The Lord promises blessings and reward to anyone who perseveres to the end.



Always Be Ready for the Unexpected



In the gospel, Jesus tells His disciples that the coming of the master may be in the second watch or in the third, but blesses are those servants if he finds them ready.

The pointer is that tomorrow is always pregnant. We need to prepare everyday.


The central point of today’s gospel is that the coming of Jesus will take everyone unawares. Today, many new generational preachers try to predict the date this may happen. But Jesus says that no one knows the hour this will take place ( Matthew 24:36).



Therefore, Jesus advises us to be heavenly minded and not worldly-minded. One day the world will certainly go into extinction.



Our existence must one day expire. When, how and where it will happen, nobody knows. Whatever we have acquired, all our earthly possessions and investments will vanish within a second. What will then remain is that soul we have forgotten.



St Bernard says that if a man knows how limited his life is, he will use every single of it in doing good. He who understands that His life must one day come to an end and thus prepares for it is blessed says, St Theresa.



The truth here is that nobody knows tomorrow. No one can actually define what is going to happen in the next hour or minute. The unexpected can happen at any moment.



So, let us rest our arms and shoulders on the mercifulness of the heart of God and be ready at all times.


May God bless you dearest and give us the grace to be ready for Him. May He protect you. Amen





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