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Victory Belongs to the Lord. Monday of the Seventh Week of Easter

Breakfast with The Word: Monday of the Seventh Week of Easter

 John 16:29-33


There are times when we feel our problems are too much. Many times, this makes us lose faith in God. As the discussion with His disciples is going on today, Jesus reminds His disciples that truly they will encounter trouble in the world but Victory belongs to Him. 


The Victory of life belongs to the Lord and not to circumstances. Victory is not of the world, victory belongs to Lord Jesus. The world may be having the light of the day now but in the end, Victory is always of the Lord.


 Jesus is telling us to be at peace, be calm. Always know that He has the world at His palms. He is still in control. Victory belongs to the Lord Jesus and not to the world. He is the Lord and every other thing bows before Him. 


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Our Struggle with the Trouble in the World.


There are many times in life when we feel like God is so silent on us. There are times we think that all hope is lost.

This normally comes when problems loom, when nothing is going up nor down, everything seems to be scattered, troubles come hitting us from every side. 


At these moments, we sometimes lose our inner peace, hope and faith in God. There are times you look up and discover great challenges that lie in wait for you. Sometimes, you feel like the easiest thing to do is to give up on yourself and God.


Jesus saw this kind of situation among His disciples because of His imminent departure. Jesus could see how troubled they are, the feelings of His departure and suffering coming up, the fear of the unknown the disciples had. He thus assured them of His eternal presence and victory over the world and its trouble.


In the same way, when we encounter things that shake our faith, always remember that victory belongs to the Lord.



Sometimes, our mistake is that we prefer to focus on the trouble. We tend to focus more on the wave rather than the abiding presence of God.


This is what then makes us fearful and worried. Always know that victory belongs to the Lord, no matter the level of circumstances that you undergo.


Therefore, Our focus should be God’s power. We have to believe in this assurance that Jesus has conquered the world. 



The Disciples’ Dilemma.


As Jesus prepares His disciples, one could imagine the dilemma, the worry and the fear of the unknown evident in them.

The disciples at this time might be thinking that they would not be able to cope with the challenges they would soon be facing. 


Jesus knew quite well what will truly face them and that they would be scattered in all directions. Yet He tells them not to be discouraged. The trouble is not supreme nor is it their God.

The best thing to do at this hour is to stand with Him. He encourages His disciples to be at peace, despite what they might face in the future. Because He has conquered the world.


Therefore when we face the dilemma of believing and not believing, always remain in Jesus. Victory belongs to Him. 


The Times of trouble will Always Come.



In this gospel, we can observe that it is certain that we must encounter challenges in the world. Jesus did not promise us a problem-free world.


The World and all its troubles will always be there, the only way to conquer and be at peace is to stand with Jesus who has brought all things under His feet.


He tells them plainly that in the world you will encounter persecution but the secret out of this is to be courageous and remain in Him. Therefore, Victory belongs to the Lord always, even in times of trouble. 


When we face opposition and rejection, it is hard to keep the faith. In such moments, we sometimes blame God and think He hates us. Let us stand strong and ask God to give us more courage and peace to face any task ahead. 



Do not feel hopeless, and fearful, because we are unable to control the events around us. Today, Jesus has reassured us that no matter what is happening, He is in control and will always overcome. 



We may not see it happening but it will surely come, only if we stand strong. The suffering we go through on earth can still be a preparation for the life after. The best thing to do is simply to remain in Jesus rather than to lose our faith.


May God bless you dearest and give you the grace to overcome all your challenges today Amen


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    I thank God for His Breakfast today. I pray that through His Grace, I will be able to face the challenges of the world and able to defeat the world…….. Amen 🙏

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    Amennnoooo! thank you Jesus for your assurance this morning that I should not be troubled nor fear again that you have defeated the world. Thank you so much for calming my fear.

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