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We need the Presence of Jesus. Wednesday 13th Week

Breakfast With the Word Wednesday 13th Week in Ordinary Time of the Year B


Matthew 8:28-34.


It is so good to believe and accept that the best thing that could happen to us is to live in Jesus and walk with Him every day of our lives. Everywhere He goes, wherever He is, powerful things happen.


The event of today is simply an eye-opener that the devil cannot withstand His presence. His presence is a scourge to demons. Now we understand what St. Johnbosco says that apart from the mass, the devil is so much afraid of anyone who visits Jesus daily in the Blessed Sacrament.


In today’s gospel, Jesus is not the person that saw the demoniac. Immediately He reaches the land of the Gadarenes on the other side of the lake, two demoniacs came towards Him out of the tomb and began to shout.

Therefore the presence of Jesus was a discomfort to them. This indicates that the presence of Jesus is a healing presence, secret of deliverance, holiness and change. Therefore, we need the presence of Jesus daily.


The Encounter.

Today as Jesus enters Gadara, He was met by two people who are under demonic possession. What truly inspires me in this encounter is that these demoniacs only met Jesus and began to shout when Jesus has not yet spoken.


These were the people that today’s gospel says that they are so fierce that no one dared to pass their way. But only the presence of Jesus put them to their knees. The presence of Jesus kept the demons trembling and put the whole city in fear. No one could withstand Him.


Therefore, no power can withstand the presence of Jesus. If you need anointing, if you truly want your life to change, spend time with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament as often as you can. 

It is a devotion I suggest to anyone. The presence of Jesus is the secret of grace, the secret of anointing, the secret of power and deliverance.


The problem is that many Christians do not have that desire to be in God’s presence. We feel comfortable always away from God’s presence but always become weak to be in God’s presence. 

Yet in God’s presence is the secret of what we need to grow as Christians. Through His abiding presence, one can tap inspiration that can change His/her life forever.


Demons Understand the Power of His Presence.



It is somehow so disheartening that demons know and understand the power of Jesus better than many of us do. In the gospel, they shout, “what do you want of us Son of God? Have you come to torment us?

Demons understand the power of His presence. They know that His presence is a torment to them already. They know they cannot withstand it. That is why they begged Him to leave. But guess what? We who profess our fidelity to the same Jesus abandon Him in our time of trouble. Then, we go back to find solutions in those places that are already afraid of Him. What an irony?

Demons understand the power of the abiding presence of Jesus Christ. 

This is the reason they will always make you weak whenever you want to pray. Demons will give you thousands of reasons why you should not visit the Blessed Sacrament. They will tell you to postpone the prayer until the next day.


Demons will give you friends that will dry the little spiritual power that you have.

 They will give you thousands of reasons you should not be going to church, but they won’t give you reasons you should be going to shopping, hotels, restaurants etc., to enjoy your life. You will find the strength to do things outside of God’s presence, but when it comes to God, you become tired.

 Immediately, you go for confession and amend your life, that is when temptations will start coming from nowhere. These evil spirits will do everything to make us weak in prayer. They understand that whoever comes to Jesus automatically will become a new creature. Demons will then tempt you to detest God’s presence.



Demons Understand the Power of His Words.


Secondly, these demons know the power of His words. Just as the Centurion in Matthew 8:5-13 tells Jesus, “only say the word, and my servant will be healed”, the demons request Jesus to command them to go into the swine.


 When Jesus speaks, the storm will listen. When He speaks, demons will bow, but when Jesus speaks to man, He doubts and consequently remains disobedient. We then continue to suffer. 

When Jesus speaks, sickness, demons, natural disasters will obey, but we who profess faith in the same Jesus do not take His words seriously. 

Let us understand the anointing power of the presence of Jesus and take His words seriously.

Let us walk with Jesus all the days of our lives, let us spend time to visit Him often, His presence might be all you need.

May He bless you dearest, and constantly remain very close to you especially in times of distress. Amen



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