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When the Cloud is looming. Friday 29th Week Ordinary Time


Breakfast with the Word Friday 29th Week Ordinary Time Year


Luke 12:54-59


When the cloud is looming in a simple interpretation relates to the change we observe in atmospheric conditions.



The looming of the cloud is a sign that there may be rain or atmospheric change. Here cloud is an imminent sign of something. We can hence interpret this as everything that is happening around us today.


Every day, things continue to change and mysterious things continue to happen. There are stories of sickness, covid 19, killings, societal unrest, chaos, economic instability, anarchy, religious indifference and political turmoil. Today many are seriously losing hope in God because of the challenges of the time.


Many have interpreted these as signs of the end time. Some conclude that it is a sign of God’s anger on people who have relegated Him for long.


While some say it is part of the plans of some evil groups to put the world under their control. Whatever it is, only God knows. When we see the cloud looming, what do we do?


The cloud looms


In the Gospel



In the gospel today, Jesus rebukes the crowd for having the ability to predict and discern the signs of change in atmospheric conditions but not able to interpret the signs of His time. They can predict the weather but are not able to discern the signs of their times even in the light of their knowledge of Old Testament prophecies.


His healing, miracle, teachings are also enough to prove and convince the people that the time of the Messiah is here. But the people continue to show signs of indifference and faithlessness despite all that is happening in their midst.



In some of His encounters with the people and the disciples, Jesus takes time to explain prophecies about Him in the Old Testament that could have convinced them. But yet they close their hearts towards Him because they have already set in their hearts the type of Messiah they want.



In the same vein, what God is doing for us and continuously done in our midst is enough to make us have so much faith in Him than lose it entirely. But yet we close our hearts to Him.



Whatever that is happening around us is not beyond the omnipotent power of God. They are not beyond His knowledge. Nothing that is happening surpasses what God has done before and will surpass what He will do. But it seems we have lost faith.



When we are tempted to lose hope in God, take time and count all the things He is doing for you. This is not a time to lose faith but a time to repent.




It is a time to stand firm, and go close to Him more. He knows the present, past and future better than we do.


Now that We have Time


In the gospel, Jesus exhorts the crowd that it is better to make peace with anyone we offend before the court takes up the case. Failure to do this may make the person drag you to a judge, who will then put you into prison.

Many commentators see this particular verse as distorting the original meaning of the chapter. But the lesson here is clear. In everything we do, it is good to pursue peace and reconciliation when we have time for it than when it is too late.


Now that we have time is a moment to reconcile with God. There is always a day of judgement. We need total reconciliation with God to avoid becoming a citizen of eternal prison.



Now that the Cloud is Looming


So, now that the cloud is looming is a time to seek God and embrace Him than reject him. It is a time of prayers, and a time to remain strong in God.



When the cloud is looming, when things are seriously getting out of hand, the children of God should go on their knees.


The weapons of our warfare are not earthly but very powerful (2 Corinthians 10:4). When the cloud is looming, when things begin to go abnormal, we do not actually know where the world is drifting to.


It is not a time to fear. It is a time to acknowledge the presence of God through our faith, unlike the people of Jesus time.


Now that we have the time, is the best moment to repent and embrace our Creator again. Nobody knows tomorrow and tomorrow may be too late.




May God bless you dearest and forgive us our sins. May He never forsake you. Amen.



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