Your Only Guide

Morning Breakfast With the Word May 20 2020
 John 16:12-15
A guide shows or indicates the way to (someone). A guide leads you to a destination. A guide interprets things you don’t truly understand and help you come to a knowledge of something or someone. With a trusted one you must certainly reach your destination. Today Jesus promises His disciples that He will send them the Spirit of Truth . His sole function is to guide them into the whole truth. He interprets and helps them understand the more the mysteries of the Kingdom. The surest way to understand God more and whatever He is doing around us is intimate relationship with the Spirit of God. With Him Peter converted three thousand men at a stretch ( Acts 2:14-41) with Him Philip transformed the whole of Samaria (Acts 8:4-40).
 I still have Many Things to Tell You
One wonders what else again Jesus wants to teach his apostles, He has been with them for three good years and has thought them immensely. This is an indication that life is a process. No one knows it all. We may think we have known everything but we have not crossed the quarter , so knowledge of God is a gradual and continuous process and can only be made possible if we allow ourselves to be helped by the Holy Spirit. Let us not act as if we know everything. We have to work and walk with the Holy Spirit.
 You Need the Church
The Holy Spirit has come to lead us to the complete truth. This is essentially a promise  to the community of the disciples, a promise to the Church. Let us always draw close to the church to feed our hungry souls. It is important for our knowledge and personal peace of mind that I trust the Church, despite the terrible things that have happened. Christ is with His Church  always, to the end of the world.
 Always with the Spirit
We need the Holy Spirit every now and then even in our daily lives to guide us. Ask Him for directions in the midst of confusion, ask Him for more inspiration when you want to perform a task, ask Him for help in the midst of challenges and troubles. We need Him now and always.  The problem is rather than letting the Spirit of God guide us, we subject ourselves to worldly influence and ignore Him totally or “impose upon him” what we have already decided. Let Him be part of your life, let Him be part of your decisions. He is the only trusted guide because He comes from the Father and the Son. He knows everything we need for everything.
May the Holy Spirit of God always and ever dwell with you and may He fill you with with wisdom to succeed wherever you are Amen