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Jesus is Willing to Make us Clean

Morning Breakfast With the Word 



 Mathew 8:1-4 




There are times when we feel like God can never forgive us again. There are moments when you remember your pasts and you think that what God is keeping for you is nothing but punishment. Sometimes at this point, some may conclude that there is no more hope of mercy for them. Sometimes our pasts continue to torment us. There may be something you might be facing presently and we conclude that they are repercussions of our pasts, that God is punishing us and has refused to let go. This also would have been the thought of the Leper today. But until He took the courage to meet Jesus, He never knew Jesus is always willing to make us clean.


 What we may not think about the Leper


The Jewish law regards leprosy like the corona virus of our time.  Upon diagnosis by the priest, the leper will be ostracized and excluded from public gathering. He will be  forced to live outside the community and banned from every religious activity. No one has anything to do with a leper as he will be treated with contempt . Moreover, the leper was required by law to dress like a mourner and to yell “Unclean! Unclean!” whenever any non-leper came near to him or her. Worst of all, many see him as reprobate  and totally abandoned by God. They must live alone and  live outside the camp (Leviticus 13 :45-46). So in these situations guess what the Leper today would have thought:



  1. Am already abandoned and unclean there is nothing I can do. As many of us think, “Am already a great sinner, am poor, am hated, God has abandoned me etc, there is nothing I can do”.


  1. The leper would have said again ” if I meet Jesus He will not listen to me, He might treat me as a trash, since He is also a Jew”. Just like we already conclude that God is not listening to us because of how we are or what we have done.


  1. He would have also think this way  ” the people will not allow me to see him, they will make jest of me, and call me names since am breaking the law” just as many of us think that people will begin to make jest of them when they are serious with their spiritual lives and many more.


In Spite of all these, the Leper broke the protocol and did not allow anything to prevent him from seeking Jesus.  Jesus also broke the law by not only giving him attention, which should not be, He spoke to him. This He did  not just from a distance as we do today, but close. He proceeded further and healed him and to the extent of touching him. Imagine the kind of heart Jesus has.


He is Willing


He is always willing to make us clean again if we can boldly, without negative mind, ask Him to purify us. According to the Mosaic law, by touching the leper Jesus himself was instantly made ceremonially unclean too. But Jesus never minded  that. All He wants is to save. He wants to save us from that sin, that is continually drawing us away from God, He wants to save us from that shame that continually keeps us away from people, He is ready to save us from that thing that makes us continually think negative of ourselves. He is willing. Cheer up and meet Him today.


May He bless you and sanctify you. May He forgive  our pasts and continually lead us to salvation. Amen.



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