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Youtube and Importance of Youtube Channel Full Lecture Day I





I know that many of us have been hearing about youtube. All through last year, I took time to venture into youtube. I researched and asked more about it. As someone who loves to impart life, I wish to share my little secrets, so that others will use them and grow their youtube. This lecture will take just a few days and I pray it will be worth it.


 If you have any questions, please try and ask me. I will take the journey step by step. One thing about Youtube is that it will earn you a lot. Many people have quit their businesses to join the youtube business. But Youtube is not only about money making, it has a lot of advantages which I will share later. 


This lecture is free. As we normally do on the platform, we keep our lectures free. Unless there is an external teacher, who demands monetary engagement. 


My problem is that last year, many of us learnt a lot but were not able to implement what we learnt, maybe because they didn’t pay anything. Almost all of us who participated in the youtube lessons last year, can not boast of doing anything with it. Only a few can. 


So, I ask that you put this one into practice. I will cover a lot here. It will take us some days, but we keep going until we reach there. Because of that, I ask everyone to try and participate. Because our people do not take free things seriously, you will surely get the lecture for free but I will try to find a way to make us sacrifice something even if it’s a little. I will think about it. If it will force us to take the lecture seriously, especially when we remember that something went out of our pocket. So, let us move



What is Youtube

Youtube is an online platform that helps you in uploading and sharing your videos, images and also texts. The major fact about youtube is that it is free. The major area of interest is the uploading of videos. You can upload a lot of videos on youtube. Youtube is like this on your phone: 


What we do on youtube is upload videos. When we upload our videos on youtube, which can be viewed by any person. YouTube was started in 2005.


This portal provides an opportunity for people to share, discover and watch original videos. YouTube is a video-sharing service where users can watch, like, share, comment and upload their videos. The video service can be accessed on PCs, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.


Youtube was launched on February 14, 2005, by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. Presently, Youtube is owned by Google, and is the second most visited website, after Google Search. 


One special thing about Youtube is that apart from Google and Facebook, it is the third most visited online platform. It has up to 2.5 billion users. Every day people visit youtube to upload a lot of videos 


You can use the link below and see what people can earn through Youtube. Use the link below

For Top Nigerians Youtube earners Use this link:



I pray many lives will be changed through this program, no matter the years that it may take the person.


Nowadays, you see comedians, and before you know it, they build houses, get endorsement deals etc. In Nigeria, many people are into youtube and it became for them a way of making huge money and creating a lot of contacts. 



What Should be Your Motivation



As we proceed in this lesson, I will teach you what and what you can vlog as a YouTuber, but one special thing with youtube is that You can vlog anything. Therefore, before we proceed further, I have to let you know that youtube is not a get-rich scheme but something that will surely get you rich if you stick to it. It is not MMM but if you are patient, you will reach there. Now, this is what you should be if you want to be a youtube:


1. You must make a firm decision to remain on track despite the challenges. 


2. You must vlog on what you love or what you can do. Do not vlog or produce videos because others are doing it or because you heard that it gives money. You will definitely get disappointed along the way. To grow on youtube, you must focus on vlogging on what you can sleep and wake up and do without any hassles


3. You must not focus on money, you must be passionate. This will help you to remain strong despite the challenges. If you focus on money and the subscribers and views are not coming, you will lose the motivation to continue. You have to focus. You must be passionate about it. 


4.You must bring out a particular time for it, otherwise, you would be busy all the time. Bring out a particular time to record your videos. 


5. You must be willing to share your videos with people and ready to accept criticisms. When some of us produce videos, what keeps them is the unwillingness to share their videos because they are not proud of themselves.


They are afraid of what people would say. When you are afraid of what people would say, you will not improve. Just share your videos. Remember, the leading drive or motivation to do these is simply your passion and not money. Money will come later.



What You Can Benefit From Opening A Youtube Channel



1.The first thing that Youtube will do for you is to sell you to the world. When You are constantly producing videos, you will surely become a celebrity, in the sense that many people will like to know you. I remembered how someone sent me a message on Facebook and was so excited that I accepted the Facebook request. Whatever you love to do, Youtube will sell you to the world.


2. Youtube is the best platform to promote your business, the business of others, your talents, your gifts etc. For example, if you are a gospel singer, it is easier to take videos of your performance and upload them on youtube. Also if you are a choirmaster, you can take the videos and upload them on youtube. If you know how to cook it is easier to use it and show the world how to cook certain foods. So, it is the easiest way to promote your business and promote yourself.


3. Youtube will help you to get endorsement deals and invitations to perform on stage. For example, if you are constantly uploading on youtube, it is easier to get endorsement deals. If you are a good preacher of the world, it is very easy to let people know what you can do and they can invite you to different seminars, programs, talks and conferences.


4. Then Youtube helps you to make a huge amount of money. Many people make a huge amount of money through youtube. Imagine making even 500 dollars a month, not to talk of someone like Mark Angel that makes $16,000 a month. One peculiar thing about youtube is that it is better than a website.


On websites, you can post without earning any single money from the post, but whenever anyone views your video, you earn. If someone clicks on the video, you earn. If he clicks on the ads you earn. Then, a video you posted five years, or ten years ago can still earn you money when people view the video. This is why comedians make it big through youtube platforms



We stop here. Tomorrow’s lecture is Youtube do’s and Don’ts, how you can open a youtube channel and the requirements to make money on youtube. 



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