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Everything We have to Know about Archangel Gabriel





The name Gabriel means in Hebrew “God has shown might.” Therefore, the name Gabriel means “Strength from God” and thus he is invoked for strength in the time of difficulties, courage and Good News. Many people have reported of Angel Gabriel’s help in the time of difficulties, job opportunities, financial breakthroughs and in the time of loneliness.

The archangel Gabriel is seen to be the angel who appeared to people in the Old Testament and the New Testament on several occasions. 

There are times Gabriel is mentioned by name. Hence, on other occasions, Gabriel is thought to be the unnamed angel who made announcements to Moses, to Saints Joachim and Anne, to the shepherds at Jesus’ birth, and to Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane to strengthen him.

2. Gabriel the Archangel was first mentioned in the Book of Daniel. He visited the prophet Daniel, interpreting his dreams and explaining his visions to him.

The Archangel Gabriel announced to the priest Zechariah about the coming birth of John the Baptist. When Zechariah did not believe the angel because he and his wife were too old to be parents, Gabriel struck him dumb until the child was born.

The greatest visitation of Gabriel is known as the Annunciation. He visited the Blessed Mary and announced to her that she would bear a Son. Angel Gabriel is known as the “Angel of the Incarnation” because he was present when “the Word was made flesh”. It was Gabriel  who also went on to announce to Joseph to stand by Mary. When the baby Jesus was born, it was Gabriel who spread the news of his birth to the shepherds in the surrounding region.

The Angel Gabriel is therefore the patron for communications – in particular, consolation and guidance His earthly visitations always portend a major change in human history.


Whenever, He visits or comes, there is always a change. He can change the condition of anyone who invokes him for help.He is a divine messenger, who always announces a coming event.  He explains the meaning of dreams,  news, and to those who are frightened he offers consolation.


The Angel Gabriel is the One who remained with Jesus Christ on the eve of his crucifixion, strengthening Him to face his fate.

Saint Gabriel is the patron of parents and teachers, patron of postal workers and those in the communications industry. He always invoked whenever, there is need for change,job opportunities, financial breakthrough and Good News.


Do not doubt the angel, as Gabriel frowns at unbelief and disobedience. He struck Zechariah because of unbelief and warned Samson’s mother of disobedience (Judge 13)


How to Invoke the Archangel Gabriel for Any help?


To heal your situation, first give your Angels your worries. Allow Your Angels to guide you. They will  show you how to solve your situations, give you strength to go through your challenging times,  create and accept abundance. As you and your Angels work together, your financial situation will heal as fast as you will allow. 


Spiritual Tips We have to Understand

To ask for help from the archangels like Gabriel, the best medium to connect them  is through silence, inner peace, tranquillity, and calmness.


To do this we have to enter into a conscious meditation which will then allow us to establish the connection with the Archangel. This meditation should not be done just as an ordinary activity. It must be done with deep faith, focus and concentration.

The tolerance, the practice and determination to continue insisting every day without fainting is the key to obtain this communication with the angel to whom you want to speak.


Pay attention to these steps to take before the prayer.

  • Find a place where there will be no disturbance, where there will be a deep calmness, and where you will be alone.

  • Lighten your candle, you can put a relaxing music, face your altar or the Blessed Sacrament

  • Once you are in absolute calmness and tranquillity, kneel before the altar or sit very calmly, 

  • Rest  and lower your arms and relax, and make the sign of the cross by closing your eyes.

  • Try not to think of anything. Put your mind blank, then go deep into the spirit with your mind, until you meet a bright light.  Imagine that you only see a bright white.

  • Then begin to Breathe very slowly, feel how the air goes through your body from your nostrils to your lungs, exhale very slowly counting up to 20 and feel the air leaving your body slowly, repeat this action several times, until you feel an incredible peace, no matter how long it takes.

  • Begin to invoke the angel Gabriel. Say Words ‘Oh my beloved Angel Gabriel, please come, I love you, I need an encounter with you”. “Oh my powerful angel Gabriel, I love you/ Continue to say it, until you are charged, or you have a more inner peace. 

  • When you feel a lot of peace, begin to think of the angel Gabriel, imagine how powerful he is, and think that the angel Gabriel is there with you.

  • Now with much peace and calm tell him to assist you, in your problems and challenges.  To allow the Archangel Gabriel to bathe you with his light and energy, you must be relaxed and focused on the prayer you will say. Angel Gabriel does not like doubt . So, mean your prayer. All prayers must be conducted in peace and maximum concentration for a more certain connection with the Archangels.

Imagine that you have the Archangel Gabriel in front of you, listening carefully to everything you have to say. After the prayer, be grateful to him.


God Bless You


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