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How Can We create A Peaceful Home? Opinion Poll : Read Responses.





How we can create a peaceful home today is one of those challenges facing our different families today. Today, many families allow crisis to prevail in their different homes than creating peace. How we can create a peaceful home has become quite problematic in this era. To help in curbing this increasing problem, a random question was thrown to a group of people on how we can create a peaceful home and many responded. Feel free to read their opinions and give your verdict after. You can as well vote the best opinion that truly made impact on you.


Opinion Poll On How We can create A Peaceful Home



1. Marian Godsway Kudenu

Accra – Ghana

In my own view, the best way to make a peaceful home is to;

1.Have a close relationship with God; Making the Holy Spirit your greatest friend is of utmost importance because He will constantly give you the grace to do all that will bring you peace and comfort because by human strength you cannot create a peaceful home.

Love others as you love yourself and live in peace with family, friends and neighbours.

2. Lower your expectations and suppress the urge to control everything around you. Stop anticipating every possibility and live life on a day-to-day basis.

3. Practice tolerance; Accepting diversity is the first step towards this, and you will feel a considerable difference once you start respecting other people’s beliefs and opinions instead of fighting them.

4. Practice forgiveness; You must learn to forgive yourself and the people who offend you even before they apologize. Because some may not apologize even when you point out their offences to them. Some too may see nothing wrong in their actions.

5. Cut your coat according to your cloth. Thank God for what you have and pray that He blesses you with what you need. Do these to avoid anxiety as a result of the things you lack presently.

6. Avoid comparison by any means in all its forms and shades.

7. Humility

One of the virtues of a pacemaker is humility, without which it will be difficult to be at peace with even our enemies. Isaac demonstrated this in Genesis 26:19-25 and he was termed the prosperous peacemaker.  

Thank you.





2. Name: Irogbele Chiamaka Faustina

Location: Orsu L. G. A Imo State Nigeria

You don’t create a peaceful home

You make a peaceful home There’s a difference and that too has to go with both parties involved. Whether rich or poor, the idea is to remind yourselves what brought both you together and why you decided to get married in the first place. This should be a guide because people tend to forget those good old days.

2. To be rich or poor does not make a peaceful home. Peace comes from the mind.

So when both parties’ minds are at rest, united, loved, embraced, comfortable etc in the relationship then there won’t be any room for anything that can lead to violence or lack of peace in the home.

3. You all must conquer doubts, envy, insatiable quest/thirst of anything and everything. We have to always see dialogue and conversation as very important. To talk about issues is also a solution on its own. 

A summary, peaceful home is not just a nack. It is a continuous movement, the couple has to find spices and sauces to fuel their ride (the relationship) and never let anything or anyone come against their love, home and peace of mind.

In life, we must always find someone more sweet, beautiful or handsome, richer and more romantic etc than your partner which can make you lose faith and want more like Oliver Twist but keeping constant reminder for that which brought you both together and said “I Do till death” always find its way to bring you both back to your senses.

Thank you




3. Lady P. C. Maurice from Owerri, Imo State

Father, thanks for this opinion poll. The keywords that can make for a peaceful family/home are Love(appreciating each other) Tolerance(letting go) togetherness(Praying together)




4. Diala Nmesoma Mariagoretti

Owerri,IMO state

1. For one to create a peaceful home, we must understand that we have to make a lot of sacrifices. For peace to reign in a home, one person has to sacrifice for the other.

2. Secondly, there must be love, care, understanding, respect and mature minds in that home because this is not just the work of only the wife or the husband, this is a work for both parties. Their efforts and sacrifices are needed.

Thirdly, each person needs to know when to say”I’m sorry” the power of apology shows itself in every home. We need to let go of pride. What really is killing many relationships is pride. We have to come down if we truly want peace.




5. Ada Oluchukwu Ufochukwu. From Ikeja Lagos.

Peace can easily be created in the family by these 4 simple acts or ways: respect, understanding, tolerance and love.

1. couples need to respect each other’s opinion whether the opinion is making sense at that moment or not, first, admit the opinion then make your corrections later.

2. Understanding each other’s perspectives and following our partner exactly the way he or she is.

3. Learn to tolerate your partner’s flaws and correct each other with love.

4. Love. Love endures a lot, love is sacrifice and love is not selfish. You must sacrifice a lot including your happiness sometimes for the sake of peace in your home. You must endure some pains for the sack of peace in your home.

5.Finally, you must not be selfish, make the happiness of your partner your number one priority and always be first to say I Am sorry if there’s any misunderstanding among you, also never hesitate to say thank you to every little favour or help your partner might render to you.




6. Mrs Nkeiruka B from Lagos state

 For me the best way to create a peaceful home are many but I have to start with this. The man and woman have to agree. They have to admit their individual mistakes too by apologizing to each other. By doing this, the family will be in peace. They have to sacrifice anything for the sake of peace. And whenever anyone is going out, try and let your partner know where you are going. Praying together can also help the family to be a peaceful home.




7. Anujue Ifeanyi Godwin

Ijegun, Lagos State

“To live in a peaceful home is to experience paradise on earth”Shri Radhe Maa.

To create a peaceful home, the following should be put in place:

1.Forgiveness: Tolerance and forgiveness are essential for a peaceful home.” Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Do not lose your inner peace for anything whatsoever, even if your whole world seems upset “St. Francis de Sales.

2. Stop living in the past. Stop remembering the person you would have married in the past or what you would have achieved.

3. Seek compatibility. Learn to blend, accommodate and reform your character.”Peace is not the absence of conflict, it is the ability to handle conflict by peaceful means”Ronald Reagan

4. Be mindful of friends. He who runs with wolves learns to howl, so also, if a goat that doesn’t eat cocoyam moves with that which eats cocoyam, it begins to eat cocoyam.

5. Complement, understand each other’s weaknesses and appreciate each other’s strengths.”Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding”Albert Einstein

6.Faithfulness.Always remember your marriage vows-inscribe them in the sacred parts of your hearts.”What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family” Mother Teresa.

7. Avoid third party’s influence. You will find peace not by trying to escape your problems, but by confronting them courageously. You will find peace, not in denial but victory”.J.Donald Walters.

8. Be contented, show acts of give-and-take as well as gratitude. Avoid favouring one child over the other.

9. Communicate always with members of your family. Spend enough time and visit places together. Show them love.” When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace”.Jimi Hendrix.

10. Above all study the Word of God and pray together always.”A peaceful home is as sacred a place as any chapel or cathedral” Bill Keane.





8. Mrs Ibe Beatrice. Owerri. Imo State.

1.Prayer should be a tradition in the family.

2.The man should always maintain the headship.

3. The couple should have a true love for each other, so that love will radiate on the whole family.

4. The man should always accommodate, love and tolerate the wife’s relatives, and the wife should do the same.

5. The man should be very open with his finances to his wife at all times so that she will know when to expect something from him, and when she should cover him up.

6. The overall responsibility of bringing the children up should be a joint business, without cheating from any party.

7. None of the couples should in any way make the children feel that he/she loves and cares for them more than the other partner.

8. Every child in the family should have equal love and recognition, also, be made to know and carry out expected responsibilities. The younger ones should learn to accord desired respect to their seniors, and the seniors should reciprocate and care for their younger ones.

9. Above all, the face of God should be sought in everything the family does.




9.  Ifeanyi Collins. Lagos State

1. Have a sanctuary: A place where you seek God’s guidance and mercy through prayer

2. Consent: Make a habit to get each other’s consent in giving alms or helping family members.

3. Communication: No matter the challenge, always open channels for talking and listening.

4. Fidelity: Ensure at all cost to maintain saying the truth to one another.

5. Finance: Plan and strategize together on more ways to make income.

6. Appreciation: Show appreciation on small task done, celebrate Small and big victories

7. Decoration: Make time to decorate the home together.

Routines and Rituals: Sustain the idea of celebrating each other’s birthday, anniversaries. Go for picnics, hangouts and shopping, etc




10. Klassic Prince Sunny. 

The three pillars for every peaceful home are Unity







11.Udeh Christian Lagos State.

As for me what I think that we will use to create a peaceful home is

1 Prayer(the family that pray together stay together)

2 Communication.

3 have the Spirit of forgiveness.

4 spirit of love.





12.Ezeilo Rita

Maiduguri Borno state

 The secrets are simple: Love genuinely, Pray frequently, forgive quickly, give generously, gather regularly, speak kindly, spotlight your own behaviour, Avoid comparison, don’t expect perfection.




13. Chikwendu Esther

Lagos state

I. Don’t allow 3rd parties into your home and its affairs.

ii. More of listening than talking.

iii. Put God first.

iv. Learn to say “I am sorry” and “Thank you”.

v. Be appreciative and supportive no matter how little.




14. Okafor Ebele. Enugu, Enugu State.

 In a social sense, peace is commonly used to mean a lack of conflict and freedom from fear of violence between individuals or groups (Dictionary).


Following the above definition, we are considering the best way to create a home without conflicts and where the members have no fear of violence from one another.

I think it is fundamental that spouses recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each other and so respect, accept and compliment where necessary.

When you recognize the weakness(s) of your spouse, you’re better able to communicate with understanding and respect for that person and the defaulter is more receptive of your admonition.

As couples live out these characters, the children will naturally follow suit. It will be a home where one feels appreciated for their good sides and does not feel threatened or rejected when they fall short of expectations.

When one feels loved and accepted as a person and not just because of good qualities, the person has inner peace and bond with the family and so can live peacefully with others. You can’t give what you don’t have.





15. Nwadei Christiana Lagos State

I believe the best way to create a peaceful home is to be a person of Love. We are to make sure we do everything possible to practice it. It’s often too easy especially when family members tend to show you some attitudes that are against love. That’s why we need the Holy Spirit to guide us all the way. Perseverance and persistent I believe will also pay off.



16. Paschal Ezunna Location:Asaba Delta State.

For a home to be peaceful, these few points must be put into perspective

1)Every man and woman has a weakness. Nobody is perfect. Hence, if you focus on your partner’s imperfections, you can’t get the best from him or her.

2)Everyone has a dark history. No one who is a saint. Stop using his or her pasts, deal with the present. No one is a saint or an angel. We all are striving to win God’s friendship.

3)There is no perfect family anywhere, challenges are bound to occur. It could stem from childlessness or lack of finance. How do you solve the storm when it arises? Prepare and learn how to solve the storm when it arises.

4) Never compare your home with anyone. You don’t know the price he or she is paying every day to keep the home. All fingers are not equal. Cut your coat according to your size. Eat what you can afford, take your children to a school that you can afford. Avoid competition, it has wrecked a lot of families. It has also sent some families to the village. Do what works for you.

5)There must be a spirit of forgiveness amongst couples. If you don’t have the spirit of forgiveness, please there is no need entering into marriage.

6)Above all, families must have time for God. They must begin with God each day and end with God.




17. Name: Gloria Nnaji

Location: Lagos State.

The best ways to create a peaceful home are as follows:

1. Speak kindly because it’s amazing how a little kindness goes a long way to setting the tone of the home.

2. Gather regularly for meals and prayers. Eat together.

3. Laugh readily. Jokes and play always lighten another’s load.

4.Work cheerfully together as a family

5. Give generously of your time and possession.

6. Forgive quickly. Don’t waste time in nursing grudges.

7. Hug freely.

8. Pray frequently. Ask God to bring peace into the home.

9. Cheer loudly. Offer your enthusiastic support.

10. Love genuinely. Love will cover a multitude of sins – 1 Peter 4-8.




18. OnyinyeChukwu Okoh, from Anambra State. 

I think that tolerance & praying together will help in creating a peaceful home. When the husband or wife can tolerate each other without reservation, even tolerate the people around, & coordinate it with prayer, peaceful home is raised already. Thank you.




19. Mbamalu Calista

 Location: Isolo, Lagos

I think the best way to create a peaceful home is, first of all, understand each other to try to avoid anything that would hurt the other and also we need to love each other which is the greatest of the commandments of God and covers multitudes of sin. You need patience and tolerance, there’s also a need to invite God into our homes. He is the giver of peace. The family that prays together stays together so if we pray and share the word of God the Lord of peace will always be with us.




20. Name: James-Edeh Sandra Chidera

Location: UNEC Enugu.

I’m a product of a peaceful home if not 100% maybe a 99.9% will be a pass mark.  

The best way to create a peaceful home is communication. Why is this my best option?

Here, I would define communication as sharing your feelings and ideas with someone. Communication barriers have become one of the hindrances to chaos in the home. How well do you communicate with your wife, husband and children or do you show your prowess or authority while communicating. Most definitely!

From experience, we(the children in my family) speak more with my mum, we share all the shareable and gossip. Although we don’t talk to Dad that much. We have studied the way he expresses his love to his family and we just end joking about it within us and we still end up together like always. As the oldest, I make sure to call a round table meeting consisting of my siblings and know their grievance towards anyone in the home and we end up with a solution to approach the matter when next it occurs. Same goes with them, they know who my best friend is and he or she is my friend and why I don’t even make friends at all.

Hey, Mr Man! Talk to your wife, she is your friend. When she’s going wrong, playfully initiate your point to her. Don’t hide that girl that winked at your office during the day’s job. Tell her about your dreams and goals for the year. When you are hungry, talk to her like you would when you are a child to his mother etc. The same goes for the wife and the husband.

To your children, don’t say it’s my wife’s job to talk to them. Joke and play with them, in fact, let them advise you about your work and other affairs and reverse.

In conclusion, When we can achieve effective communication skill, Love is ignited, your prayer time is respected and valued etc. When we fail to share what we have within us, we end up assuming the otherwise for others.





21 Nenye

Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria.

The fear of God is the secret to a peaceful home.

Favour is deceitful, beauty is vain but a man/woman who fears the Lord shall be praised…prov31vs30. This simply means that to rid one’s home of chaos and all manner of hostility, the fear of God must be strictly adhered to both in words and deeds, in the secret and the open.

When one fears God, you do not need a surveillance camera to live a godly life. At any point in time, you know that you are living for God who sees in secret and in the open and not necessarily for your partner, church members, priest/pastor friends or family members.

And guess what? The fear of God is the beginning of the wisdom you require to succeed in all spheres of life of which marriage is just a fraction of it.

Above all, you shall inherit HEAVEN AT LAST!




22. Nonye Maduka Enugu Enugu state

A peaceful home is one in which there is an understanding between husband and wife. They should know how to tolerate each other and not be fault finders every time because nobody is perfect. They should learn how to say “I am sorry” when they offend the other person. Above all, they should be praying together because it is said that a family that prays together stays together. 




23.Nwokpoku Modester Ebere .


Ebonyi State. 

A peaceful home emerges when there is a maximum understanding between the two parties leaving together (Husband/Wife).




24.Gina. Port Harcourt. Rivers State.

To create peace, you must be a peacemaker and also peaceful in everything that you do. 



25. Bibiana Uche Ejezie Bucknor Ejigbo Lagos

To create a peaceful home, the husband and wife have to be God-fearing. They have to be ready to join forces together to forge ahead despite any difficulty. Hence, they have to be mature in their mind despite their age. They must have a singular vision; which is to build a happy family.




26. Mrs Anosike

I think the best way to create a peaceful home is that the couple should study each other thoroughly and understand each other’s weaknesses. By the time they achieve this, both can never be angry at the same time. For instance, if the husband feels provoked, the wife will know the right time and the right way to approach him and calm everything down. 




27. Augustine Mario Nnaji, MFV 


To attain a peaceful home, one should put into consideration the love and communion of the Holy Trinity which every home flows from. Then every family home should have a sense of oneness and prayers. Families should love each other genuinely. They should have patience, self-control and forgiveness. Hence, they should create time for sharing, fun and teach the children how to love and be loved. They should avoid third parties that will cause division in the home. And lastly, in the home, there should be respect for each other’s opinion and a sense of an open mind by listening attentively to each other without contentious tone and prejudice.




28. Mr. Isidore Ejemba Orlu Imo State

The easiest ways to create a peaceful home are but not limited to these:

1. Honesty and sincerity

2. Tolerance and readiness to forgive at all times no matter the enormity of the offence

3. Openness even as it concerns income and expenses

4. Doing things together, bathing, eating, praying and so on

5. Reminding each other daily how much you love you share

6. Avoid bad friends that will have a negative influence on your marriage

7. Respecting each other’s opinion

8. None of the partners should assume too much

9. Handling disputes together without involving outsiders.




29. Mrs Justina Obere Owerri

1)pray with your family always.

2)Always go to church with your family.

3)Have time with your children and discuss with them.

4)Do not compare your family with another.

5)Prepare your food on time.

6)Keep the house neat.

7)Do not ask for money always.



30. Fr Odionyenfe Anthony Umuahia

1.One of such ways to create a peaceful home is for parents to consolidate their parental roles towards their wards. Some think unfortunately that their work is simply to be father and mother or to provide shelter and food on the table for their children forgetting some of the work of parenting which are:

A. First teachers of their children on discipline and manners.

B. Best of advisers; parents should consolidate their work as their wards advisers. The people they can feel free to open up to without any cohesion or tension. C, that cannot happen if they’re not their best friends; parents are to be for their children friends that they can play with and chat with. 

Most times children prefer to look for friends outside the home because they cannot get one at home. That role also should be given utmost attention.

2. There’s this old saying: “spare the rod and spoil the child”. Well, as much as this sounds true so much so it sounds untrue and fuels tension. Not every misdeed from your wards requires punishment. That is, punitive measures are not always the right means to handle misdeeds. 

You can correct your ward by doing the right things so that he/she watches you (Dad or mum) doing it and she/he learns.

– Teach a child how to sweep by sweeping.

– Teach them how to wash plates by washing.

3. Building confidence and trust: this is another cancer that destroys peace in homes. Parents should learn how to build confidence and trust in their children by giving them tasks to accomplish. Those tasks build in them the feeling of belonging. Even when they make mistakes don’t scold them, handle them with care. This too helps children to repose their trust and confidence in their parents.

 This can help a child to always open up to his parents; for example, share those intimate experiences with either his dad (if he’s a boy child) or mum (if she’s a girl child). I wonder these days any boy child (teens) that can with confidence walk up to his dad and tell him his mess. Those Personal things are generally called “Boy’s talk” or “girl’s talk”.


Feel free to comment and vote the best advice that truly made an impact on you. You can use the commenting section.


  1. Ken says

    For me, it’s the first write up, elaborate and straight to the point. I also love the 5th contributor.
    Thank you padre for this pool.
    God bless all the contributors.

    1. Ada says

      Really touching suggestions.

      My vote goes for No 5

  2. Onuoha Chilee says

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      I vote for “Rita Ezeilo”
      More grace

  3. Onuoha Chilee(fluorescence as WhatsApp name) says

    I must confess, I learnt a lot from all their opinions, God bless you all, you all are great teachers.😍💖💖💖

    But we’ve got to vote….
    Anujue Ifeanyi Godwin is the man that have my vote

    1. Stella Maris says

      Opinion number 1 from Ghana, really captivated me more; straight to point and in simple terms elaborated the points. In fact she spoke my mind.

      Thanks to every contributors, I learnt one or two things from each opinion.

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    Gud day fr. For me I appreciate all the writers but the first one touches my heart the most and said it all. The seven writer also hit d point. Thank you fr, for the poll, more grace.

  5. Cj glorious says

    Thanks so much father for this great poll you brought out may God bless you in Jesus name Amen.

    Seriously I learned a lot from all these teachings from the contributors.

    My vote goes to No1 contributor Marian God’s way

    Thank you all

  6. Stella Maris says

    Opinion number 1 from Ghana, really captivated me more; straight to point and in simple terms elaborated the points. In fact she spoke my mind.

    Thanks to every contributors, I learnt one or two things from each opinion.

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    The messages are all good… really learnt alot from them and my best Comment is No. 12 Ezeilo Rita…Am voting for her

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    I love what no 12 said. lf we really work in line with wat was she has written I very sure it will be of help for each and everyone of us. Thanks so much

  10. bukande says

    Opening Number 12. Ezielo Rita… Maiduguri

    1. Pastor Chinedum Godwill says

      If you must Maintain peace you must be ready to let your Right go so times.

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  12. Mike Obi says

    No 5 was explicit with the way she broke down her 5 key point. Her point are….
    1. RESPECT
    3. LOVE
    this 5 cardinal point where in our Lord’s center message Ephesians 6: 1-24. In the Bible. God bless us all.

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    Vote Ezunna Paschal no. 16

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    Respect, Understanding? Tolerance & Love.

  17. Dayo says

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    Ada Oluchukwu has done well with her answers, thank you for your response to the topic, I appreciate.


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    I pray we all have a peaceful and loving homes. Thank you all who took time to contribute and all who read through the posts.

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