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How to Turn on Your Facebook Professional mode



How to Turn on Your Facebook Professional mode


Professional mode gives you access to a lot of professional tools, insights and monetization products that can help you build your professional presence from your personal profile.


Previously, these tools and features were available only on Pages. But with professional mode you can have the monetization tools.

Before Facebook marks your professional mode ready to set up for income, you must have more than 5000 followers and your videos viewed for 60000 minutes. I will talk about that later


How to turn on professional mode

Here’s how you can turn on professional mode:


Watch the Video below 


1.Go to your Facebook profile.

Below your profile header, click or tap the menu button (…) on the right side.


2.Click or tap Turn on professional mode.


3.To confirm, click or tap Turn on and complete the flow.





You can also turn off your professional mode

If you don’t want to use professional mode on your profile, you can turn it off. If you turn off professional mode:


Your current friends, followers and profile content won’t change.

Your Who can follow me preference remains Public, but you can change it in Settings.

Your privacy settings won’t change.


If you have any question let me know


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