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Prayer to Saint Luke for Academic Success


Prayer to Saint Luke for Academic Success


 Oh, Saint Luke, physician and evangelist, I humbly come before you today, Seeking your intercession and guidance on my academic journey.


You were blessed with knowledge and wisdom, Healing both the body and the soul, And I ask for your intercession as I strive for academic success.


Pray for me, Saint Luke, That I may be graced with a clear mind, A thirst for learning, and a strong memory.


Help me to focus and concentrate, absorb knowledge with ease, and excel in all my studies and examinations.

I ask for your protection against distractions, Doubts, and anxieties that may hinder my progress, and instead, grant me courage, perseverance, and resilience.

Dear Saint Luke, inspire me to pursue knowledge with passion, To use it for the benefit of others, And to honour God by seeking truth and understanding.


Guide my teachers and mentors so that they may impart wisdom and guidance, And influence my academic path for the better.


Finally, I ask for your intercession in my moments of doubt, May I find solace and strength in your example, And may your prayers help me overcome any challenges I may face. Saint Luke, advocate for those in need, Hear my humble prayer for academic success, And intercede on my behalf before our loving God. Amen.


Litany of Saint Luke


 Lord, have mercy,

Christ, have mercy,

Lord, have mercy,

Saint Luke, pray for us,

Saint Luke, patron of physicians,

Saint Luke, patron of artists,

Saint Luke, patron of students,

Saint Luke, patron of scholars,

Saint Luke, model of diligence,


Saint Luke, example of dedication,

Saint Luke, guide of the inquisitive,

Saint Luke, intercessor for the perplexed,

Saint Luke, healer of uncertainty,

Saint Luke, patron of wisdom seekers,

Saint Luke, bringer of inspiration,

Saint Luke, patron of academic pursuits,

Saint Luke, advocate for knowledge,

Saint Luke, teacher of compassion,

Saint Luke, protector against distractions,

Saint Luke, source of discipline,

Saint Luke, guardian of learning,

Saint Luke, intercessor for clarity,

Saint Luke, companion in times of doubt,

Saint Luke, patron of perseverance,

Saint Luke, dispenser of understanding, Pray for us,


Saint Luke, That we may grow in wisdom and knowledge, And experience academic success,

Through the intercession of Saint Luke, May our minds be enlightened, Our studies be fruitful, And may we use the knowledge we gain to serve others.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen.



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