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Testimonies of the 21 Days powerful Spiritual Program with Angel Michael Vol one


Testimonies of the 21 Days powerful Spiritual Program with Angel Michael Volume one


  1. Titi says..During the novena one of my intentions was financial stability because things were getting hard for me, I was doing some work wit one NGO n for some months the have not paid us tho I started the novena at the later part, God has shown his presence in my situation and ArchAngel Michael fought my struggles. I received a call one morning that my money had come. I was so happy because I was so hard up and no one to turn to for help at that point. Praise be to God cos the rest of my intentions r abt to manifest as well. I’m so grateful to God and Father for bringing this Novena for us to receive our breakthrough.


  1. Anonymous says


Good evening father

Please hide my name and tagged me as an anonymous

This is my Testimony:

During the 21-days Novena to St.Michael the Archangel,I was delivered from dream pollution I have been experiencing constant eating in the dream, defilement in the dream and all sorts of dream manipulation.i thank God b/4 the end of the Novena God intervened and set me free.i no longer experience such dreams again.and I prayed through the intercession of our blessed mother for God to make it in permanent in my life and my entire household

Also, me and my husband was attack on the same day,seeing puzzle cat entering into our house turning into human being, but God intervened and saved us from them

all. I believe by God’s Mercy, they won’t be able to penetrate into our life and home again. Amen


  1. Lazarus O says


God’s intervention/God’s Deliverance from disgrace and shame.

My Name is Lazarus Okoroafor Andrew from Home of Victory 9.

I want to use the medium to Testify the glory of God in my life, on how He delivered me from disgrace and shame.

It was on Thursday 24th November, 2021 the fourth day of our 21 days prayer to Saint Michael the Archangel, I left my Altar candle on and went to work when it was some minutes to 4pm, a friend called me to come over to his shop and collect my money, on my way going a voice told me to go straight to the yard and I asked the voice, what for? And same voice said again, just go and I had no choice other than to obey, when I got home there was smoke everywhere in the yard I thought maybe someone is setting something ables but when I opened my room lo and behold, it was my Alter, my form and my rug that is burning; with the shock I don’t know when I tried to use my bare hand to quench the fire my hand got burnt before looking and available water to quench it by the grace of God it went off the whole house was not burnt. But before this very day, on the 3rd day of the prayer, all I was praying was “God Deliver me from Disgrace and Shame” and up till date no one in the yard knew what happened. The most surprising part of is that on my Alter that was burning nothing spoiled except one of my Rosary, One of my Rosary, Back to sender oil, Precious Blood Badge, olive Oil and some other things that was right inside the fire was not burnt not even the Label, if I may ask, “is our God not Great” of course he is great but God. I Can’t thank God enough for the great things he has done to me during this 21 days prayer to Prince Saint Michael the Archangel, I return all the honour to Our Mother Mary and to Prince Saint Michael the Archangel for their intercession.

Thanksgiving to God for His great works in my life. Jesus I love you, all I have is yours, yours I am, yours I want to be, do with me whatever you will. Amen

All thanks to Rev. Fr. Sanctus the CEO Home of Victory 9 for creating this great platform, Fr. May God reward you with heaven at last. Amen.

Once again I still remain Lazarus Okoroafor Andrew.

Thanks and God bless you all.


3.Anonymous Says


During the course of the 21 days novena to St Michael, my family faced a lot of challenges. First was my mum that slipped into a semi unconscious state with a diagnosis of cardiac failure and kidney infection. For five days, she couldn’t urinate, so she was referred to another hospital for dialysis. We got to the hospital, she was placed on oxygen in the Intensive Care Unit for one week and was catheterized. As I was doing the novena, I presented my family members, calling them by their names each time I prayed the novena, as God may have it, my mum came out of her semi unconscious state and she started making and passing urine on her own. Dialysis was no longer required. It was during this visit to the hospital that I got a call that my nephew jumped down a storey building, landed on his two feet then fell on his back with the crown of his head hitting the german floor, he was unable to walk. I pleaded with St Michael to defend my nephew. My 9 year old nephew was sent to X ray, and the result showed that all the bones were intact, no fracture and no dislocation, he is doing perfectly well and can use his lower limbs. That same day, my younger brother was saved by an accident that would have claimed his life. All these happened when the novena was ongoing. I am so grateful to God for His goodness and mercy upon my family. Thank You Jesus.


  1. Anonymous says


I have been having serious anger issues but they have subsided after the program. I have not been in a good relationship with my dad and for the past 2 years I haven’t stepped foot at home but that relationship has been restored. This is just part of it.


5.Anonymous says


Good Padre,

Glory to Jesus, Honour to Mary

My testimony, During the 21days powerful Novena to Archangel Michael, I booked mass intention for my 3months old baby who does not sleep in the night from 11pm to morning everyday since his birth and as a result I have developed high blood pressure because of lack of sleep. I thank God, our mother Mary and Archangel Michael for prayer answered. My baby sleeps well and I have gone to the hospital twice to check my BP and have normalised. I return all glory to God.


  1. Anonymous says 


I have a lot of testimonies, I prayed against the spirit of fear, bad dreams God did for me through the intercession of our beloved St Michael the Archangel. I prayed for God to increase my salary at work. He did it, I prayed for peace and He gave me peace. I thank the Lord Almighty and believe that more is still coming. Also thank Father Sanctus for all the good works the Lord is using Him to do.


7.Anonymous says 


Yes my mum underwent a surgery and she came out successful without complications.


I dreamt when ants were falling off my clothes and turned into small millipedes. And they filled the house. I used insecticide with the help of someone I don’t know to kill them and when I came back into the house I didn’t see any one. Everywhere was very clean except the marks of the insecticide on the wall.


  1. Anonymous says

My two sons that are carriers have been very healthy,I had an overflow of daily income though not much but it took care of my needs, as I’m still expecting more, our God is just faithful


  1. Ojiegbe Perpetua says


Destiny helpers located me during this novena.

My dad won his case.

My candle’s fame changed to rose’s shape.

I felts God’s presence in all that I do.

I had dreams encounter …

I now have the Presence of God in my life.


  1. Anonymous says

Thank God for defeating d attacks I usually experience with snakes causing nightmares in my dreams, As the novena for At Michael was progressing, I had a dream again where I saw blood spill beside where I lay my head, in my confusion I jumped up from bed & later in d day found dead snake lizard near day place,since then I have not experienced d snake nightmares I used to have in d past, Thank You Master Jesus, Thank you At Michael, d Standard bearer of Heaven


11.Janekings says


I Was looking for a new shop before the start of the novena. I hope to God to find one for me at a particular location that I liked so much.

Immediately I made up my mind to join this Novena even though it’s yet to start, God gave me a shop at the exact location that it’s difficult to be aware of any new vacancy there. And he used total strangers to do it on 1st September. He also saw me through paying for the shop rent and fees. I believe he will continue with his work in the shop and my life. Am super grateful.


  1. Anonymous Says


My Novena experience was that; it helped me dream and remember them.

It made me more bold and assertive in my daily dealings of sticking with the truth and speaking it without fear.


I want to appreciate God Almighty, for his goodness and mercies upon my life so far and during this Novena. St Michael the Archangel fought unforseen battles for me and my family.


I had not been paid for months, but my God Almighty supplied all my needs, according to his riches in Glory(Phil 4:19). He raised for me destiny helpers, God is too faithful to fail me: I am still trusting God to grant me the other request I asked of him through Christ our Lord. Amen


  1. Anonymous says


My testimonies are uncountable, From the healing of my nephew, financial favour, the great opportunity to start work abroad, the gift of life and good health, restoration of my Mum’s health and so many others.. I’m grateful to GOD Almighty…..My experience: Each time i pray, i feel God’s presence, and i get a kind of fulfilment after each prayer….My prayers are being answered speedily….All glory to God and Honour to Mother Mary


  1. Chikeluba-Okeke Amarachukwu says


The greatest testimony I can share are:

*God gave me life which means another opportunity to be better…

*My family (husband, parents, siblings, relatives, in-laws etc.) And I am in good health…

*God keeps providing for us even when all hope is lost…

*God still protects us through these angels…But I’m still trusting and believing God for this one prayer request I’ve been asking of him which is known to him alone…



God bless Fr. Santus Okey


  1. Anonymous says


Before this novena I didn’t know much about Archangel Michael. I watched Mother Angelica say the chaplet on EWTN but it didn’t mean much to me. I have now been enlightened, seeing his powerful intercession so much so that I became so inquisitive as to go read the book of Daniel to learn more about him. The Novenas we take here have opened my eyes to the wealth of the Catholic Church and the many spiritual activities, especially prayers. No dull moment and therefore no impossibility as long as we live in God.

Thank you.


  1. Anonymous says


I now have the courage  to make decisions for my family even though I’m not the eldest.


  1. Perpetua Chisom says


Testimony: St Michael fought the battle for my mother..Two weeks after my mother came back from Omugwo. She accidentally hit her head on the door that night. Nobody slept because of the level of fever and headache troubling her. The next morning she was rushed to the hospital,after a series of tests the doctor said that her BP and SUGAR(585%) was too high that she will be admitted to the hospital. The next day my mother couldn’t talk well,her neck was twisting and other dangerous signs. That day being the 14th day of Novena to St Michael. I prayed and cried all night to him to fight my mother’s battle because she was in a terrible state and to restore her health..At 10pm that day my mother was transferred to another hospital after many drips and injections she slept off..The doctor requested about 6 lab tests to be carried out on my mother. After a morning checkup by my brothers and sisters, the BP came down to normal and the SUGAR (from 585% to 104%).. Rejoice with me, she was discharged without running those 6 lab test(Doctor said no need again)..Thank you Jesus..St Michael the archangel continue to fight my battle..Amen


  1. Anonymous says


My prayer life has changed, my trust in God has waxed stronger. The spirit of fear has disappeared


  1. Anonymous says


Yes I have a testimony: I prayed for a successful surgical operation of a child who was born with a congenital malformation and it went well. The little boy is doing fine and even the doctors are marvelled


  1. Mrs Francess Ogechi says


I really want to thank God for His Goodness and mercies over my life. Initially I was told how an Igbo woman who lost her husband is being treated badly, when I came across this program 21 days of powerful prayers to saint Michael the archangel, I keyed into it. During the prayer everything was being reversed, my own case was exceptional, during the whole process, instead I was treated like a queen, from my husband’s family, Friends and relatives. It was what I desire that will be done . To the Glory of God everything went successful, and God granted us journey Mercies to and Fro, I thank God, Blessed Virgin Mary and saint Michael the archangel , for turning strange things around ,. I want God to perfect everything that concerns me and my children Amen


  1. Anonymous says


God has done it for me through st Michael the archangel he exposed the enemy of my success in my house.i met my house keeper in her room trying to use kitchen knife to kill herself for nothing ooo please help me to thank our God.


  1. Dolapo says


It helped me grow spiritually, I got consoled in my pain through the novenas and prayer; I got proper guidance on how to live my life according to the WORD OF GOD.


  1. Anonymous Says


I joined the novena on the 15th day. I did this simple prayer that first mid night and when I slept that early hours of the morning a dog came to bite me and I woke up.


The following day I found myself in my late paternal grandmother’s room and what I saw was wedding gowns and other white flowing gowns hung all over the room.


Since then it’s been one dream or the other and a complete break through.

My spirit have been completely lifted

God bless you father.


  1. Anonymous says


I will advise that everyone key into these prayers because it’s very active and the results are mind blowing. I don’t even know how to start but in all things I give God the Glory. I have experienced liberation, increase and lots more.

Also I want to thank Padre for his teaching, they were helpful


  1. Anonymous says


I work with an NGO that is into Public Healthcare. Their calendar year runs from October to September of the following year. It happens that this month of September is the end of the year, end of the Grant and end of contract.

For the next FY/grant everybody has to reapply for the job for a fresh interview of which if care is not taken somebody may fail the interview and lose their job. So when this 21 days prayer started, I booked mass and one of my intentions was that God the Protocol breaker through the intercession of our Blessed Virgin Mary and Archangel Michael will make the interview not to hold rather let the organisation absorb us back into the new grant. As God will have it, the interview never held; rather it was a WAIVER they used to replace the one on one interview which they originally planned. Four days to the end of the prayers which is DAY 17th I received my OFFER LETTER OF EMPLOYMENT for the new grant.

Thank you Mother Mary , Angel Michael and my Protocol breaker our Lord Jesus


  1. Anonymous says

Since I started this 21 days novena to St Michael I discovered that I am always at peace within me. This is the best gift anybody will ask for.


  1. Anonymous says


In the first week of this novena, I received financial favour. I am no longer afraid and the breakfast with the word has helped me tremendously.

Praise God!


28.Helen Naomi Says 


I had done a stomach pelvic ultrasound and the results had shown that I had a mass of 8.00mm, a sign of hernia. I was sent for an MRI the night before I said my novena. During the time I was doing the MRI I invoked St Michael’s the ArchAngel and mother mary. The results came up negative. Amen


  1. Anonymous says


I didn’t prepare well at the beginning. I didn’t ask mother Mary to create for me time to do the novena. I also didn’t manage to buy the candles. I really squeezed in time to do it every day. But all in all St Michael interceded for me. One intention I had in my heart but I didn’t include with Mass intentions was answered.


  1. Anonymous says


I have a lot of testimony.

During the novena, God kept providing for me and my family even through the hard times. There was one time I slept after praying only to feel something crawling in my body. I jumped from the bed to see a very big centipede in my bed. I called my husband and he killed it and told me it’s God that saved me. Our prayers are being answered.

Also even though we didn’t have enough finance, we are able to pay our child’s school fee with the help of God.

I don’t know how to explain all that has happened to me since I joined this group but am grateful to God for leading me here.


  1. Anonymous says


I just want to thank God for bringing me to the home of victory. I think it is a prayer answered. Prior to the home of Victory, I count how many times I say my rosary in a year and I was at that point of my where I’m angry with God. But with home of Victory, I’m having a different mind set despite the challenges.


  1. Anonymous says


I earlier posted in the wrong place Right from the Novena to Mother Mary the undoer of knots,I have been experiencing peace and satisfaction.(1)A 20 year old marriage was blessed to the Glory of God after much persuasion by the way I joined the group during the Novena to Mother Mary the undoer of knots (2)The peace which eluded us in the Family came to be especially between my two brothers (3)From the Novenas to the Holy Spirit to that of St Michael The archangel My daughter,the husband and their son applied and assessed their Visas in record time to the UK and as I speak they arrive UK on the 23rd of this month thanks be to God.and that means more prayers for sustenance Father Lord I am grateful.All these achievements were part of my requests and intentions.I know the Good Lord will meet all my needs if I stick to him (The almighty).I almost lost hope when I did not experience the candle miracle but when I remembered the warning that we should not have doubt in our mind especially during St Michael The archangel Novena and I am happy that God overlooked my fears and still went on to grant my request.I need to be closer to God almighty with more prayers Thank you Padre for your leadership, your guidance and more.


  1. Kabugho Janet says


I experienced a lot of the presence of the Angels through several miracle flowers something that I had never witnessed in my life.the miracle I have is that during the novena to mother Mary and the same time to st Michael God brought a re-connection with my husband when we had taken almost a week without any one taking to each other and on the birthday of mother Mary I asked for the gift of uniting again bse it was bothering me alot and as we were finishing celebrating mother Mary’ birthday at radio Maria I got a message from my husband that I should bypass at his office and when I reached there he took me out and thought out our issues and everything went on well and up to now we are very happy.glory and honour back to the almighty father.


  1. Mabel Says


During these 21 days I experienced the power of God Almighty through the intercession of archangel Michael. Next month will make it 1year of being unemployed. I have been applying for jobs since then but no show but I received an email on the 22nd that I have been shortlisted among those to take the aptitude test which I did. I am trusting God Almighty through the powerful intercession of St. Michael the Archangel that I have already gotten the Job because this was one of my primary intentions.


My second testimony is that shortly before we started the novena my mother had a dream in which she was in a scruffy with a family friend of ours and a church member and in the dream the lady was telling my mother that my mother has been proving stubborn and has refused to die that she was going to destroy my mother’s home and my mother gave her the beatings of her life in the dream. So when you said we can summon anybody to come and answer during the course of the novena, I summoned this lady to come face the wrath of st. Michael. Fr. This woman saw us during Mass and was suddenly acting cold and hostile. In fact my sister said she went to hug the lady & the lady refused to hug my sister back and was even angry.


My third testimony is that during the course of this novena on one of the days I usually pray from 12midnight to about 1:00am on one of those days my elder sister prayed with me and in the morning when we woke up she told me that “this your prayer is working” I had a dream after the prayer and in the dream a snake came to attack us in our house but the snake was under a big tree inside the compound( my house doesn’t have any big tree though) she said she was so afraid because the snake was big and looks angry, she ran out got the help of some of our neighbours who came and killed the snake and after killing it they cut off it’s head. I am thanking God Almighty for being mindful of us sinful men by giving us the Angels to assist, help, defend and guide us. May God bless you Fr for your steadfastness in helping us build our faith and destroying the empire of darkness in our lives and the world. Thank you Jesus


35.Felicia Iwuchukwu says


During the course of the Novena, my son got a good job but it wasn’t his area of study and the people he met on the first day, including the one that hurriedly handed over to him gave him an attitude that made him decide to quit despite me encouraging him. I kept calling on Archangel Michael for his intercession and a change of heart and attitude of those he met. He was bent on telling them that he wouldn’t be able to do the work but each day ,he comes back to say ,he didn’t see the oga to talk to.I knew God was at work. He is still there doing it. Today is his 5th day on the job and he is still there. God is good and to Him be all the glory.


We have also the Volume two


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