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When You go Through Painful Situations: Monday Inspiring Word 2




Painful situations are those conditions and moments in life when someone is filled with physical, emotional and psychological pains. These types of conditions are always excruciating and heap sadness in the heart. 


This can be as a result of a particular experience that one undergoes and when he/she remembers such experience, he is filled with sorrows and sadness in the heart. 


There are some experiences that when people remember what happened to them, they are filled with deep regrets, sighing, uncontrollable tears, pains and grief. It is true that many are undergoing painful conditions.


In many lives today, there is nothing like joy. What we can find are deep sorrow and sadness. There are many today who are seriously passing through a lot. 


When you go through a painful situation, the only result is pains and more constant pains. Sometimes you may find it very hard to think. Going through these situations will often give more sleepless nights and daily worries. 


Painful situations can come from the loss of a job, betrayal from a trusted friend, backstabbing from someone you love, mistakes of the past, hardship in the family, insults from someone, divorce, hatred, wickedness meted to you from people you do not expect, failure, poverty, loss of a loved one, inhuman attitude from those closest to your heart etc. 


When people go through these situations and many more, they feel like dying today and tomorrow. Some, however, eat regrets like food and lose appetite. 


Many lose weight within a twinkle of an eye while some become sick unknowingly. Painful situations if not handled properly can send one to His early grave. 


Take time and check many who are sick today, you will find out that they are the results of a particular situation that is not handled properly.


This is one of the reasons I took up this apostolate despite how busy I may be to see if there is a way we can save souls who undergo physical, emotional and psychological trauma.


 Painful situations can be excruciating, sorrowful, regretful, full of sleepless nights, and hurtful.

There are many who are undergoing serious painful situations, what they are looking for is someone who can speak life into them again. When you see some people, you will never know what they are passing through unless they open themselves to you. 


On February 14th which is Valentine’s Day, many celebrate their loved ones but there are many among us who are celebrating sickness, pains and abandonment even by their own immediate family. 


The question then is “what do we do when we encounter such agonizing conditions. Many of these conditions do affect our faith and the way we relate to God. Many even accuse God of allowing them to go through painful situations.


 There are many souls today who have hated God because they feel that God should not have allowed what they are passing through now. 


The truth is that many of these problems are caused by our mistakes and not God. If God allows one to go through a painful moment it may be for something good.


It is true that many painful situations are very distressing and often put you into misery but many of them come to toughen you and make you wise. If you do not go through them, you would never know who is with you or against you.


 Without many painful situations, what you know today, you may not know it. The truth is that most of these situations also come to challenge us. Sometimes it is through them that one can develop a very strong character.


Secondly, Painful situations are not only the time to think so bad of ourselves and the people who did bad to us but also the time of self-introspection. 



Painful moments are a time to ask ourselves a series of questions. Questions like “am I the one causing myself all these pains? What did I do wrong? Why did I make such a mistake? How do I salvage this situation? What can be done for me to come out of this situation? How can I be happy again? What can I do to get a nice job again? What is this situation trying to teach me?


 Questions we do ask ourselves during a painful time can provide answers that will turn to be life-changing for us. 

Going through a painful situation can be highly devastating.


There are many today who are seriously bleeding internally. But here is the key; every wound needs to be treated and bandaged, otherwise it may lead to something worse and deadlier. 


Sometimes, painful situations come when we least expect. It may even come from those you hardly expect. They can make you go through one of your worst moments. These situations are like wounds. 


What we need at that point is how to heal ourselves. These are how you can approach painful moments:


1.Find something or someone who can speak life to you again. 

 Hannah needed Eli to speak life into her life in 1 Samuel 1. Find encouragement books and some biblical verses.


2. Take time and visit the Blessed Sacrament if you are a catholic.


Pour all your tears there and dry them up. Cry everything out. It helps to ease the pain. Then Allow God to console you with His presence and words. Then console yourself. If you cannot, nobody can.


Like what 1 Peter 5:7 says  “Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you”.


Tell God everything you need to tell Him.


3. You may take time and visit your spiritual director. Those advice and comforting words that we hear at most painful times can go a long way to help.


4. “Take time and move around to ease the trauma, find encouraging verses in the bible like “even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil for God is with me”(Psalm 23:4), The Lord is my light and salvation (Psalm 27:1) etc. Repeat the sacred words often until it sinks into your subconscious mind. 

You can also begin to repeat words like “all I know is that God will see me through”. The truth about these words is that they will activate your faith and occupy your mind with faith lifting words instead of depressing statements.


5.Then quit telling the story to anyone.


The more you talk about it is the more you are bringing those sad feelings back. Also, quit locking yourself inside a room and staying alone, it makes you begin to worry about your past. 

6. Begin to interact as much as you can. Then quietly, try to let go. You would gradually become better again. In every painful situation, do not forget to take note of whatever the situation has taught you.


Let it be a lesson that will lead you forward than backward. Take time and think a way forward than wallowing in depression.


7. Finally make the inner decision to be better, that you must come out strong. You must talk to yourself. Do not forget that nothing in life is permanent and not even the condition. Painful situations can be bitter but can make someone better if you allow it to heal rather than destroy you. Always know, there is light at the end of the tunnel. 


May God bless you dearest and give us the grace to overcome your challenges. Amen.

Fr Sanctus Mario



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