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Home of Victory Testimonies for the Month of January 2024


Home of Victory Testimonies for the Month of January 2024





Good morning Fr.,

Good morning my wonderful people of home of victory,

I want to testify for what God did for me, i joined this group last year September it was introuduced to me by my neighbor Sis. Rachael Enejo, last year novena to St. Raphael I took the novena very serious and God answered my prayer through the help of this group. I have been having Snake dreams for a very long time every time I will be seen snake on my dream, infact the want I had last year november was terrible the almighty snake was pushing me I went and hide somewhere the snake was not away that I was watching him, the snake turn to a man started looking for me but after the novena somebody on my dream try killing the snake like three times on my dream, the next time I saw snake again on my dream was early this year 2024 I saw the snake death a very big and long snake he fall down and I notice it was already death all thanks to God Almighty and to the home of Victor for giving me victor over my problem.

Fr the testimony kept coming again and again: In my institution, It was my turn to be the HOD but some people did not allow it happen but today another duty post came out and I was made a Director to the Glory of God so join me in thanking the Almighty who made it possible

Prof Ebele Onwuka






Dear Fr,

Greetings in the Name of the Lord!

I have two testimonies to make at the end of the Novena;

1. My house help would have set the house on fires; while cooking with gas and God saved us,

2. ⁠I was saved again from accident and I gave God all the Glory

I want to thank God and Mother Mary,undoer of knots for undoing the knots of waist and chest pains and other illnesses in my life and family.








Praise be to Jesus

Honour to Mary.

I want to use this opportunity as well to thank our spiritual director for creating this group, God bless you fr.

Dear Fr if you could recall last year September during the prayer to St Michael, that I Share with you the experience I had about how my own blood brother told me in a trance how he has been responsible for my delays and how on that same night I got 3 confirmations after asking God if it were a familiar spirit disguising himself, but you told me it was a pure revelation, initially I doubted it but decided to dig deep into the matter I continued praying and summoned him spiritually to submit to me every thing he has taken away from me.

Now the testimony

I never knew that he withheld my Mother’s immigration documents, and has kept us believing he was doing something.

I was in a deep shock when sometimes this January he I should thank God who touched his heart to release those documents. not only that he told me it was the late wife who has been troubling him to release those documents, as I speak to you now my mother’s immigrant Visa is out but the shocking thing is that some one who filed papers is saying he cannot buy air ticket because he wasn’t expecting that the immigration process would be successful, to the glory of God we are striving to raise money to make sure the Visa did not expire in February 15th.

I am thankful to the Arch Angels who fought for me to end this wickedness, according to him my mum was supposed to have gotten green card since 2008, about 16 years ago but he held it back on some grounds known to him alone but God finally released it .

Paise God with meπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ’ƒπŸΌ and also pray that God will give us the financial Provision to see my mum through to the US

Wickedness is realooo







Good morning Fr. I have been asking God and our mother Mary for successful admission of my children to the university and to their dream courses. To the glory of God, they have been given admission as we have asked. I thank God for everything. I am very grateful. Thank you padre for what you are doing in the Home of victory family. God bless you immensely






I want to sincerely thank & appreciate you, honestly home of victory is a blessing in my life.

Gradually things are in proving & getting better for me. Thank you so much & God bless you for Us in home of victory.AmenπŸ‘






good afternoon Padre.

I want to return all Glory to God for his divine intervention upon my life and that of my family.

God with the heavenly hosts delivered us on our way back to Lagos from accident involving Dangote truck, two other vehicles+ our own making 3. none of the commuters was injured even though the 2 cars were crushed beyond repair, we still managed ours to Lagos.May His name be praised forever.




Good evening,,my testimony,, thank God our mother Mary undoer of knots has done it.initially, I have been asking my father to provide me with a good job, though I have a business,but today my sister called me through phone and asked me if am ready for a job,, ofcourse I said yes today at 7 I report the job on 15 Feb






Good afternoon Father. I come with testimony of Mary untier of the Knot. I was praying for peace at my current workplace and home and for a better job. Mother Mary has come through for me, I have seen peace that was lacking for the past over 2 years. Then on 19th day, Father, my second prayer petition was answered. I believe Mother Mary will see to the fruition of my prayer petition. My interview is scheduled for 14th February. I really praise πŸ™ and thank the Almighty God. Thank you my spiritual leader and may our Almighty God bless you abundantly.πŸ™





Good Evening Fr. I am through with the prayer and I must thank God and you my life is changing 😊Thanks






Fr., The God of home of victory is good.

In this 21days prayer, I asked God to increase my success story financially and career wise. My director informed me about a training sponsored by USAID. He paid for my transport, feeding and accomodation. I have attended, gotten the knowledge, obtain the certificate and about going back to my base now.

Thank you God, thank you Almighty king, thank you my absolute provide. With you all things are possible. Amen.






Testimony Testimony πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Fr.Help me to Glorify our Father in heaven for what he has done for me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Praise God comrades,

During program of St Gabriel,I asked God to give me grace so that I May be able to pay my tithe,

I managed to pay my tithe,but before sending that tithe,I said that “God am giving out my tithe please show me a sign that You accepted my tithe,

Walai God accepted my tithe

He blessed me with the same amount I used to pay my tithe πŸ₯°πŸ₯°Thank you Jesus for the MIRACLE MONEY πŸ˜‹πŸ•ΊπŸ•Ί

Thank u St Gabriel for the good news,,Thank you Mother Mary for Interceding for us always πŸ™πŸ»


#Home of Victory ugπŸ’ƒπŸΌπ•‹π•™π•–π•£π•– π•šπ•€ π•π•šπ•˜π•™π•₯ 𝕒π•₯ π•₯𝕙𝕖 π•–π•Ÿπ•• 𝕠𝕗 π•₯π•¦π•Ÿπ•Ÿπ•–π•.








Good morning padre,may our precious and Amazing God continue to guide and guard you always,Amen

Each time am privilege to read breakfast with the word,I am automatically renewed,I can’t thank you enough padre,I always have this fresh renewer in me that always cleans me of my weakness,thank you for always being their for us,God bless and keep you sir.

My siblings joined my mom in the UK yesterday

I was supposed to give this testimony before now but I wanted when my siblings come over

It wasn’t an easy process even on the day they were to travel they almost missed their flight not because they didn’t go on time but the devil

After checking in they were supposed to give them 2 boarding passes because it was a transit flight they said they couldn’t give the second boarding pass which is the one from Qatar to UK and they barely have 2 hours to spend at Qatar that means they would have to check in again

My mum and aunt were able to tell my sister what to do

On their way to the waiting area before they board the flight the immigration officer stopped them because they were traveling with my grandma even after showing them the consent letter they kept asking for documents, delaying and asking why my grandma is taking them if my parents are aware and all

My aunt had to send in documents including the court letter to show that they are eligible

The immigration officer was just wasting their time for nothing

After much pleading they allowed them to go

If not because of my grandma her age and all they would have missed the flight

I thank God for his infinite mercy asides that they didn’t have any issue again and they reached safely

I thank God and our mother Mary for her Intercession

Thank u Fr,

I thank God for successful graduation,I pray for successful defense that will happen on Thursday

I pray for marital settlement

God pls remove every spirit of death in my family, God’s mercy upon my life,





My padre good evening, Help me to thanks God for saving me from fatal accident tonight.

testimony time.




Fr. Join me and thank GOD and our Mother Mary.

Last year during the Novena to Mary Undoer of Knot (July), I prayed for,among others, life partner(wife). Am happy to let you know that am now happily married. Successfully wedded on December last year.





Glory to Jesus – Honour to Mary

Father good day God is faithful

I can’t thank God enough for his goodness to me and my family. I have gotten a suitable job and my eldest brother gotten a promotion. To God be all glory for ever and ever amen.

Mother Mary undoer of knots I thank you.

Thank you JESUS








Greetings, padre

Happy new year. I want to thank God for granting me safe delivery.

May the name of the Lord most high be praised now and forever in Jesus name, Amen n

Good morning Padre.I hope this message meets you in good health.Please I want to thank God for the miraculous divine help that was rendered to me a few days ago out of nowhere from a divine destiny helper, just when my hope was really down.I had faith in God, my blessed Mother Mary, undoer of knots and my patron saints and guardian angels and Archangels to intercede for me that day and they did.

I bless God with all my soul for His continuous mercies upon me and my family.

I had been searching for someone that I last saw 17 years ago. I put a petition to the novena of mother Mary undoer of knots, offered mass for the same on last Sunday and 2days later I got information of his whereabouts in the deep remote area of was total joy for both of us to hear him speak to me via phone from his neighbor.all glory be to God and mother Mary for undoing that knot.may she deliver him from the confusion and depression that has led him to alcoholism and irresponsibility. Thanks brethren for helping me in prayer. Am sure God will reform him to reunite us and to be a responsible father





Hello Father.

It’s been a long time since I shared with you . Sin makes the body sick. I had grudges. I suffered from Goitre. I went for confession. During the Holy Mass,( Mary Mother of God day) I received graces to forgive. I then started receiving healing. My neck is almost clear , just a small one remaining. I will be visiting the surgeon on the 29th of this month, because he was to perform surgery to remove it. You advised me so well. I bless Jesus




I want to testify for what our mother Mary the undoer of knots have done. I was done with school since last year but the release of my results have been a problem. I picked it as one of my prayer points in the ongoing novena and just 2 days ago, it was released. Glory be to God.






Good morning padre.

I want to thank God for all he is doing upon my life and family at large. Also to my sweetest mother undoer of knot for granting my petitions. My company paid me my 2 months salary they were owing me at once and also promoted me as the head of department. Also I recovery back the money I investment over 2years now and it was paid in full, even when I was told no refund. I Give God all glory and may His name be praised now and forever more Amen.








First of all, I thank the Almighty God for putting smile on my face again. After all the challenges we faced last year, this year I was so worried on how we are going cope with much expenses we have on our head, since the places I applied for work none of them called me and my business is not moving at all. So I courageously placed an advertisement on Home of Victory site with half payment for 3days. Before now during Angel Gabriel’s novena I told him I want a financial change in our lives this year. First day of placing my advert, a customer from abroad came to my DM….like play like play, the customer bought goods worth more than 500k through me including ones I don’t sell…God is great. Though the money is not in my acct but the connection matters a lot. My business have started moving gradually, I give God all the glory and prays for more increase. Home of victory is the best.






Good evening Father, I thank God, Angels and Mother Mary. Am finally pregnant after 5yrs of marriage, this happened after the November devotional to Archangel Raphael.






Hello goodevening father, I have a testimony , just after the novena to Archangel Gabriel I received a cash gift of 5k on Christmas day , same day a friend of mine sent me 100k to share for ppl in need as a Christmas gift , later sent me 25k as my own Christmas gift. This January , my former boss gave I n my sis 90k saying I should take 50k and give to my sis 40k as a Happy new year gift 🎁 …

I have returned to say Thank you Jesus for the financial blessings so far … I am very grateful for all he has done for me and all He ll continue doing for me and I pray He blesses those who bless I and my family . Amen. πŸ’–




Good evening father, am here to testify the goodness of the Lord. Have always prayed for a visa to Canada and Our God is faithful he has granted me a visa to Canada. Thank you so much father to keeping us busy spiritual. It has really helped and worked for me.






Good morning dear Fr Santos!

I come with a heart full of praises to our God and with a heart full of thanksgiving as He continues to wrought wonders in our lives even when we are undeserving. He has wrought so many wonders for me too numerous to mention and beyond my imagination 2 of note that I will testify. In the Archangel Gabriel’s prayer of December 2022, I participated and asked for many blessings including financial breakthrough of a huge amount for the purchase of a needed property for my family, the money needed was not at hand and I wrote down the amount needed as instructed and prayed with it through out the period, to the glory of God the money was made available and we were able to purchase the property and there were other financial blessings too. I had some money arrears at my place of work which was partly paid too, I still had some significant amount not paid but I was told I would be paid early the following year. Then for the rest of 2023 the money was not paid even though I followed up on the payments. Then in this last December 2023, when it was time for Archangel Gabriel’s prayers I told myself that you want to ask for more financial favors without testifying to the ones you received the previous year, hmmmm the way of we mortals, anyway I prayed to God for pardon and asked for His forgiveness and did the Archangel Gabriel’s prayers again with total surrender to His will, not minding if I’ll get what I requested for or not, complete surrender and trust in God, I also did the thanksgiving prayers and then moved on to other prayers thereafter only for me to receive payment for some of the arrears owed me a few days ago, haaaaa, our God is so good, who am I that He is so mindful of me? I return all praise,adoration, glory to Him, there’s none like our God, glory, glory to His name and honour honour to our Mother Mary and St Joseph.

I have been joining most of the prayers and novenas since 2022 and there have been too numerous blessings and favours received of which some of them are improved prayer life, gift of His peace even in difficult circumstances and so on.

Thank you Fr Santos for this grace filled opportunities you made available to us, may His grace continue to sustain you as you labour in His vineyard amen πŸ™πŸ½ May the Lord continue to uplift you in all you do to the glory you His name and May he keep you in His presence forever amennnnnnn.




Good day, Fr

Happy new year

Thank you for your prayers. I passed my exam. Result came in this morning.





Fr, my shocking testimony of yesterday is that God is so Faithful to his WORD. After trying to borrow money from the bank for my children school fees and house rent which failed bcs their interest is too much, l carried my children to sweep the house of God as we do every month, came back and still gave God the #1000 offering l promised to be giving him this year. Guess what this night, as l want to pray the Novena prayer in my phone, l discovered that my sister sent me money that will take care of both school fees and house rent. Mother Mary is too powerful.




Good evening Fr and happy new year.

I really want to appreciate your efforts in creating this platform which have improved my spiritual life and helps me keep a personal relationship with God. I want to thank God Almighty for His continuous protection of my family and siblings since we lost our parents.

I also want to thank God for answering my prayers each time I call and for His endless opportunities which He keeps bringing my way. During the Archangel Raphael novena,one of my prayer request which is marital settlement for my sister has been answered.

Am believing God for more testimonies.

Thanks you Fr.




Good morning Fr, and Happy Sunday. “Is this how it works????” I was asking Archangel Gabriel for good news on how to pay my child ‘s School fees and my house rent. To my greatest surprise, even an undergraduate sent money to my account without my even asking for it. Fr, please, thank God for me, also thank the Blessed Virgin Mary, Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel, St Jude Thaddeus and all the heavenly beings. To all the members of Home Of Victory, your are already blessed for being in this group. Remain Ever Blessed. Amen.




Good morning Fr, the operation was very successful. In fact, he said he did not know when everything was done. My gratitude Fr for your prayers. To God be the glory through our Mother Mary, the undoer of knots.




Fada, good evening. I want you to share this miracle wrought by Our Lady. I saw a Lady who used to be very cheerful looking moody. I approached her to ask why her face is so full and she burst into tears on the road. I consoled and encouraged her,when I saw that she’s calm,we bade farewell. The next day, I called her,counselled her ,gave a medium sized statue of Our Lady of Fatima bc she’s having marital issues and I begged her to create a space in her house and erect an alter. All these happened btw Dec 20/21. The alter table crucifix,flowers,candle stands,candles , Our Lady’s statue were put in place and blessed by a Catholic priest. I started sending prayers to her and also praying with her,today, 13th of January,she came to my house,singing,dancing and praising God and Our Mother Millonniare for giving her a brand new husband. I counselled her again for more patience, humility,prayer. It gave me lots of joy. I return all the glory and gratitude to God and Our Blessed Mother Mary,my Mother Millonniare.





Padre good evening. I want to thank God, our Mother Mary, archangel Gabriel and Raphael for their intercession. Hmmm Father me that was ending the year on zero level from nowhere alerts are just dropping. My son who is struggling with his academics is picking up gradually. Who says God does not answer prayers? Thank you father for what God is using you to do for us in HOV. May the name of the Lord be praise now and foreverπŸ™πŸ™.




Good evening Father

Happy new year once more.

I want you and home of Victory prayer group to join to thank God for successful traditional marriage of my younger sister and my brother that paid bride price of his wife. All happened this January 2024.

To the glory of God journey mercies was granted to all of us to and fro. I give glory to God, our blessed Mother and all the saints for their powerful intercessions.






Good afternoon Fr. And happy new year. I want to thank God and Archangel Gabriel. During the 21days novena to Archangel Gabriel, I recieved many alerts from family & friends even without asking. I want to also thank our Mother Mary the Undoer of knots,this morning the chair that I sat on to wash clothes I didn’t know that they was a very big Scorpion on it. After washing for some minutes I felt something touching me,I will just shake my body and continue washing.After sometime I continue feeling the touch,I now stand up only to see that I was sitting on a big Scorpion . God and our Mother Mary did not allow it to sting me even with pregnancy. Thank you Padre for creating this platform. Indeed it’s a home of victory




Fr Mario good day. I want to appreciate God Almighty, who through the intercession of Angel Gabriel sent me a lot of divine helpers who sent me money from different angles during Christmas period. I also acknowledge our beloved mother Mary for her being there for me and my family. I know that with time my other requests will be granted me in Jesus Christ name amen. Thank you For Mario for guiding us aright in the House of Victory. God bless you.





Good morning padre and happy New Year.

I want to testify to the glory of God for all he has done,for his mercy, grace ad love upon my life ad family for seen us through last year.

Giving thanks to our blessed mother Mary for his intercession ad protection for saving my cousin bro from bike accident.also being grateful to saint Raphael for save journey ad saint Gabriel angel of good news for financial blessings .all praise to God almighty

May God bless you fr.for the good work u are doing.




Good morning father,i want to testify of the goodness of God in my life and family. I joined the group last year December during novena to Archangel Gabriel. I prayed for financial breakthrough for my husband who does not have a job. To the glory of God and through the the intercession of Archangel Gabriel my husband got a temporary job that God used to bless our Christmas and new year celebrations. We did not lack anything, money was coming in aboundance, even the debt that we were owing was paid. Money to treat my mother in law was made available by God Almighty. My husband and I were receiving alerts from family members.l thank God for His Providence and i thank Archangel Gabriel, Angel of financial breakthrough for this.I also thank my blessed mother Mary for all these blessings Amen. I also thank you father for providing these prayers through which God answered our petitions. From Ejike ifeoma mariagoretti. God bless you father.





Testimony Time!

Good morning Fr, please help me to share my testimonies with HOV family.(1) During Archangel Gabriel novena, my daughter called to inform me that she wanted to rent a bigger house/shop as the one she had could no longer accommodate her customers.l can’t thank enough for the expansion.( 2) My girl was heating water on electric stove for her night bathe and dozed off. Me and my husband had gone to sleep too and only three of us were in the house. So my husband woke up to ease himself and saw smoke everywhere. He rushed to the kitchen and saw that the kettle has dried up completely and light was still on. You can guess what would have happened had it not been for the mercy of our Almighty God and the timely intervention of Mother Mary and the angels and saints. (3) St. Jude, hope of the hopeless, mother Mary and the Archangels visited me unexpectedly with alert when all hope was lost.etc, etc,etc. Nkoba Mmesoma ya, chi ga-eji,chi ga-abo. Praiiiiise the Lord!!!

I know that my Redeemer liveth and that my other intentions will be granted at the appointed time IJMN I pray. Amen. Thank you Fr. Mario






Good morning Padre, I can’t stop appreciating God bcos he is too much. I told you my husband is now coming to his senses. This was the man that called me all manners of names that I am not his type. The same person is telling them that I am the best woman he has ever met in his life. Is making arrangements on how we are going to see to resolve the issues. I want to thank God bcos when we thank him for the one he did, he will do more. May God receive all the glory and hounor and adoration. I thank Arch Angel Raphael, our mother Mary and Our Lord Jesus. Padre, thank you also for creating this platform. God, continue to bless and lift you higher in Jesus’ Mighty Name πŸ™









Good morning Padre,

How are you today, God bless you, and thank you for your care and support.

Testimony of Goodness and Glory Hallelujah to the Lord.

Thank you, Lord Jesus Christ. Mother Mary, thank you for your Intercession.

Thank you, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, and all the Saints for your Intercession on the Financial breakthrough, you are wonderful Job providers for my daughter, total healing of bleeding.

I believe that the remaining petition has been answered because I have seen the Glory of the Lord.

Thank you, thank you my Lord Jesus.

Please help me share my testimonies.

God bless you more for us, Father Sanctus. Amen






Morning Fr, I have been a silent follower doing as many novena as I can. I am anxious not to pen my name and miss any so in due course, I will put my name to commit fully.

I have been praying novenas for my niece and wish to share this untold joy. I started novena of our lady of perpetual help on my own on New Year’s Day but skipped it due to activities. Wanted to start again but then the group started the novena of our lady, the UNdoer of knots.

I used to name several petitions but this time I decided to do it one after another.

Yesterday was day 7 and I opened a discussion with my Br who felt so frustrated that his 5year old daughter going to 6 cannot communicate her needs. She has not been tagged to any name:autism, deaf, dumb or anything but yet she could not speak. My brothers tantrum yesterday was because her sister who will be a year on Monday said bye bye but she couldn’t say it.

I challenged my Br when he asked why me with :”who do u want it for? Hard cases are for Gods special beings”and encouraged him at the sametime to give her all the support she needs.

Later in the day, he called me with much excitement and told me that she spoke and said bye bye . I write to thank our Mother and everyone praying together because I know it’s not just my prayer but the gathering of Gods children . I know this is the hope of glory and beginning of better manifestations in her life.

Thanks Fr for the sacrifices you make to coordinate things.

God bless us all.





Fada pls follow me thank my God, this evening as I was coming back from work, our bus packed to drop a passenger, a container nearly hit our bus from the back, but the container driver was so smart and manage to curve the container to another direction,and I was sitting at the back seat,Pls follow me thank God for my life





Hi Fr. After praying Mary undoer of knots,that feeling of hating my son is vanished..

Now I feel so closed to him,I really love him






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    I thank God for all this testimony our God is so much

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    awesome testimonies …. thank you Jesus

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