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Allow Jesus to be Your Shepherd: Monday of the Fourth Week of Easter


Breakfast with The Word: Monday of the Fourth Week of Easter


John 10:1-10 or John 10:11-18



To understand what we mean here let us go into details. To allow someone means to give someone permission to do anything for you. Here you are letting the person freedom to do whatever he/she wants to do in your life. To allow Jesus to be your Shepherd means to give Jesus the sole position in your life. Therefore you are telling Jesus to be your guide. It means to fully follow His way of life.


When someone is your shepherd, it simply means that you look up to Him whenever you want to do anything or take certain decisions in life.

When you allow Jesus to be your Shepherd, it means you acknowledge Jesus first in everything that you do. It means you are allowing Him to be the first and not the last.

Therefore, you are not looking up to any worldly ideals as your guide but Jesus. This is simply having Jesus as your role model and allowing His life to guide and influence all that you do.

The reading of today comes up immediately after the Good Shepherd Sunday. Therefore the Church wants her children to know deeply the reason we need to look up to Jesus and follow whatever He says and wants.


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“I am” and “The”


Whenever we hear the statement “I am” it indicates identification.” I am” is a reference to who the person is. The statement “I am” is in the present tense and denotes active sense. So, when Jesus says I am the Good Shepherd, it indicates What He truly is, not in the past nor future but now and always. He is still active and alive.


Another thing we have to look at are; “the” and “Good Shepherd. “The” is a definite article used to refer to a particular person in a group.

Remember, Jesus did not say “I am a good shepherd” but “the Good Shepherd”. This makes Jesus different from anyone and one we should look up to, and the only one we can trust to lead us. He is the Good one among many.


The Shepherds.



Shepherd means one who leads a flock, it could then refer to a leader or someone in charge of a group. Shepherd by principle is the thing or somebody guiding the way we live or on whose principles we adopt the way we live.

You can see Jesus saying that His flock knows Him and follows Him. That thing or somebody we use as a guiding principle here becomes the shepherd.


 Who is our Shepherd?


There is a way we live our lives, there are people and circumstances we have modelled our life into, some refer themselves as Marlians, some kegites, cultists, Armageddons, political influences freemasons, etc.

Any person or anything you look up to and model your life according to their principles, follow their instructions whether positive or negative and thus continually influence the way you live is your guide and hence your shepherd. And this is our problem.


Sometimes many prefer to model their lives according to the world and hence forsake God. Sometimes we prefer to live the way the world wants and not the way God wants.


When God wants peace, we seek division and quarrel. When God wants us to live in love, we prefer to allow tribalism, hatred, nepotism, enmity to overrule us. Even when God seeks that we forgive, we prefer to bear grudges for many years to come.


We have not put ourselves into the hands of God. We have not sincerely bend down and allow Him to take the lead and we follow. Therefore, we seem to lead and relegate God to the background.


We have not truly depend on Him. We do not want to follow God’s instructions. Man has modelled His life according to the way of the world than the Good Shepherd.


Allow Jesus to be Your Shepherd.


Jesus says the only standard to know the Good Shepherd can lay down his life for us and can never abandon us. This, Jesus does. He has sacrificed for us and is ready to do more for us.

This, also shows that whoever and whatever we model our lives unto will somewhat in time disappoint us. Only Jesus is ready to be with us now and forever, in good times and bad times, and true to His words.

Therefore allow Jesus to be your shepherd. Let Him take the lead always. When you allow Jesus to be your Shepherd, graces overflow in abundance.

When you allow Jesus to be your shepherd, you are sure that you are not going to be misled. He who allows Jesus to be his/her shepherd is sure of eternal life, protection, love, graces, peace of mind and strength during the time of difficulties.


Jesus says I am the Good Shepherd. The Good Shepherd gives his life for the sheep. Let us give Him the opportunity into our lives and look up to Him, obey all He says and follow Him. We will then become His own, His possession.


If this happens what can come against you again? Because He is always there for you to lead, inspire, love, feed, and guide you. Let us truthfully make Jesus the Shepherd.


May God bless you dearest and give you the grace to continually come close to Him Amen.



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