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Anyone who follows the light of the world. Monday fifth week of Lent


Breakfast with the Word Monday 5th Week of Lent Year


John 8: 12 – 20.


Anyone who follows the light of the world



As we gradually approach the end of the Lenten season the Church draws our attention towards Christ who is the light that illuminates our world of darkness.


Christ is the Light of our world; he shines on our life and wants us not to walk in darkness. He wants us to follow him and be happy.


In today’s reading according to John, the scriptures say in chapter 8 vs 12 “I am the light of the world: he who follows me shall not walk in darkness, but will have the light of life”.


Christ is the light of our world; he wants us to walk with him and not to follow the path of darkness.  Anyone who follows the light will never be in darkness.




Light simply means the absence of darkness. Imagine where there is no light in your room. Also, imagine when there is light. There is this joy that comes within us. That is how it is when we follow Our Lord Jesus Christ.


“I am the light of the world, anyone who follows me (the light) will not be walking in the dark, will have the light of life”. From these words of our Lord Jesus Christ, we can now say that we are free from darkness and are now in the light if we decide to follow Jesus Christ from the heart




To be in the darkness is to be in a state of no light. Imagine you are doing something in your kitchen or bedroom and the light goes off, what happens? You are confused for a while because the whole place will be dark.


You can not achieve any positive thing. By Darkness, we are talking about sin. Being in sin is being dark. We cannot wallow in sin and claim to be following the light.


When we allow sin to overcome us, we will be confused, we cannot achieve something meaningful.


We will keep jumping from one prayer house to another seeking a miracle. We will not be able to do what children of light are doing. We will keep deceiving ourselves and continue to bear hatred for one another.


When we are in the dark, we will keep bearing false witness to one another and committing all manner of immoralities.



Light and Darkness


Light and darkness as we already know have nothing in common. They have not been related in any way or any form. So, it’s either I choose to remain in dark or remain in the light. Whichever way I chose to, have its consequences. “Anyone who follows me will not be walking in the dark, will have the light of life”. This is what I call divine assurance. If we follow Christ we will no longer be in dark. There is no condemnation for those who follow Christ.


Having the light of Life


Christ is the light of life. Imagine having Jesus Christ as the light of  our life. It simply means you are now a new creature. Sin is no longer in us. You have embraced Christ who is the light of the world. Everything about you will be shining.


Your life will be the Bible people read. You will win souls for Christ. Brethren, why not choose to be in the light and will souls for God.



Bearing Witness to Light


When Jesus said He is the light, the Pharisees replied to Him; “you are testifying on your behalf, therefore, your testimony is not valid.


This now takes us to the first reading of today, Daniel 13:1-9, 15-17, 19-30, 33-62. Susanna was found guilty by the judges because two persons testified against her before Daniel came to her rescue.


It also takes us back to the tradition of the Jews; for an event to be considered valid, it must have two witnesses who can testify to such an event. It also reminds us of yesterday’s gospel reading.


The woman that was caught in the act of committing adultery had at least two witnesses who testified against her. That made it to be valid before Christ rescued her.


Now Christ declared Himself in today’s gospel reading as the light of the World, the Pharisees asked of His witnesses for such declaration to be valid, and Christ replied “It is true I am testifying on my behalf, but my testimony is still valid because I know where I came from and where I am going.”



This simply means that if we embrace and follow Jesus as the light in our life, we need no witness. You will know yourself and be confident in yourself if truly you are in the light.


You will have nothing to fear or worry about. Just like Susanna in the first reading who was accused of adultery and has been condemned to death by the judges but was rescued by Daniel, because she was upright and had the light of Christ in her.


Brethren, if we do the will of God and make Him light in our life, he will always come to our rescue and save us from the darkness of sin and shame. All we need is full surrender to him.


Let us follow Jesus because he is the light of the world. He is ready to rescue us from sin, he is ready to lighten and brighten our ways.


All we need to do is to keep to His command. If we do this, we no longer need witnesses because we have Christ Jesus as the light in us.


The first reading taken from the book if the Prophet Daniel, we see the story of a young married woman who was secretly admired by the two judges of Israel an when they got their chance, they wanted to take advantage of her as they usually do to other women.


The story has it that the woman did not give in to their demand because the according to the bible she was raised up in the way of light.


Because of she followed Christ who is the light of her world, she was saved by the Lord who inspired Daniel through the Holy Spirit to carry out a proper judgement on her case.


The story of the first reading indeed is enough reason for us to to see that anyone who follows the light of the world Will be saved.


Reasons why we should follow Christ


1.   Anyone who follows the light of the world shall not be in darkness.


In today’s Gospel the pharisee were still in the dark. No wonder Christ tells them that He is the light of the world.


They did not recognize Christ the light of the world therefore, they remained in their sins and waiting for a Messiah who already in their midst.


Anyone who follows the light will live in the light.


2.   Anyone who follows the light of the world is guaranteed total safety.


The story from the first reading indeed tells it all.


Susana followed the way of the light and because if this reason, Christ her light made her safe by not allowing the elders and the people put her to death by the interference of Daniel.


Anyone who follows the light of the world will be safe from all troubles.


Anyone who follows the light of the world will be safe even if he or she walks through a valley of the shadow of death.


3.  Anyone who follows Christ will be free.


Freedom is what everyone desires in life. Indeed, Christ is our light and freedom.


When we follow the light, we are made free from sin and wickedness.


Before the judges in the first reading came up with a case against Susana, the Lord had already spoken of them in Daniel 13: 5 “wickedness has come out of Babylon from the elders who were to govern the people as judges”.


If they had followed the light, they would have been free and saved from their later shame.


As we approach towards the end of Lent, the church wants us to see reasons to follow the light and be safe.


Truly anyone who follows the light of the world, is assured of total Victory over the powers of this world.


May God help you dearest and give you the grace to follow Christ the light of the world, Amen.


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