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Blessed Are We if We Do These. Monday 10th Week of Ordinary Time of the Year


Breakfast With the Word Monday 10th Week of Ordinary Time of the Year


 Mathew 5:1-12.



Today’s gospel is like Jesus’ inaugural address to the Jews of His time. This is known as a sermon on the mount because it was given on a mountain.


A mountain is a place of encounter. Jesus always goes to the mountains to pray ( Luke 6:12, Matthew 14:23).

First of all, blessed are those who go to the mountain to listen to the voice of God as the people gathered today to listen to Jesus. 



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 Blessed are You.


Blessed in Greek word, means Makarios, and translates as “blessed” or “fortunate” “happy.” Makarios is a gift of God. Hence, every blessing comes from God.


In the sermon on the mount, it follows that blessedness will only be consequent to the way we do. Jesus said blessed are those who are… Which means that those who live in those pattern of ways should consider themselves fortunate and happy.


They are:


Poor in Spirit: They are to rejoice because they are already citizens of the kingdom. Poverty is lack and spirit has nothing to do with material possession.



Therefore, the Poor in Spirit are those who consider themselves nothing for God. They may be rich and wealthy but can never allow what they have to affect their way of life and relationship with God. In essence, they are those who depend on God totally.


Those who mourn: The term mourn means “to experience deep grief.” In keeping with His theme of spiritual blessedness, Jesus seems to indicate that this mourning is due to grief over sin.


This means that the people who agree with God about the evil of their hearts can attain an “enviable state of blessedness. 


Others are those who have a spiritual hunger for justice and righteousness. They are the people who are always motivated to do good things, those who are merciful, those who do not like thinking evil in their hearts, the peacemakers and those who suffer not for their gain but because of God.

The sermon on the mount is an indication that whatever we do or say, there is a reward awaiting us. Later in Matthew 23 we also have a list of woes.



Worldly Blessing.


When you look at the beatitudes you will see that they are in sharp contrast with that of the World. The world believe in wealth, personal pride and authority consciousness, while Jesus blesses poverty of spirit, humility and total dependence on God.


In essence, we seek pleasure but Jesus blesses those who mourn. We love good food and drink, thirst for worldly success, building mansions and skyscrapers but Jesus blesses those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, seeking good relationships with God. 


Even In the world, People who “mourn” do not seem to be “blessed,”. Jesus is contrasting the world’s idea of happiness today. For Jesus, true blessedness comes from a right relationship with God.


What gives the world joy is different from what should give whoever is a disciple of Jesus joy. Therefore, this is a pointer that we do not find true joy in selfish ambitions, earthly possessions, crave for power.


These will vanish one day. True blessedness comes to those who are peaceful with God and their neighbour. This is the summary of the beatitudes. 


May God bless you dearest and help us to seek for the things that are above to be worthy of His Kingdom Amen.




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